Concluding This Year’s Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass Series

Concluding This Year's Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass Series

Callbox has just concluded the last leg of its annual event series, The Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass (The Account-Based Marketing Approach) last November 6, at Ucommune (Suntec), and it was a huge success. 

Things started quite challenging for the Callbox team during the prep stage as getting a good number of registrations was quite dragging because most of the prospects were either traveling or in a tight schedule due to year-end huddles. However, the Callbox team maximized every tool and tactic they can use to meet all event targets.

With Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel lead generation strategy, the whole prospecting activity brought impressive results in the number of registration, confirmed and actual attendance. More than 80% of the confirmed registrants came and gained insights on how the modern Account-Based Marketing approach would fit their targeted sales prospecting activities through the following topics:

  • Selecting Ideal Accounts
  • Identifying Contact Personas
  • Capturing Prospect Information
  • Scoring Qualified Prospects
  • Nurturing and Converting Prospects  

Charmaine, Callbox’s Director for Creative Marketing, and Mitos, Client Services Manager, facilitated the two-hour session and capped the afternoon with the following takeaways:

  • A solid understanding of the modern account-based sales process through an end-to-end practical guide
  • Mastery of each component in the B2B sales cycle with in-depth learning from every topic discussed
  • Learning how to integrate ABM sales tactics and technology through hands-on walkthroughs
  • Knowledge of actual, proven strategies from case studies and references

The Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass (The Account-Based Marketing Approach) was a success, but we could not have done it without your support. Thank you!

In the coming year of the Metal Rat, Callbox will hold more events and open wider doors of opportunity for you to learn new sales prospecting knowledge and strategies. See you in 2020!