We’re Halfway to Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass (The Account-Based Marketing Approach)

We’re Halfway to Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass (The Account-Based Marketing Approach)

Yes, we’re frenzied about Singapore Grand Prix in September, but we’re more excited about seeing you at Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass (The Account-Based Marketing Approach) on September 11, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM at JustCo, Robinson Road.

The event is going to gather sales and marketing decision makers from different industries who are keen to gain new and better insights on what works best in the B2B buying landscape and enable them to achieve a one-on-one connection with key decision makers that drive the purchase process.

The sales prospecting masterclass will accent on the proper way of implementing account-based marketing on your sales prospecting efforts, and the effects it brings to your sales and marketing workflow.

The team prepared a comprehensive portfolio of relevant topics on sales prospecting, following an account-based marketing process that will address challenges on customer acquisition, personalized messaging and proper lead scoring. 

After the masterclass, attendees are assured of the following takeaways:

  • Selecting Ideal Accounts, to size up market opportunities, and define your ideal account profile or IAP.
  • Identifying Contact Personas by mapping out the relationship between decision makers.
  • Capturing Prospect Information and identifying types of prospect data to help you determine whether you are reaching out to the right prospect or not, and their behavioural patterns.
  • Scoring Qualified Prospects, to help you identify the best decision maker/s among your qualified prospects.
  • Nurturing and Converting Prospects, to help you gather the maximum number of possible contacts within your target companies, personalize your approach, maximize several appropriate channels, establishing touchpoints and timing. 

The masterclass will be facilitated by Callbox’s two top sales and marketing experts: Creative Director for Marketing, Charmaine Española, and Director for Business Development, Sharifa Aljunied.

Few seats are remaining, so book yours now. Learn and network with industry peers, and be among the 84% who say that account-based marketing brings a 208% higher ROI, at Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass (The Account-Based Marketing Approach).

Author Bio:

Callbox Singapore Marketing Manager - Katrina Chua

Katrina works as the Marketing Manager at Callbox Singapore. She helps companies in Asia Pacific countries increase their business revenue through lead generation and appointment setting services. Follow Katrina on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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