Callbox All Set for Sales Masterclass, as Signups Exceed 100

Callbox All Set for Sales Masterclass, as Signups Exceed 100

With just a week to go from the company’s ICT sales workshop, the Callbox team continues its preparations for the SG event, which has so far recorded more than 100 registrations.

On March 29, Callbox will hold a free workshop called “Sales Prospecting Masterclass for Information and Communications Technology” aimed at marketing and sales leaders in Singapore’s B2B tech sector.

“Things are changing so fast in B2B sales and marketing that the strategies we relied on 2 or 3 years ago no longer work as well as they used to,” says Rebecca Matias, Director of Sales & Marketing at Callbox and one of the trainers in the upcoming workshop.

The event, which features hands-on and in-depth lessons on building an effective sales prospecting process, is Callbox’s way of sharing its expertise gained from over 15 years adapting to developments in B2B sales.

“Things like ABM, prescriptive analytics, consumerization of B2B, and other trends are very much here to stay,” she adds. “These require a huge shift in the way we do things. One of the areas that badly need this massive change is sales prospecting. That’s why we’re having this workshop.”

The workshop’s intended audience has so far shown a strong, positive response to the upcoming event. As of press time, more than 100 individuals have signed up for the event and at least 40 have confirmed their attendance.

“We’re excited to see such a high level of interest from our fellow marketing and sales practitioners,” Rebecca continues. “It just goes to show their drive to learn and improve.”

Rebecca will be joined by Sharifah Aljunied, Callbox’s Director of Business Development, at the event. As trainers, they will walk attendees through each step of a modern sales prospecting program—from identifying prospects, all the way to delivering qualified opportunities to sales reps.

The Sales Prospecting Masterclass is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on March 29 at Found8 at 79 Anson Road. Due to available accommodations at the venue, the Callbox team no longer accepts additional event registrations as of press time.