Watch out! Callbox to Rock Intrigue Summit

Watch out! Callbox to Rock Intrigue Summit

On July 26 and 27, 2017, Intrigue Summit, an interactive and global annual marketing/advertising event that is a great platform for client-side marketers, global brand advertisers, advertising technology providers, digital agencies, online publishers, portals and media professionals is happening at Quality Hotel Marlow on 201 Balestier Road, Singapore.

This 2-day conference and exhibition will cover the latest in marketing and advertising technologies and will feature speakers not only from Singapore but all over the APAC region.

Reasons to attend

  • It is one of Singapore’s most prestigious marketing/ advertising events happening this year.
  • The best marketing professionals from different parts of the world will be sharing their best practices on how they managed to boost their sales in their respective organizations.
  • Delegates will get to learn the latest in marketing, advertising, sales, and technology.
  • The event will provide an unparalleled networking atmosphere to all delegates.

What more…

This is your chance to ask The Callbox Team any questions that you might have on how our team’s expertise on multi-channel B2B lead management can provide sales opportunities using 2 of the most intuitive marketing tools – the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and SMART Calling.