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Australian Software Vendor Taps Callbox to Fast track Sales in Asia Pacific [CASE STUDY]

Australian Software Vendor Taps Callbox to Fast-track Sales in Asia-Pacific

Accounts Reached
Sales per moth
IT, Software
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
New Zealand, Brunei, and India
Target Industries
IT, Software
Target Contacts
IT Companies


  • The Australian software vendor had previously relied on inbound leads and referrals to grow their business, but wanted to expand their market reach in the Asia Pacific region. They partnered with Callbox, a marketing and sales agency, to generate leads and accelerate sales growth.
  • Callbox used a multi-channel approach to reach potential customers, including email marketing, social media outreach, and targeted telemarketing campaigns. They also provided the software vendor with a dedicated team of sales representatives to follow up on leads and schedule appointments.
  • Thanks to Callbox's efforts, the software vendor was able to successfully enter new markets and establish a foothold in the Asia Pacific region. Over the course of the campaign, Callbox generated over 500 leads and helped close several deals in the region, demonstrating the effectiveness of their targeted lead generation and sales support services.

The Client

The Client is a well-known software company in Australia which develops and distributes practice management and tracking software for large companies. Its clients include Ingram Micro, The University of Sydney, Accenture, CitiStreet, and Acumen Alliance.

The Challenge

The Client has excellent brand recognition in Australia and its products have strong market potential. However, it had difficulty penetrating foreign markets often dominated by large global competitors. The Client did not invest significantly in marketing aside from the irregular cold calling efforts by its sales staff. The primary source of new clients was word of mouth.

To boost its capability to compete squarely in the international market, the Client looked for an appointment setting company to carry out its objectives methodically:

  1. To educate prospects on the benefits of practice management software
  2. To schedule product demos with interested prospects

This campaign required technically sound telemarketers with firsthand experience in selling software systems. Having campaigned on behalf of several IT and software companies for many years, Callbox was qualified for the challenge.

The Callbox Solution

Following a campaign brief, Callbox set up an outbound telemarketing team. The Client specified potential customers: IT Directors, CIOs, Managers, and C-level Executives. Callbox prepared a customized telemarketing list and created personalized scripts based on typical market response and various selling scenarios.

Callbox implemented stringent QA monitoring to ensure that every lead and appointment generation effort supported the Client’s requirements. Callbox encouraged the Client’s active participation in each campaign process – from script development to new product trainings and lead qualification. This allowed to Client to provide inputs and feedback as the campaign progressed.

Callbox maintained an impressive momentum throughout the 18-month calling campaign, contacting 4,887 companies at an average of 222 calls per day. The Client witnessed the action in real-time via Callbox’s Pipeline CRM, which also allowed it to respond promptly to appointments and other actionable results.


  • Out of 88,000 calls, 17% resulted in positive contacts. Of those spoken to, 31% agreed to a demo and 28% requested additional info.
  • Callbox delivered a total of 357 qualified appointments at an average of one appointment per day. From that, 44 (12.3%) resulted in sales.
  • Simply put, the Client got a sale for every 2000 calls made by Callbox; about 2.5 sales per month.

Greatly impressed by its performance, the Client continues to rely on Callbox for its outbound marketing campaigns, as it continues to grow its market share, not only in Australia, but now in the expanded markets of New Zealand, Brunei, and India. It also intends to hire additional agents to keep up with the influx of new leads and further increase its marketing activities.