B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox A Rare and Stellar Collaboration [CASE STUDY]


B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox: A Rare and Stellar Collaboration



The Client is a B2B marketing specialist that offers major marketing solutions all over the United States of America and worldwide. They fuse digital and calling strategies to drive revenue for their clients through high-end marketing services.

They stand on a mission to help their clients achieve full business growth through creativity, technology and strategic vision to become an organization that draws, develops and retains exceptional relationships.

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From a simple telemarketing service 12 years ago, the Client’s business spawned into a broad range of marketing solutions like List-To-Lead Management, Content and Digital Marketing, Automation, and Web Services which includes Social Media Management.

However, not surprisingly, along with the big time expansion arose the need to increase the number of target clients – a large database of qualified prospects who have the need of the Client’s expanded services. Although the Client promptly addressed the need for a beefy database, a handful of related issues came up which seemed too much for the Client and its telemarketing team to handle: due to the extensive number of targets in the database to be called, productivity went against time so the information shared was somehow incomplete which resulted to low call quality and revenue. The Client decided to look for other options as the lead flow in the sales funnel seemed like jelly pearls passing through a large straw from a tumbler of winter melon iced tea – very few and flimsy.

The facts:

  • The Client’s callers used to make 80 calls/agent/day until the database was expanded and the daily target was raised to 140/caller/day, which came as a challenge, averaging only at 150/agent/day.
  • Number of leads generated averaged at 3/caller/day but went down to just 1/agent/day, a drastic decline of 60%.
  • Call quality rated average was 85 but slipped to 76.5, down by 10%
  • Campaigns closed averaged at 7/month, decreased to 4/month, revenue down by 50%


Prior to the Appointment Setting program, Callbox and the Client agreed to sanitize the database via Customer Profiling. Customer Profiling is part and parcel of Callbox’s holistic campaign management. Moreover, Callbox takes full responsibility in managing the database by cleansing and profiling the contacts before, during and until the campaign ends.

  • Data Cleansing – all contacts on the database are called to confirm every piece of business information
  • Deduplication – missing details are retrieved and necessary changes are applied to eliminate goneaways, duplicate entries, and contacts that fall outside the target criteria.
  • Data Verification – contact names and contact numbers are validated, as well as email addresses, postal codes, and other pertinent contact details.

Callbox not only prides itself with more than a decade of sales and marketing experience and world-class service to its clients worldwide but for the proprietary technologies it has incepted like the Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program which has benefited numerous clients.

The Client thought of taking things one at a time and start the project as new – unloading their quite ambitious goal of going big at a snap in such a short period of time (3 months) and instead embrace a new set of strategies like the SMART Calling technology from Callbox which catalyzed their goals into success.

The campaign flow:

  • The Callbox team sent out flyers to the profiled contacts via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool. Opened emails, clicked links and downloads were tracked real-time and were followed up by callers at a certain time.
  • During the follow-up call, the agent must first be able to get the prospect to agree to receive the Client’s business eBook which contains a comprehensive information about their products and services. After which, the caller should set an appointment at the prospect’s most convenient way and time.
  • To ensure accuracy in the program, the Callbox team sent out calendar invites to prospects who agreed for appointment and a reminder to all those who agreed to receive the eBook.


  • The Callbox team averaged at 180 calls/agent/day (16% increase from the Client’s 150 average a day)
  • Leads generated averaged at 4/agent/day (25% increase from the 3/agent/day)
  • Call quality scores improved to 90 (15% hike from the 76.5)
  • After the campaign period, deals closed averaged at 10/month (30% increase from 7/month), raising the Client’s monthly revenue to potentially $200,000 or more

While Callbox makes no promises when running a campaign and just simply addresses the need of the Client’s business by giving them the power to scale up their business potentials to boost sales numbers, the Client on the other hand, deserves commendation for going down the humble road and seeking help with their marketing requirements from an industry colleague. An unusual, profound business collaboration and teamwork between marketing rivals resulted to stellar business success.


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