client success story
Callbox Case Study for a Global Data Center in India

Callbox Accelerates Lead Gen for Global Data Center Company Scaling in India

Sales Qualified Leads
Marketing Qualified Leads
Webinar Registrations
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Target Industries
Target Contacts
C-level, IT Manager, Head of Technology, CTO, CIO


  • Successfully completed an ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting for a global data center company.
  • Executed outbound campaign activities that gave the Client the opportunity to engage with a fresh set of target buyers.
  • Able to reach key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-qualified prospects.

The Client

The Client, founded in 1998, is a global data center and interconnection firm that provides a variety of services like managed hosting solutions, colocation, and cloud connectivity to businesses across multiple locations and industries. They help companies securely connect to partners and customers on a global scale.

The Client operates over 180 data centers across five continents and provides customers with access to a global platform for digital business. These data centers are designed to meet the highest standards for security, performance, and reliability, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries. Among the industries they serve are technology, financial services, healthcare, media, and entertainment.

In their commitment to sustainability, the Client implemented environment-friendly initiatives like utilizing renewable energy, conserving water, and employing energy-saving technologies in their data centers.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to scale its business and explore a wider market in India. As a globally recognized data center provider, they wanted to ensure that the entire process of their expansion is of top standard and without any complications. 

The Client wanted a seamless and stress-free expansion process that would allow them to maintain their reputation as a trusted name in the industry. They were looking for a partner who could assist them in achieving their goals and help them navigate any potential challenges that might arise during the expansion process.

To work on a campaign that’s focused on generating potential customers in India who either currently have a need for or will soon require their products and solutions, the Client chose to partner with Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed a Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign for the Client using Account-Based Marketing which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, Social Media, and Webinar
  • Sales Enablement & Support which included Product Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Regular Reporting, and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • Callbox was to generate leads based on the Client’s specific requirements.
  • To qualify prospects according to their needs
  • Schedule phone or telecom meetings with qualified prospects who expressed interest, and determine their pain points
  • Collect registrations for 2 webinar events

Below is the two-step campaign process:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, location, and decision-makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Buyer personas identified as the campaign’s primary targets were C-level, IT Manager, Head of Technology, CTO, and CIO.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry type.


The 12-Month Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign delivered 136 Sales Qualified Leads, 219 Marketing Qualified Leads, and a total of 112 Registrations for two webinar events.