Callbox Multi Channel Marketing Program Aced Success for Neuro Testing Company [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Multi-Channel Marketing Program Aced Success for Neuro Testing Company



The Client is a group of academic clinicians and other professionals like engineers and researchers who develop advanced neurological disorders assessment tools, specifically for dementia, and have been in service for more than a decade now. Their product is a memory assessment software used by clinicians to test and analyze a dementia patient’s memory, which also provides recommendations and further medical steps to take based on results.

Medical Clinics & Rehabilitation Centers

Neurologists (doctors, consultants, neuro nurses)



The Client launched its first neuro-assessment tool in 2000 and subsequently released an improved version of the tool in 2006 and in 2012. The team mainly focused on widely researching and meticulously developing neurological assessment tools, and later on took the project to a higher level by making Android versions of it on different gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

The course was a success – the neuro-assessment software for dementia is accessible to clinicians anytime and anywhere, which enables them to work with accuracy through its real-time data tracking and updating features.

However, the team went amiss on one thing – the marketing aspect of the project which bore the following challenges:

  • The long periods of research studies and software tool development took most of their attention which somehow, unconsciously snatched ample time to plan on how the tool should be strategically introduced to their target market.
  • The Client had an existing marketing staff but with skills limited to traditional marketing of going from clinic to clinic to present the product.
  • Competitors emerged fast in the market and the Client was running against them and against time – there weren’t appropriate resources or tools to use to expedite product sales and marketing.

The Client had little confidence in their ability to garner enough marketing attention for the project. And there being very little time left to roll out a well-thought marketing strategy, the Client decided, for the first time, to outsource their marketing initiatives.


A decade of perfected marketing strategies – is the pride and inspiration that drives Callbox to serve its countless global clients with tailored, world-class sales and marketing solutions based on their business needs and goals.

In this campaign, the Client straightforwardly stated their need for targeted qualified leads as the pressure on keeping up or getting ahead of the race was urgent: Hot Transfers as priority leads and Face to Face or Phone Appointments as secondary options. Callbox was more than ready for the challenge.

A Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing program was employed which included the following activities:

  • Data Validity Check via Email Copies – with the use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, target decision makers’ contact information like email addresses were validated by sending out initial email copies that contained short product information and CTAs that would compel recipients to answer by replying, clicking links to Q&As or visit the Client’s website.
  • Lead Generation/Appointment Setting – validated contacts were called for two reasons: to be profiled and hot-transferred to the Client’s lead specialists for possible product demonstration. Those who did not agree to be transferred were offered an office appointment, with a phone appointment as a final option.
  • Activate Web, Social and Mobile Network Access – the email copies sent to target decision makers contained links that led to: the Client’s website and a landing page that contained “ask us” box where prospects may ask questions and “contact me” box where prospects may share their contact information if they agree to be contacted by the Client.


Out of the 4,500 contacts, 3,375 (75%) were validated to have opened, clicked links or visited the Client’s website, and completely profiled: decision makers’ names, clinic addresses, active phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and SIC codes.

The 3,375 were called which produced a total of 45 Hot Transfers and 21 phone appointments – a huge leap of 75% increase in leads from the Client’s previous average of 16 leads.

The impressive number of leads and appointments was just a part of the Client’s acknowledged success on the campaign ran by Calbox, the other fraction being that the long periods spent on research and development of the neuro assessment tool did not go to waste with the quality of leads generated by the Callbox team. Furthermore, the seamless Callbox workflow of completely profiling all validated contacts for the Client’s in-house marketing team produced leads they are currently nurturing for future conversion.

But for the Client, the cake-topper was the exuberance of seeing results that clearly put them ahead of the competition.

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