Callbox Partnering for Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services [CASE STUDY]


Partnering for 33% Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services



Established in 1998, the Client is an Australian-owned cloud, data centre and connectivity provider. Specializing in enterprise cloud, robust data centres, managed connectivity solutions and multi-provider internet services, the Client’s network extends throughout Australia with its own points of presence in five states.

Small to Medium Industries with 10-500 employees and
2 million annual revenue

Office Manager, Gen. Manager, Managing Director

NSW, Australia


In 1999, the Client partnered with Optus to wholesale Internet Protocol (IP) Services to middle-tier ISPs and voice service providers in Queensland, and extended its market to Sydney in 2006. The Sydney operation did quite well in the first five years, maintaining a good number of customers.

However, the following years saw the Sydney operation fall into a predicament. Annual ROIs barely moved up as in-house sales and marketing schemes became ineffective in acquiring new customers. The Client knew that in order to increase their clientele list, more advanced sales and marketing methods and tools were needed. But such requirement further led them to another challenge: they were not equipped with the best tactics and tools that would scale up the sales numbers.

After some foresightful study, the Client took a backseat from the situation and decided to outsource their sales and marketing efforts with Callbox.


Callbox and the Client were a match made in heaven.

The first project was a single seat, 3-month appointment setting campaign that ran in a very modest, but effective way.

The database, containing specific zip codes from the Sydney area, was kept accurate by both Callbox and the Client by regularly washing and profiling the contacts. The process saved much quality time to reach more decision makers with each call.

Along with the managed database, the Client worked closely with the agent by providing insights on how to carry out substantial pitches about the product’s benefits through promotions and great deals, while allowing the agent to keep her fundamental appointment setting skills, resulting to quality leads.

Moreover, the Callbox Pipeline marketing automation features like lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing brought so much confidence to the Client. This dependable platform served as the sole reference for them to monitor prospecting calls, follow-up emails, and booked appointments, thereby, for most of the time, not requiring any further verbal discussion on campaign status and plans of action at all. As per the client, “it’s a neat diary“.


Through the Callbox multi-channel marketing program and the Callbox Pipeline, the team booked 24 appointments in the first two months of the the three-month campaign period – good news not only to the company’s directors but most especially to giant partner Optus. The said number of appointments represented a significant 62% surge from their average leads percentage in the last three years.

But the best was yet to come…

On the 3rd month, things got off to a flying start as sale after sale came in.

September 4, 2014

“Hi Team, FYI, we are about to get our first large deal signed off. Thank you and your team for the fantastic result. Keep them coming!”

September 17, 2014

“Hi Team, I hope all is well. Some more good news, I have converted another lead this week. Please pass on my thanks to the team & keep up the good work!”

January 21, 2015

“Team, What a great way to start the New Year! Thank you very much.”

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