Choosing Callbox for Sage Lead Generation Proven to be Wise Decision [CASE STUDY]


Choosing Callbox for Sage Lead Generation Proven to be Wise Decision


The Client is the IT services arm of its mother company which is one of the largest global accounting and consulting network in Asia and in other 120 countries.


The rapid growth in number of IT companies and the seemingly similar products and services offered tend to cause confusion among business owners on which IT service provider would best fit to address their IT needs, and the Client was not spared from such.

The conventional “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) would not make any difference at all, the IT expert thought. So the “what” was replaced with “why” as (why is it for me) for their campaign to make target customers understand why they should choose the Client as their IT provider instead of simply knowing what they offer. The campaign was successfully carried out with Callbox.


• Validated contact details via Customer Profiling campaign

• Filtered most active contacts via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool

• Ensured solid appointments via the Smart Calling system



1. Though the Client had tried their best to keep their database in top condition, they still opted to have it validated by the Callbox team.

2. Using the Pipeline Lead Nurture tool, the Callbox team sent an initial single-page email that contained an overview of the Client’s products and services with very limited information but included teasers of a current customer’s success story to pique the prospect’s interest.

3. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked and saved for follow-up calls.

4. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.

1. Callbox utilized its SMART Calling system in order to reach the right prospects at the time they are most available to talk.

2. The probing questions were not the usual that would simply draw the prospect’s needs but rather carry out realization in them what the previous strategy/provider has done to achieve their goals. Thus most prospects admitted results were below expectations.

3. Upon reaching this point of conversation, agent proposed to set appointment with the Client’s IT consultants and invite prospects to an IT seminar.

4. In order to ensure a solid appointment, Callbox agents sent a calendar invite along with a short but specific email containing information about the Client’s products and services that are probable answers to the prospect’s identified issues.


The first month of the campaign generated 12 appointments and 4 registrations, but as the Calbox team got more familiar with the the target market and customer profiles, appointments delivered almost tripled in the second month with 34.

In the third month, another 12 appointments were generated with 6 registrations; 16 for the fourth month and 12 on the fifth month of the campaign.

The numbers escalated once again in the sixth month with 22 appointments and decreased a bit in the seventh month with 13 appointments and 8 registrations. While the eighth month took a bit of a hit with 3 appointments. The ninth month made up for the dip in numbers with 20 appointments and the tenth month closed out with 5.

The 10-month campaign generated a total of 149 appointments and 18 registrations. It is worth noting, however, that the Client is still counting more appointments and registrations as they go into the eleventh month, or technically, the first month following the end of the 10-month campaign.

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