Exceeding Targets and Expectations for Document Presentation Solutions [CASE STUDY]

Exceeding Targets and Expectations for Document Presentation Solutions

Appointments Per Day
Social Media Connections
Campaign Type
Lead Generation
Target Location
Target Industries
Financial (Accounting, Capital/Asset Management, Financial Advisors) Insurance Schools (Primary, Secondary and Technical Schools) Real Estate firms
Target Contacts
Marketing Manager, Business Manager, Purchasing Manager


  • Prospect to answer only two (2) simple qualifying questions
  • Prospect should agree to receive sample products from the Client
  • Schedule a phone appointment with their global sales representatives.

The Client

The Client is a global print materials manufacturer leader and has been providing their customers with a complete range of systems and accessories for office and individual print presentation needs for more than 30 years.

Integrity, fairness, loyalty, accountability and respect are the values they live in their commitment to being constantly recognized as a world leader in print solutions.

The Challenge

The Client’s history narrates back to 1939 when they started as a niche printing enterprise in Georgia, USA. The business grew and progressed through a carousel of business activities around the globe for the succeeding years: asset acquisitions, manufacturing and development of new products and opening of new sites for offices and warehouses.

In 2005, merger deals, sites expansion and newly manufactured printing products and solutions happened one after another, year after year. The rapid business growth apparently demanded for more tasks to be done, as well as utilization of advanced technology that would expedite operational processes in order to cater to bigger demands of the now extensive customer base.

In 2013, the print materials manufacturer leader came to realize that the new range of printing products and solutions now have advanced features and benefits that required holistic messaging to position to target customers, and that this new messaging would best be delivered with some marketing help from an expert lead generation provider. They were clear on the two things they needed assistance with: the management of their huge database and the setting of appointments for them.

The Callbox Solution

Data Profiling

Callbox provides holistic campaign management to its clients and that includes providing them the most accurate and well-managed database. Regardless of who owns the contact list, Callbox obliges itself to cleanse and profile the list before, during and until the campaign ends.

  • Data Cleansing – all contacts on the database are called to confirm every piece of business information
  • Deduplication – missing details are retrieved and necessary changes are applied to eliminate goneaways, duplicate entries, and contacts that fall outside the target criteria.
  • Data Verification – contact names and contact numbers are validated, as well as email addresses, postal codes, and other pertinent contact details.

Appointment Setting

Callbox’s Multi-Channel Lead Generation services did not only make it possible for the Client to manage their huge database but at the same time get their message to the right decision maker at the proper time.

The appointment setting campaign criteria included the following:

  • Prospect to answer only two (2) simple qualifying questions
  • Prospect should agree to receive sample products from the Client
  • Schedule a phone appointment with their global sales representatives.



The Callbox team delivered an average of 5 appointments per day for two campaign periods, exceeding the Client’s target of 2 to 3 per day, and even closed deals with two large businesses.

Even before the campaign, the Client expressed confidence and trust in Callbox as they employed 6 appointment setters for the initial campaign period and added 4 more upon renewal. For the Callbox team, they just did what they had to do to assist the Client: manage the database and set appointments, but for the Client, outstanding:

“I didn’t get the chance while we were on the phone but I wanted to take a moment to make it clear that you and your team do an OUTSTANDING job for us and I am very happy and excited about their performance. Their sales exceed all other agents combined. Please encourage them to keep up the good work and remain motivated. I hope to visit you guys in 2017.”

“I just wanted to touch base with you guys this morning. I want you to know that you did an excellent!! job on yesterday. (closed deal company) keep it going. KEEP PUSHING!”

“Management was very happy to see the way you guys stepped up production yesterday and they want it to continue as well as increase.”

“Excellent job on (closed deal company). Let’s keep the numbers coming!”

The campaign has been running for more than three years now.