Expat-Focused Financial Planning Firm Expands in Niche SG Market [CASE STUDY]


Expat-Focused Financial Planning Firm Expands in Niche SG Market



The Client is a Singapore-based financial advisory firm that specializes in tax, investment, pension, and estate planning for British expatriates living in SG.


UK Expatriates


The Client offers several lines of financial planning services to expats currently working and residing in Singapore. The firm’s client portfolio primarily consists of UK expatriates, which has seen a steady year-over-year growth since its inception. The Client has also received a number of industry awards and recognition as one of Singapore’s leading and most trusted financial advisory groups.

In 2016, the firm underwent administrative and operational streamlining. One area impacted by the changes was customer acquisition. The new business development strategy assigned prospecting and nurturing responsibilities into a single in-house team, which sometimes resulted in the same individual doing the tasks of researching prospects, screening contacts, booking introductory meetings, and following up on opportunities.

The client wants its business development team to concentrate on bottom-of-funnel activities, so that they can devote more time and effort to crucial points in the conversion funnel. The firm plans to delegate most activities in its current prospecting process to a reputable third-party provider.


• Completed a highly successful campaign for an SG financial advisory group targeting a niche market
• Enhanced quality of sales conversations by enabling the Client’s in-house team to concentrate on bottom-of-funnel engagement
• Accelerated the Client’s conversion cycle through a combination of personalized emails and targeted calls



The Client chose Callbox after evaluating a number of options, citing Callbox’s extensive project portfolio of Singapore campaigns along with its flexibility to seamlessly integrate into the Client’s ongoing business development workflow.

Callbox then closely collaborated with the Client to develop a campaign plan that combines personalized email touches with targeted phone calls to:

  • Identify UK expatriates who fit the Client’s ideal customer profile
  • Qualify contacts based on interest
  • Collect and verify prospect data

Some key campaign activities include:


1. The Client provided its own contact list to be used in the campaign, which was then thoroughly profiled by the Callbox team.

2. The Client’s list was cross-matched with records in Callbox’s in-house database as well as validated using external data sources.

3. Before being deployed, the list underwent a final round of data scrubbing where inaccurate, duplicate, and missing records were fixed. The updated list was handed over to the Client at the end of the campaign..

Email Marketing

1. The Client also provided its own outreach email template, which was then reviewed by the Callbox team.

2. Callbox prepared the rest of the templates for the campaign, including copies for follow-ups, targeted send-outs, and triggered responses.

3. The Callbox team also designed and tested the various landing pages used in the campaign, as well as optimized each email component..


1. The Callbox team came up with a call script designed to achieve all three campaign objectives.

2. Agents qualified every prospect with probing questions that identified their suitability and willingness to schedule an initial phone appointment with one of the Client’s financial advisors.

3. The Client kept track of the campaign’s results in real-time through Pipeline, Callbox’s proprietary CRM and lead management tool.


Callbox carried out the campaign until all records in the Client’s list were contacted and followed up. It took the team two months to complete the project. Most of the campaign’s initial stages were spent on email outreach. Some key results of the campaign’s email marketing activities include:

  • 98.3% delivery rate
  • 33.8% open rate
  • 13.0% click-through rate

The campaign’s 46 qualified appointments began trickling in near the end of the first month (17 appointments) and increased in the second month (29 appointments), as warm contacts during the email outreach phase started converting into qualified prospects.

While the Client hasn’t specified how much of the 46 phone appointments it expects to close as new customers, the Client says the quality of conversations with the Callbox-supplied opportunities has prompted an upward adjustment to its pipeline growth forecast.

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