Health And Wellness Guru Energized by Callbox Success [CASE STUDY]


Health And Wellness Guru Energized by Callbox Success


The Client is a corporate wellness provider giving quality educational trainings and programmes to boost organizational wellness.


Not more than a decade ago, corporate wellness was not exactly a popular program for businesses in Singapore. So when the Client started the business, it drew all the courage to pursue all possible marketing tactics that would deliver their message to target decision makers – corporate wellness will boost the business.

The Client’s search for the best marketing tools that would carry out their goals came as a challenge until one of their business partners referred a seasoned lead generation provider that carries all sales and marketing strategies and tools needed which resolved the issue – Callbox.


• Validated and profiled contact details via Customer Profiling campaign

• Filtered most active contacts via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool

• Streamlined follow up calls achieved via the Smart calling Process



1. In order to hit the right prospects, the Client’s database went through customer profiling campaign.

2. Company and business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and all other contact details were validated to ensure list accuracy.

3. The Callbox team utilized the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to send initial copies of the Client’s program overview mainly containing teasers (discussions and questions) about issues in the business that were precisely addressable thru wellness programs.

4. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for follow-up.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the decision maker.


1. Through Callbox’s SMART Calling process, active contacts that were filtered from the Customer Profiling campaign were called by the Callbox team to share the Client’s services especially about wellness in the workplace.

2. Callers asked probing questions about underlying issues or problems that were unrecognized but may have triggered organizational differences and caused a domino effect on the business.

3. Prospects who agreed to discuss were set as appointments.


The first four weeks brought a surprising result to the wellness guru with 13 appointments, opposing their hunch of getting only five or less. At the end of the eighth week, a slight decline on the number of leads with 12 appointments but took a big leap at the close of the twelfth week with 16 appointments. The sixteenth week topped at 18 appointments.

With the satisfactory results from the first campaign in 2014, the Client decided to run another round in 2015 and was equally impressed with the results.

The Callbox team had become very familiar with the campaign which led to better results with 21 appointments in the first four weeks. Calling activities were swerved to the Malaysia market at the start of the fifth week which brought in 25 appointments at the end of the eighth week. The course got a bit bumpy as the the twelfth week closed on 22 appointments and 13 on the sixteenth week.

Calls were back in focus on the Singapore market at the start of the seventeenth week and got on the fast track again with 28 appointments at the close of the twentieth week.

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