High-Growth SaaS Startup Boosts Momentum with Callbox Campaign


High-Growth SaaS Startup Boosts Momentum with Callbox Campaign


The Client is a Singapore-based software-asa-service (SaaS) company that develops and offers a transportation operations management platform primarily for SMEs in Southeast Asia. Its subscription-based cloud service provides collaborative planning, route optimization, driver dispatch, and e-signing capabilities for fleet owners.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Transporters, Delivery Services, Courier Services, Movers/Moving Services, Field Services, Field Services


The Client helps SMEs better manage their fleet of land transport vehicles with its cloud-based logistics operations platform. The platform automates many of the challenges that businesses face in their logistics processes, such as handling job orders, tracking vehicles, allocating routes, planning schedules, and dispatching drivers.

Founded in 2012, the Client has experienced strong growth over the last three years, with annual revenues increasing 350% year-on-year. The company says around 100 organizations (including some Fortune 500 brands) across Southeast Asia now regularly use its system to process nearly 1 million delivery and pickup tasks.

After raising its seed round, the Client rapidly expanded its user base in Singapore and also gained additional subscribers in different locations across Southeast Asia. As part of its medium-term growth outlook, the company planned to increase its market share in Singapore and Malaysia, before focusing on Indonesia and other markets in the region.

With less than 50 employees (most of whom doing engineering roles), it was clear the company needed outside help in several business areas to let the company reach and sustain its revenue growth objectives. In particular, the Client wanted to outsource the time-consuming activities of researching potential customers and contacting them one by one for a sales appointment, which typically took up almost two-thirds of their reps’ time.


• Launched an integrated appointment setting campaign for a logistics SaaS startup that targeted SG and MY SMEs
• Helped the Client sustain its years-long high-growth performance
• Provided the Client with enough pipeline boost to meet a key business milestone


The Client chose Callbox as its outsourced marketing partner, citing that Callbox’s extensive experience running successful campaigns for both cloud companies and logistics service providers in the APAC region gave Callbox the needed domain knowledge to operate in the Client’s target market.

Callbox and the Client then drew up a campaign plan for a three-month appointment setting program with the following goals:

  • Pinpoint SMEs in Singapore and Malaysia that potentially need transport management systems (TMSs)
  • Connect with decision makers in these companies through targeted sales calls and emails
  • Introduce the Client’s subscription-based TMS and book meetings with interested prospects
  • Collect additional information to help the Client gauge product-market fit

Some key activities from the campaign include:


1. Callbox prepared the list of Singapore and Malaysia contacts based on the Client’s specifications (job titles, industries, annual revenue, and employee count).

2. The Client had already drafted its own call script and asked Callbox to review and contribute to the final version.

3. The Client wanted the Callbox team to prioritize setting office meetings for Singapore prospects and phone appointments for Malaysia contacts.

Email Marketing

1. The Callbox team prepared all email templates used in the campaign, including the initial outreach email and targeted email send-outs.

2. The campaign’s email specialists handled, tracked, and tested key email components, such as subject lines, copy, design, calls-to-action, and landing pages.

3. Email touches allowed the Callbox team to warm up and nurture prospects, as well as to follow up and respond to information requests.


The bulk of the three-month campaign’s activities were carried out during the closing quarter of 2017 and early January the following year. Since Callbox campaigns typically start with email outreach to gauge prospects’ readiness for a one-on-one sales call, the first 2 to 3 weeks saw mostly email marketing results:

  • Delivery rates between 96% to 98%
  • Open rates of up to 17%
  • Reply rates of 3.8% on average

The Callbox team started handing off appointments to the Client toward the end of the first month, and continued to deliver a steady supply of meetings throughout the remaining two months:

  • Month 1: 19 qualified appointments
  • Month 2: 20 qualified appointments
  • Month 3: 16 qualified appointments

The Client received a total of 55 qualified appointments from the three-month campaign. While the Client did not indicate how much of these prospects are expected to convert into opportunities or customers, the company mentioned that the 55 qualified appointments provided enough boost to its pipeline to help it meet a crucial business milestone in time for its pre-series A funding round application.

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