LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months [CASE STUDY]


LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months


The Client is the LED Lighting division of a Kentucky-based vendor-sourcing company. As one of the largest fully-integrated LED companies in the U.S., the Client develops and executes end-to-end LED lighting solutions for businesses, deploying complete teams of lighting architects, engineers, project managers, and electricians.


The Client’s main line of service helps companies successfully implement and maintain LED lighting projects. Its key differentiator is that it provides fully-integrated, end-to-end LED lighting project management packages that come bundled with the needed expertise and support. The Client also offers 5-year unlimited warranties to its customers, which further sets it apart from other players in the industry.

Because the Client typically sees conversion cycles thatspan several months, the company devotes much ofthe funnel to nurturing leads and opportunities. That’s why the Client traditionally outsources top-of-funnel prospecting activities to third-party agencies.

In fact, the Client’s parent company has already worked with Callbox in a previous prospecting campaign that focused on its telecom vendor sourcing division. This time, the Client wants to partner with Callbox in order to:

1. Generate qualified leads and appointments that fit the Client’s LED lighting options
2. Collect marketing and sales intelligence useful in the nurturing process


• Launched a highly successful U.S.-wide appointment setting campaign for an integrated LED lighting company
• Resulted in 1 closed deal while the campaign was still ongoing
• Exceeded Client’s targets at every stage


As a previous Callbox customer, the Client already understands the value that Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel appointment setting solution delivers. In choosing Callbox for the second time, the Client expects the same level of commitment and service that brought success to the past campaign.

The Client signed up for a 3-month standard appointment setting campaign that also covered database profiling, email marketing, and social media marketing.

1. The Client provided a list of contacts for Callbox to profile.

2. The Callbox team relied on both primary and desk research to profile the contact list.

3. The Callbox team leveraged online and phone-based techniques to validate and update each record.

1. Callbox prepared the call scripts based on the materials the Client sent over. The Client then reviewed and approved the versions specific to each target industry.

2. Prospects with current or upcoming LED lighting projects who agreed to meet with the Client for an initial assessment were tagged as qualified appointments.

3. Prospects interested in LED lighting but hadn’t yet agreed to meet with the Client were handed off as completed leads.

1. The campaign also used LinkedIn to build relationships and gather additional information.

2. Positive call and email contacts were added as LinkedIn connections.

3. The team assigned social media responsibilities to LinkedIn specialists.

1. The campaign used two types of email outreach: email blasts (for warming up prospects) and targeted send-outs (for distributing additional materials).

2. The call campaign prioritized contacts who opened or replied to emails.

3. The Callbox team created and tested the landing pages, banner ads, and email templates used in the campaign.


At time of preparing this case study, the 3-month campaign was wrapping up its final week. The campaign initially started with only one seat. But, by the end of the third week, the Client wanted to ramp up calling activities to 2 seats due to the inflow of promising prospects.

With Callbox appointment setting campaigns, it’s typical for appointments and leads to start trickling in after a few weeks or a full month of activities. That’s because the first two weeks or so are spent warming prospects up and optimizing the various parts of the campaign. This is shown in the below breakdown:

• 1st 3 weeks: 10 qualified appointments and 9 completed leads
• 4th week up to today: 33 qualified appointments and 40 completed leads

During the campaign’s second month, the Client was able to close one of the appointments handed off earlier in the project.

The Client expects to convert around half of the remaining 42 appointments (or 21 appointments) to customers within the first half of 2018. The Client is very pleased with the results so far that the Client has already paid for another 3-month campaign scheduled for next quarter

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