client success story

Callbox Case Study to a Logistics Company

Logistics Firm Giant Succeeds in Acquiring Quality Leads with Callbox ABM

Marketing Qualified Leads
Sales Qualified Leads
Social Media Connections
IT Products and Services
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Asia with priority to Countries with high labor costs like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Thailand
Target Industries
Logistics, Warehousing, and Manufacturing Industries
Target Contacts
Company Owner/Founder, COO, Head of Transport, Head of Operations, Head of Logistics, Transport Manager, Logistics Manager, Operations Manager, Movers/Moving Services, Field Services


  • Successfully completed a 3-month ABM lead generation and appointment-setting campaign for a leading logistics automation company.
  • The outbound campaign efforts resulted in creating opportunities for the Client to connect with new groups of potential clients in different regions.
  • Reached key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-qualified prospects delivered.

The Client

The Client is a leading logistics automation firm that offers autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for warehouse fulfillment operations. These robots collaborate with human workers to enhance efficiency and productivity in warehouses and distribution centers. Its unique multi-bot approach increases productivity by ensuring order accuracy fulfillment and eliminating unproductive walking time.

The Client is involved in creating revolutionary handling robots that are designed, developed, and marketed by them. Utilizing their proprietary navigation technology, these robots can operate independently and transform regular forklift trucks into intelligent machines that can work alongside human operators. The Client’s technological breakthrough allows fleets of robots to navigate within warehouses or factories without requiring additional infrastructure.

Utilizing the Client’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), optimizing warehouse operations, managing e-commerce volume growth and seasonal peaks, and retaining control over labor costs are all possible.

By taking on the task of traveling, the Client allows workers to focus on other tasks that require their attention, making them more productive. This, in turn, results in faster cycle times, improved ergonomics, better worker safety, and an overall better quality of work environment.

The Challenge

Technological innovation is believed to be the key to achieving business success. However, the Client has this distinctive notion that robots should not take the place of humans in the workplace. For them, the key is not to replace humans with machines but rather to promote collaborative efforts between the two in order to yield more efficient and productive outcomes.

This is the reason why the Client designs products, AMRs in this case, to promote the collaboration between employees and automation and to boost productivity, proficiency, and precision.

In an attempt to promote this idea to their target audience, The Client planned a marketing campaign but realized that their in-house team lacked the necessary knowledge, skill set, resources, and tools.

Budget constraints were looming, but the Client thought that investing in efficient lead generation efforts was a worthwhile expense. With professional assistance, they aim to hit their targets, reach their goals, and gain profit the sure way.

Driven by these goals, the Client decided to outsource to a lead generation services provider that employs multi-touch, multi-channel approach. Callbox was the Client’s foremost preference.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-based Marketing Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, and Social Media
  • Sales Enablement & Support which included Product Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Regular Reporting, and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to conduct a campaign centered on the Client’s logistics services, employing various channels to effectively reach a vast pool of potential customers.
  • To set phone or telecon meetings with prospects for the Client’s sales team.
  • To book appointments with prospects who wanted to be contacted by the Client
  • Profile the contacts regularly to keep the data list up-to-date and accurate.

Below is the two-step campaign process:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, location, and decision-makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Buyer personas identified as the campaign’s primary targets were the Company Owner/Founder, COO, Head of Transport, Head of Operations, Head of Logistics, Transport Manager, Logistics Manager, Operations Manager, Movers/Moving Services, and Field Services.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry, business size, and technologies in use.


The 3-Month Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign delivered 52 Marketing Qualified Leads, 47 Sales Qualified Leads, and 79 Social Media Connections.