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IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign [CASE STUDY]

IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign

The Client is the China office of a US-based company that provides security identity solutions. Its products include authentication and credential management appliances, biometric authentication solutions, card printers, smart card-based credentials...

Thrice in a Row: Callbox Boosts Event Attendance Rates for CRM Market Leader

The Client is the Asia-Pacific unit of a USA-based cloud computing company that provides CRM solutions to business & enterprise customers. Its main product line is its suite of on-demand, cloud-based CRM platform available to users on a subscription basis.

Callbox Mines a Shimmering Success For Jewelry ERP

A B2B marketing specialist that fuses digital and calling strategies to drive revenue for clients worldwide through high-end marketing services.

Callbox Concluded Success for Digital Marketing Analytics Leader

The Client is a leading digital marketing analytics (business intelligence) company that collects, filters, analyzes and aggregates data from social media, forums and other online locations.

B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox: A Rare and Stellar Collaboration

The Client is a B2B marketing specialist that offers major marketing solutions all over the United States of America and worldwide. They fuse digital and calling strategies to drive revenue for their clients through high-end marketing services.

Callbox: Bridge to Global Market for Improved Code Review Tool

The Client is a group of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Integration experts, providing consulting and implementation solutions to numerous enterprise clients in the areas of Data Architecture, Data Modelling and ETL.

IT Products and Services

Callbox Printed 3D (Three-Differentiated) Campaigns For Co-Marketing Specialist

The Client is a 16-year specialist agency that helps businesses reach their marketing objectives by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

Callbox Prints Out Success For ICT Leader

The Client is the largest HP partner in Asia, providing intelligent applications and innovative solutions and offers a wide portfolio of print devices.

Callbox: Instrumental to Manufacturer’s Marketing Success

The Client is a 50-year old market leader that provides high technology tools and systems like desktop, portable, handheld XRF and OES materials identification and analysis systems, as well as coating thickness measurement and gauging...

IT Consulting Expert Reclaimed Prized Customer Conversations

The Client is a seasoned technology services provider and prides itself with a 17-year experience in e-retail services and 16 years of providing non-stop technology consulting solutions. The extensive technology background of their consultants...

Callbox Solves Software Company’s Marketing Conundrum

The Client is an American company offering PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud based applications such as VoIP Services and other products including Cloud File Sharing, Cloud Email, Mobile Device Management and AV, and Secure SMS to businesses.

Speaking for a Network Management and Security Company

The Client is a privately held corporation and is a premier provider of IT management solutions for businesses. The firm’s diverse product line, offered in a wide variety of capacity and application-specific configurations, can be scaled to...

Advertising Services

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Merchant Services

Financial Services

Callbox Locks Up the Leads for Giant Insurance Broker

The Client, based in Singapore, is the largest privately-managed insurance broker in the world with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea.

Callbox Revs Up Tax Consulting Firm’s Sales Efforts

The Client is an independent property tax consulting firm specializing exclusively in providing taxpayers of commercial, industrial, multi-residential, and special purpose properties with full-range property assessment and tax management services.

Education and Training Services


Callbox Multi-Channel Marketing Program Aced Success for Neuro Testing Company

The Client is a group of academic clinicians and other professionals like engineers and researchers who develop advanced neurological disorders assessment tools, specifically for dementia, and have been in service for more than a decade now.

Callbox Passes Diagnostic Test with Flying Colors

Incorporated in 2002, The Client is a National O.E.M. and distributor of in-vitro diagnostic products, selling 2 million drug tests annually and growing into one of the largest distributors of rapid on-site drug tests in the United States.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Other Industries

Callbox Gives HR Consulting Client Base a Boost

The Client is a Singapore-based consulting company that provides intercultural management courses to organizations worldwide. The Client helps customers develop cross-cultural skills through customized training, coaching, workshops, and conferences.

Callbox Confirmed 600 Attendees for Events Leader

The Client is an events specialist and one of the many fast-expanding companies in its industry that could provide resources both in and out of the APAC region. The Client is a decade old events services leader in Singapore that caters to varied...

Top ISO Certification Firm Boosts Sales Pipeline with Callbox

The Client provides a full suite of independent assessment services that cover certification, validation, verification and training. It helps its customers align management systems and business processes for compliance with international and...

Callbox Electrified Success For Energy Retail Lead In 21 Days

The Client is an electricity retailer who aims to empower consumer choice by providing options to better manage energy costs. Their extensive energy retail experience dates back to 1964.

Callbox Breeds New Customers For HR Consultancy Leader

The Client is a strategic workforce planning company that provides innovative human resource solutions, and stands on a mission to help companies achieve strategic objectives through workforce planning, analytics and strategy.

Callbox: Perfect Candidate for Japan’s Chief Recruiter

The Client is Japan’s largest recruiting and information Service Company. They are focused on supporting a diverse range of work style though offering a wide variety of services including job advertisements, permanent placement services, temporary...
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