Professional Training Agency Grows Customer Base with Callbox [CASE STUDY]


Professional Training Agency Grows Customer Base with Callbox



The Client is an Australian Registered Training Organisation and member of the Group Training Australia Network. It allows local businesses to enjoy a hassle free and cost-effective way to employ apprentices through its Group Training system.

The Client operates from three offices in Australia, serving customers in Mildura, Robinvale, Ouyen, Wentworth, Swan Hill and surrounding districts, South Australia’s Riverland, and Metropolitan Adelaide.


The Client wanted to improve its lead generation campaign to get more registrants for its group training courses. Before Callbox, it relied on its in-house salespeople for leads. However, due to their limited time and training in lead generation, this resulted in a three-fold challenge:

  • The Client’s in-house staff had difficulty allocating their limited time between finding leads, meeting appointments, and conducting trainings.
  • Without sufficient experience in cold calling, the client’s sales team had difficulty getting past gatekeepers.
  • Lead quality was poor. Prospects were “just being nice” and would agree to appointments but were not really interested and would not show up.

Realising the need to generate more sales-ready leads, and that their in-house staff did not have the time and the right set of skills, the Client sought help from lead generation experts at Callbox.


The Client’s initial objectives were:

  • To cold call prospects and inform them about the Australian government’s program to give incentives to companies that take on young apprentices
  • To generate qualified sales leads for its in-house sales staff to close
  • To set appointments with enough decision makers to keep its sales team focused on more productive tasks

Callbox started cold calling on August 25, 2010 to introduce the Client’s services to construction and engineering companies in Central Adelaide, who take on apprentices in carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, and painting. At first, Callbox encountered the same problem the Client had with hard-to-reach decision makers. To solve this, Callbox experimented with the dialing schedule by calling prospects at different times of the day, recreating its marketing approach as necessary to successfully capture the right targets.

Getting interested prospects was a real challenge in this campaign since many companies preferred to train their own employees instead of paying another company to do it. To compensate, Callbox increased its daily call volume to reach even more decision makers. Positive contacts were turned over to quality assurance analysts who asked additional questions to confirm that prospects were qualified and interested. The Client’s sales team itself was professional in dealing with appointments, which contributed much to the smooth flow of the campaign.

The Client derived much value from Callbox’s integrated marketing tool – the PipelineCRM, which enabled it to keep an eye on pipeline activity, track lead progress, and monitor lead traffic – all in one user-friendly platform. The campaign ended successfully on November 25, 2010.


Since using Callbox, the Client has experienced tremendous growth in lead traffic and new customers.

  • 5359 contacts out of 7249 calls (73% contact rate)
  • 52 appointments captured
  • 1042 positive contacts (Appointment Set, Lead Completed, For Follow Up)
  • 2 sign-ups by the third week of the campaign

The biggest success the Client has seen with this campaign has been the growth in lead volume. Within three months (67 calling days), Callbox has captured a total of 52 highly-qualified appointments. In addition, Callbox was able to organise a database of the Client’s market and prospects who requested additional information, feeding the company’s in-house sales team with leads for many months, and generating more leverage for future marketing campaigns. Pleased with these results, the Client is set to re-contract for another project in March 2012.

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