Telecom Firm’s Campaign Enters Next Phase, Grows Reach in New Segments


The Client is the satellite communications unit of one of Asia’s largest telecom groups. The company specializes in both fixed and mobile satellite services, providing customized satellite solutions to corporate customers in industries such as oil and gas, shipping, transportation and logistics, banking, and broadcast.

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, United Kingdom, Germany and Greece


The Client currently has an ongoing appointment setting project with Callbox. As part of its 2018 marketing goals, the Client wants to double down on maritime satellite opportunities in Asia, as well as tap into additional EMEA markets.

This leg of the campaign focuses on the Client’s two Inmarsat Fleet One offerings. Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal covers data and voice services for smaller recreational and fishing boats sailing closer to shore, while Inmarsat Fleet One Global gives access to bundled data and voice anywhere in the world. Both solutions are ideal for commercial vessels and fleets with modest data requirements.

In the previous campaign phases, the emphasis was on potential resellers and end users of the Client’s land satellite services. Both the Client and the Callbox team picked up a great deal of insights about the target prospects and the overall market, which proved useful in refining the team’s campaign approach and the Client’s marketing strategy.

This time, as the focus shifts to maritime satellite communications, the new campaign’s main objective is to identify and qualify potential subscribers for its bundled Inmarsat services from shipping and maritime companies.


• Kicked off new phase in campaign to align with telecom firm’s 2018 marketing goals
• Laid groundwork for Client’s expansion into new maritime satellite markets in Asia and EMEA
• Achieved response and conversion targets ahead of schedule


The new campaign phase marks the 15th month of the Client’s partnership with Callbox. The Client says Callbox has become a key force multiplier of its marketing initiatives, greatly expanding the company’s reach and scope with multi-channel prospecting and research capabilities.

The updated plan consists of database profiling and phone-based conversations with prospects integrated with email touches.

1. The Client provided an in-house list of contacts to be profiled and refined by the Callbox team.

2. The targets include shipping and maritime companies in Asian and EMEA countries not directly covered by Inmarsat and VSAT.

3. The Callbox team used primary and desk research methods to verify and update each record, as well as added new contacts that match the target prospect profile.


1. The Client reviewed and approved all materials used in the campaign, including call scripts, email templates, and the profiled list.

2. Agents engaged prospects through live conversations in order to gauge solution fit (whether they require broadband aboard their ships and how much data they need), as well as to book them for a phone appointment with a rep from the Client.

3. The Callbox team used emails to initiate contact and respond to requests for further information.


The campaign has finished one full month (22 days) of appointment setting activities. Since this is only the first month of the new campaign phase, much of the activities focused on priming prospects for live conversations and tweaking the messaging strategy.

So far, the campaign dialed a total of 4,879 records in 22 days and was able to connect with 318 decision makers. From these contacts, the team tagged 93 prospects for follow-up, processed 60 requests for information, and handed off a total of 10 qualified appointments
The Client accepted all 10 booked meetings, citing that each appointment met the company’s sales-qualified lead (SQL) profile. With the campaign generating appointments well ahead of schedule, both the Client and the Callbox team are confident that the number of qualified appointments will increase as the campaign progresses.


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