The Cardinal Sins Of B2B Appointment Setting In Singapore

You have to be fast and effective in Singapore, this is the one lead generation rule that you should never forget. This may be a small country, but it plays a huge role in the global economy. A lot of businesses, both foreign and local, are heavily invested in the progress of Singapore. It would be the same thing for your B2B appointment setting company. With all the stress and pressure to dominate over the competition, some marketers make mistakes. Sure, this is normal, something you can resolve, but you should be aware of the seven major marketing gaffes you can make. Know what these are, and avoid it. That would ensure the continued success of your B2B leads efforts.

Seven Entrepreneurial Traits That Boost Your Appointment Setting Campaign In Singapore

  1. Anger – if you are the type of manager who constantly breathes down on your employees’ necks, well, be ready to receive a lot of resentment. Yes, they might be compelled to keep working, but you might end up stifling creativity or squash new business ideas.
  2. Greed – you want to get a lot of customers, go ahead, get them all. But you have to make sure that you can deliver to everyone. Remember, there is a limit to how many people you can serve. Fail on that, and your customers will leave. You would be lucky if that is all they do. More likely than not, they will complain about you through social media. Now that would really hurt.
  3. Laziness – people tend to lose steam when they see others taking it easy while they are working hard. But this is a subjective topic. People might compare themselves to others with a different job description. Compare B2B telemarketers and PR personnel. They do promote the company, but the kind of work they do is different.
  4. Pride – being confident over your skills is not bad. It is going overboard and ignoring the opinion of others. Sometimes, you just have to learn how to listen, to accept the solution of others (especially if this is more effective than the one you have thought up). This is for the sake of your company’s survival.
  5. Lust – passion drives a person do great things, so are those involved in telemarketing campaigns. The problem arises when you do your tasks without regards to the consequences. Even if the allure of bigger sales is irresistible, you should learn to control yourself.  It might have a bad effect on your company.
  6. Envy – do you feel that your competitor’s sales leads strategy is better than yours? That is a normal reaction. What is not normal is for you to either copy that strategy, speak negatively about them, and a host of other things that can also damage your own business. Honestly, please avoid them.
  7. Gluttony – all right, you might have a really good business plan or strategy, but you should not keep it to yourself. Since markets change over time, you should be willing to share your knowledge with others. You can take that time to come up with another process, or you can take the discussions as a spring board for another winning marketing plan.

Avoid these major sins, and your appointment setting campaign in Singapore will be just fine.

How To Make Your B2B Telemarketing Succeed In Singapore


How To Make Your B2B Telemarketing Succeed In Singapore

When conducting a B2B telemarketing campaign in Singapore, you know that this is a very stressful activity, not to mention the negative perception that persists in the minds of many local businesses. That would create a lot of problems for many companies, both local and international, that are looking for a lot of sales leads. With the competition so intense, the pressure to improve is great. As for your business, you can make some changes here in order to be better in your marketing campaign. These may not be that major, but at least you are going to a positive direction. Now, what are these changes that will make your B2B lead generation campaign a success?

  1. Create a better team – you see, a B2B appointment setting team is essential to a proper marketing campaign. These are the people responsible in B2B leads prospecting, generation, and nurturing. To be more efficient, you need to place the right people for the job. It might take you some time, but it is worth the investment.
  2. Become the expert – do you know who the types of people that business prospects approach the most are? Obviously, it has to be the expert. Write on your blogs about the latest business trends, developments, or practices. Interact in social media forums. Talk in public symposiums or seminars. Project an image of expertise about your industry and the people in it. That would be one of the most essential rules in proper marketing and lead generation.
  3. Be accessible to your prospects – ever experience calling someone on the phone, only for the person you want to reach be unavailable? Very frustrating, right? That is the same issue for your telemarketers as well. You know just how hard it would be to be in contact with your prospects, so you should not waste the opportunity when they call you back. Take advantage of it. These are not something that happens to you every day.
  4. Solidify your reputation – you see, in the world of B2B lead generation, a company’s reputation is its strongest marketing banner. It takes years to build a solid reputation in the market, but once you have established one, your business prospects come to you naturally. But be sure that you keep your reputation clean. Messing it up will put you right back to square one, and you cannot afford that to happen in your company.
  5. Work on the benefits – it is good if your product has a lot of features, but what is even better would be the benefit that you would be telling your business prospects. When you focus on benefits, you focus on giving your business prospects a reason why they should be using your products. There are a lot of things that you can tell your prospects with your products, things that can make their lives and work easier.

A B2B telemarketingcampaign is not really that hard to do. It is all about being resourceful and flexible to meet the challenges of the times.

Put On The Heat In Your Appointment Setting Campaigns


When it comes to managing a business, organizing a marketing campaign will always be a constant in your plans. The question here is whether you are up to the task. Planning, organizing, and executing an appointment setting campaign should be a part of your daily activities. But there is the question of capacity in your part. How will you get your marketing team to up their game play in increasing the sales leads they are looking for? Considering how difficult it was to generate new B2B leads in the market these days, you really need to know where to start. And here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Ask only what is necessary – think of this as your first date, where your business prospects are not yet willing to share with you their darkest secrets. To put them at ease, as well as get you started, you need to ask them only what your marketing team truly needs. You can follow-up the details once you are on your way in lead nurturing.
  2. Follow-up quickly – the first sixty minutes of a business call is crucial to your lead generation team. Whether this is from a customer inquiry, complaint, or an actual customer, the chances of you staying in their good graces gets exponentially smaller once the one hour mark is past. You can arrange for a telemarketing representative to call them back immediately and see what can be done for them.
  3. Concentrate on them, seriously – for a successful sale, it is not about you or your products being offered. Rather, you should be focused on your customer’s needs and see to it that whatever you are offering will actually work for them. There are just too many cases of marketers pushing their wares to prospects that, simply put, have absolutely no need for them.
  4. No need to rush the sale – here is the thing, when you receive an initial sales call, try not to go straight at head with the sale. You need to first establish a connection with them. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to perk the interest of prospects and keep your company at the top of their minds. Remember, most of the sales you make come after the third or fourth call to prospects.
  5. Nurture, nurture, nurture – this is a task that many marketers seem loathe to do, but is exactly what you need. Most business prospects are not interested in your offers yet. Maybe in the future, yes. That is why you need to put some effort in your marketing, by keeping your business at the top of their minds. Send them emails, newsletters, forum invitations, or even a simple ‘touching base’ call. These can be very effective marketing tactics to use.

It can be really interesting to note just where your business can go with the right marketing tactic. You see, in a successful appointment setting campaign, you need to use several marketing mediums. Getting the right fit and support can be a big boost for you.

Coaching Tips For Your Appointment Setting Campaigns


You must admit, appointment setting campaigns can be a real challenge for the untrained. That is why we need to have the managers and trainers for it. This is where you, as the manager, enter the picture. Training and coaching is part and parcel of business, one that you will constantly have to face. When you consider the different ways of improving your sales leads, you have to make sure that your people know what should be done, especially if they are involved in telemarketing. And while it is true that there are several ways to coach your team, you have to remember some of the basics in leading them. And what are these?

How to Manage Your Appointment Setting Team Like Baseball

First of all, you should know how to listen. While you may know something about improving their performance, you should also be aware that the techniques or strategies to be used may not match the skills or line of thinking of your employees. This is especially true if you are adopting Western business tactics to Eastern business environments. That is why you should make it a point to hear out your people. Tell them what you need, using the tools you require, and then listen to their opinions after employing it.

Second, learn how to guide your B2B lead generation team. Do not take over their work. You can tell them to contact someone, buy something, or listen to a lecture. But never should you do that task for them. They need to learn, and in a business environment, the fastest way for them to do that is by doing it by themselves. Sure, they may hit some rough patches along the way, but as long as you are there to show them the ropes, they will be able to swing it on their own. This would be an advantage for you as well, since you can show them the value of taking personal responsibility for their actions.

Lastly, always focus on the action. You see, it is so easy to teach them new tricks. The real test on whether your message got across them is by putting their lessons in action. Every time you and your marketing team talk about new ways in generating B2B leads, make it a point to do these methods immediately. It might fail, that is true, but it can also be an opportunity for you and your people to improve. The thing here is that you should always be ready for it. Being constantly on your toes can help you, and your team, perform better in the long run.


All right, say that you want to teach a new product sales strategy that can help in your appointment setting campaigns, but you do not have the time for it. Indeed, you may not have complete information about it. In cases like these, it is best for you to seek the help of professional marketers who can push your business further. Outsourcing is not a bad idea. You just have to make sure that you are working with the best people for the job.

The Five Keys To Attracting Customers During Appointment Setting


You know that getting sales leads is very important. That is why we spend a lot of effort attracting prospects to our business. This is the whole purpose of our B2B lead generation campaigns. If your business is in network management solutions here in the Asian region, then this task becomes even more important. There are just so many of you in the business that standing out can be so difficult. Still, even if it is difficult, you can generate B2B leads. The secret here lies in identifying the key factors in attracting customers. If you know these, then you can make your marketing campaign more successful. So, what are these factors you should know?

  1. Personable – when you talk to a business prospect, remember that they are looking for someone who they can talk with properly. They want to speak with real people, people who understands what they are going through, and are more than ready to fix things up. This will make them even more receptive to your business plans.
  2. Usability – when you provide them a product sample, make sure that you are giving them something that is easy for them to use. Usability also plays a crucial role in getting business prospect increase their interest in you. I mean, if they can use it, then they are most likely to buy it, right? So better work on your business, then.
  3. Accessibility – customer service is always involved in the B2B appointment setting game. This means you also have to accessible to your prospects when they want to have a work with you. It would be a big plus for them if you can provide customer service that is easy for them to access. Who would want to have a hard time contacting your business, in case any issue comes up?
  4. Supportive – it is one thing to provide a solution, it is also another thing to provide a solution and walk with them in the process all the way. Now that is the difference between excellent customer service and a mediocre one. For the sake of the success of your lead generation campaign, especially if this involves telemarketing then you will need to up the ante in the marketing department.
  5. Clarity – in the case where you are giving your prospects a website or some reading material, it pays to make sure that you are offering only the clearest copies of the topics. You would want them to be able to get your message, and you can only do that by ensuring that everything contained there are accurate and clear enough.

If you have noticed, these factors that have been mentioned to you are actually the very factors that are dependent on your skill as a marketer. Now that you know what these factors are, you can now plan on how to properly utilize these ideas. Yes, these are simple, but if you put them all into effect, then you will see a bigger success in your lead generation campaign.

The Anatomy Of Viral Content For Appointment Setting

The Anatomy Of Viral Content For Appointment Setting

We all want our content to go viral. Just think of the various marketing possibilities for your appointment setting team once your audience gets exposed to your viral content. When your content goes viral, more people will talk about your product, the more it is talked about, the more prominent your offer is in the audience’s mind, and the more prominent your product is, the less you have to spend on your sales leads generating efforts.

But what consists of a viral content? What are the essentials in creating a viral marketing campaign?

To understand the concept of viral, we need to first understand the two elements that define it: the content should be worthy of spreading, and it should also have benefits in spreading it. While the second part is easy enough to fulfill, how can we make sure that the first qualification is satisfied? You need that to work properly for your lead generation process.

  1. It must be funny – humor is part of our psychology, and we cannot help but spread a funny tale.
  2. It must be incredible – we tend to spread the word on amazing or unbelievable stuff.
  3. It must be emotionalwe usually share stories and content that touches our hearts.
  4. It is agreeable to you we often use content that backs up or reinforces our own opinions.
  5. It makes us think we often share content that makes us stop and ponder the big picture in life.
  6. It is not covered by media relevant news that slip the news channel is worthy of sharing, right?
  7. It makes people smile feel-good stories are stuff we want others to know about.
  8. It is gossip-worthy dramatic events or tales spreads fast in the rumor mill, increasing discussion.
  9. It is embarrassing – does anyone remember Caitlin Upton?
  10. It is provocative – not in the extreme way, just more along the lines of slight spice to be shared.

Viral content spreads naturally. To make it rewarding, we need methods to collect the benefits. Communication tools like social media and telemarketing would be very useful methods for the task at hand.

How to Manage Your Appointment Setting Team Like Baseball

If there is one thing that can be said about baseball, it has a lot of connection with managing a business. Sure, swinging a bat or catching a ball is all sport to you, but the underlying principles can be transferred into business. Among the lessons that you can glean from it deals with managing your marketing team, like in your appointment setting campaign.

Just like baseball, you need to know a few important things before you start generating useful sales leads for your business. Among these are:

Looking at the numbers, but relying on instincts – just like the time when Girardi replaced all. Star baseman Rodriguez in the 9th winning with Ibanez in order to hit a homerun (due to gut feeling), businesses owners should also use the numbers to get a clear picture of their market. But when the time requires it, you should also learn to trust your instincts.

Make the choice and stand by them – making that sacrifice play, or a trade from another team, can be painful, but the only way you can tell whether you made the right choice or not is at the end of the game. Do not falter in your business decisions and see it through the end. That lead generation gamble might pay off.

Keep calm and keep going – just like a baseball game, there is no fool-proof plan. One thing or another can affect your B2B leads operation, and it is your job to stay calm and plan your next step.

It also helps if you can choose the appropriate marketing medium for the job. Be it social media or telemarketing, you have to ensure that this is a match for your business.

How To Build A Winning Appointment Setting Team Like The NHL

How To Build A Winning Appointment Setting Team Like The NHL

With the National Hockey League (NHL) play-offs coming near, a lot of people are looking forward to an exciting sporting event on ice. Whoever will win in the finals will be crowned the champions for the year. And while we are at it, this will be a good opportunity for us to learn a thing or two in business. You can glean very useful lessons for your appointment setting campaigns. After all, what better way to understand the dynamics of a B2B leads generation team than by observing the aggressive dynamics of an actual sports team, right? In the case of hockey, well, here are just a few pointers to remember:


  1. Empowering through individual strengths– every person has a unique skill, be it in sports or in business. Your job, if you are the manager, is to consolidate the individual strengths of each member, so that the over-all performance increases. Identifying the individual strengths of your team will help you plan an effective strategy in your lead generation efforts. Keep in mind that generating sales leads is a team effort, and you need the strength of the entire team before  you can start to see any success in your endeavor.
  2. Do not always rely on the star players – it is a good tactic to leave the heavy lifting to those who can do the job well, but it would be tantamount to overwork if you use these same people all the time. Sometimes, letting others handle the generation of sales leads is a marketing tactic that can help you. Relying too much on your star players in a very seasonal production can be a bad strategy. You might end up losing potential sources of revenue if your regular team could not handle them. In a hockey game, leaving everything to your main scorers will leave you open to a steal or a new tactic by your competition.
  3. Look for outside help – there is nothing wrong if a hockey team decides to bring in an outsider to help in their game. It is the same thing in business. In the event that your sales team is having a hard time in your game, it is not unusual if you look for outside help. You can always outsource your work to professional appointment setting firm. There are a lot of professional telemarketing firms out there who could assist you in getting in touch with business prospects or help you close deals with them. All you need to is to choose which firm to rely your business with.


As you can see, there really is no difference between a hockey team and your appointment setting team. As long as you know who your best players are, and if you can manage them all, then it would be a simple matter for you to organize a winning marketing campaign. You just need to choose who to trust your business to, see if their processes will fit your needs, and you will be able to see better results in your marketing campaign.

Five Tips in Effective Appointment Setting

Setting up an appointment may sound easy but once you get to be the person on the phone, talking to the customers might not sound like what you expected. However, there are tips to effectively set an appointment.


    1. A Call Always Work Out With a Plan

Most call centers follow a call flow, in order to take control of the call. A call flow is mainly a checklist of all the necessary and relevant information that must be shared to the customers. And most importantly the list should include the order of how the conversation should flow that way the call is organized and not stray too much off of the topic.

    1. Smile through your Voice

When talking to a person face-to-face, if you want them to listen to you, you smile. You want to sound and look friendly. Over the phone, you can’t see the customers; however smiling will still make you sound friendly. It is easier to communicate if the line is clear and effortless. Make them feel comfortable with the conversation. If you sound nice it is easy to convince people.

    1. Impress the Customer

Every sales call is like a meal, there has to be a sumptuous and tempting main course. In a sales call you have to have an offer that a customer can’t say no to. The tricky part is how to build up the offer while mostly the first part of the call would include resistant from the customer. Engage them first with the benefits and then impress them with the offer. The offer mainly will be the reason why you are making a call to set up the appointment.

    1. Engage on a Conversation

When on a call, you don’t always talk, you also listen. Sounding pleasant and interested in what the customer has to say always helps a conversation to flow spontaneously. However, remember to keep the conversation on topic as much as possible without sounding uninterested. Don’t forget to explain the reason of calling, in a clear manner. The duration of the appointment is a necessary mention since most people value their time. The technique in leading a good conversation is to ask open ended questions, paraphrase their answers and affirm it to them so they’ll pick up the habit of saying yes.

    1. Don’t Be Discouraged by a No

Giving up is a phrase that must not exist in appointment setting. Every call must be separated from each other; after all it was a different person at the receiving end. If a prospect says no, always evaluate what part of the call did not go well and work on it and use it if a similar situation happens again. Be positive and get positive results after.

How To Build Rapport Fast In Appointment Setting

Nothing beats building rapport with business prospects. This is the secret to a successful generation of B2B leads. Rapport is the foundation that supports your interaction with prospects. If you want to be more effective in appointment setting, you have to know how to build rapport. It is not an inborn skill that only a few can do. Rather, it is a set of communication skills that you can learn, perfected every time it is used. In today’s highly competitive business environment, it can make a big difference in your inside sales campaign. How you build rapport with your prospects will determine whether they will stay with you or look to your competitors. How quickly you can do that will depend on how well you follow these simple tips:

First, you to show genuine interest in your prospects. This is one part that you should never do half- heartedly. People these days can be particularly sharp when it comes to identifying insincerity. If they detect that from you, then your job turning them into qualified sales leads becomes even harder. So be real when you come to them.

Second, listen carefully, picking up phrases and key words that your prospects likes to use. Incorporate them subtly in your conversations. It would also help if you could quietly follow their manner of speaking as well, since this shows your readiness to go to their level.

Third, observe how they prefer handling information. Do they like a detailed brochure or white paper about your business, or do they just need a summary of your offer. Some decision-makers have a thing for the smallest details, while others see the picture as a sufficient source of information.

Breathe at the same time with your prospects. You will find it easier to follow the conversation, as well as engaging them to talk more with you.

Next, keep a an eye on the prospect’s underlying intentions – their real aim. Often times, what they really want is not exactly what they say or do. In fact, they might have no idea what they actually need. You have to be very sharp in this in lead generation.

Another tip you need to remember your mannerism. This is so true, especially when you are in a face-to-face conversation with prospects. It would be great if you could subtly adopt their body language, their gestures, tone of voice, and speed of talking. Doing these will help you connect better with prospects.

Lastly, show respect for their time, energy, and money. Do not dilly-dally, show value in your offer, and be real. These will help you build rapport fast.


While these can be really effective marketing tips, you should remember that not all of them can fit your needs. You will need to try each one, sticking to those that will work for your appointment setting campaign. If you find new tactics to use, and if they work, use it. Business needs and demands constantly evolves, and you need to keep a sharp eye out for strategies and approaches that will help.



The Five Types Of Appointment Setting Representatives


Like everything you do in life, you need to make the right choices to maximize your benefits. In terms of appointment setting campaigns, you have to choose the right people, technology, medium, and market in order to generate sales leads effectively. Of the four things you need to keep an eye on, perhaps the most important would be the first. After all, no matter how good your tools are, or how easy to enter your market, if you do not have the right inside sales people to do the job, then you will not get any results at all.

While you can easily choose the people for the job, keep in mind that not everyone has the same qualifications. Some may have skills best fit for a certain stage in the appointment setting process, while there are others who are best at researching, building up calling lists that you can use for your campaign. Mathew Dixon and Brent Adamson come up with five categories of sales people, based on their skills. Depending on the nature of your business, plus the kind of results you want, then you might have to choose from the following:

  1. Relationship builders – their focus is in building relationships with their prospects. They usually spend a lot more time keeping in touch with prospects, gaining their trust, and establishing stronger connection with them.
  2. Hard workers – these are basically the type of people who would come in early, leave late, and always goes the extra mile. These are the type of people who makes the most calls and site visits than anyone else in your lead generation team.
  3. Lone wolves – some may say that they are the black sheep in lead generation. They tend to do stuff that is not part of the inside sales process, handle their own affairs, do not really keep tidy notes in the pipeline, and pretty much anything else that does not whiff of conformity with others.
  4. Problem solver – they are the people who fits well in the technical side of things, more focused in providing solutions to business problems presented to them. Simply put, they are customer service representatives clothed in the guise of inside sales representatives.
  5. Challengers – you can say that they are the debaters of the sales teams. In terms of objections raised by business prospects, they always have a ready rebuttal at hand. Not only do they know how to answer back, they are also not afraid to share controversial views.

As earlier stated, the results you want will depend on the type of appointment setters you put to work. If you want to have more sales leads, then the Challengers would be a good fit. But if you want to simply create a wide network of prospects, then Relationship builders would be a nice choice. Just remember that, whoever you work with, they must also fit with the environment and culture of your business.


5 SMART Appointment Setting Goals For Your Next Campaign


As with any campaign that your company that your company undertakes, your appointment setting campaigns need to have clear, SMART goals so that you can positive results. Setting up SMART appointments relies on proper coordination between sales and marketing people. The sales department need to keep the marketing team updated with news about the leads passed on to them, and the marketing people should inform the sales department whenever new effective lead generation strategies are used or when new market demographics are tapped. Otherwise these goals will remain ineffective.

Here are the 5 goal criterias to help you do a SMART appointment setting campaign.

  • Specific – Business appointments vary depending on which stage in the sales cycle your business leads are in. When b2b leads are not yet ready to purchase, sales people attending the meeting should be informed accordingly or else they might aggressively push for the  sale, and vice versa. Letting your sales reps know what to do before they get to the meeting will help them be more prepared and make your appointments more successful. Being specific also means setting appointments only with the people who can make the decision happen.
  • Manageable – Don’t send a new sales hire to close a potentially big deal or else you could lose a potential client. The selling skills of your sales people should always be taken into account when pairing sales representatives to b2b sales leads. Doing so will help them close more sales for your company.
  • Attainable – have your appointment setters schedule meetings only with business leads who have an obvious propensity to purchase. This means the potential clients should always be—as much as possible—high-quality b2b sales leads. Even if the need for your product is not yet apparent, as long as the business lead will truly benefit from your products and services, you can ask for an appointment. For example, a professional BPO company has a business lead who owns a fast-growing startup with ten employees. Although their prospect has not yet expressed a need for outsourced services, the BPO firm can have an appointment with them to discuss the benefits of outsourcing. So, when that business lead needs to outsource in the future, the BPO firm will have already established a relationship with them that they can advance forward.
  • Realistic Let’s say you hired a telemarketing company for their amazing b2b appointment setting campaign. As much as possible, your contract should require them to deliver only as much business appointments as your sales reps can cater too. Keep in mind their work and personal schedules so that neither of these two will overlap with the appointment of the new business lead.
  • Time-bound – When scheduling multiple meetings throughout the day, take into consideration the amount of time the sales representative would need for introductions, presentation, answering questions, and bargaining. Give your sales people enough time to spend on each client so that they can discuss matters more thoroughly. One more thing, unless you’ve hired professional b2b telesales representatives or some other online agent, allot enough time for the sales rep to travel to and from the meeting place.