TechnologyAdvice recognizes Callbox as one of the top 5 lead generation agencies

TechnologyAdvice recognizes Callbox as one of the top 5 lead generation agencies

TechnologyAdvice recognizes Callbox as one of the top 5 lead generation agencies

Inbound and organic sources of leads are great avenues for keeping your pipeline flowing. But in some situations, these strategies can only take you so far, yet take up so much time. To really grow your sales funnel, an outbound lead generation company can be the sharpest (and sometimes the only) tool in the shed.

A lead generation agency’s entire reason is to help you get in front of your target prospects–whether through email, phone, or face-to-face. But regardless of how a lead generation company delivers opportunities, it all boils down to providing you with actionable marketing and sales insights. That’s what separates the best lead generation companies from the rest of the pack.

Understandably, having “the most up-to-date” and “the most accurate” database has now become the main selling point that many lead generation companies trumpets. It’s nearly impossible to tell apart genuine value versus hyped-up claims. With the potentially irreparable damage that bad marketing data can do, finding and working with the right lead generation provider is something you need to carefully go over.

That’s why a list of the top 5 lead generation companies recently published by TechnologyAdvice is a very helpful resource. Plus, we’re also excited to announce that Callbox is part of this list.

Callbox Best Lead Generation Services Review by TechnologyAdvice

Lead Generation Companies Review by TechnologyAdvice


The ranking mentions a number of key differentiators for each of the five companies. According to TechnologyAdvice, Callbox’s main strengths include:

We’re very proud and thankful that Callbox continues to garner recognition and awards as a leading B2B marketing company. But the biggest recognition we always strive to achieve is the satisfaction our clients and partners get from working with us.



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Callbox Gets a Nod from Comparakeet!

Can Callbox get any better?

Well, apparently yes, because according to a top product review site, we belong to the top brass of lead generation services out there!


Product review giant Comparakeet has included Callbox in the Top Sales Lead Generation Services, joining the likes of LinkedIn and Comparakeet gave Callbox a score of 9.6 out of 10 for its “robust offerings in the entire industry, mainly because of their multi-pronged approach – targeting every possible avenue like voice, email, social, web and mobile.”

As a full-service B2B lead generation company that caters to a diverse range of industries, Callbox has provided only the best in terms of nurturing client interactions and qualifying leads to grow sales and improve revenue performance.

But more than that, Comparakeet has also noted Callbox’s willingness to bring their client’s marketing through whole new levels using a multi-channel approach.

As companies right now outline the need to improve and streamline their lead generation and appointment setting efforts, Callbox has truly made a name for itself on its own turf.

Want to know more about why we’re on top? Feel free to read up on what we are REALLY capable of. Learn more about or Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing Approach.



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Hot Reads: A List of FREE Marketing Ebooks in Singapore

Hot Reads: A List of FREE Marketing Ebooks in Singapore

Hot Reads: A List of FREE Marketing Ebooks in Singapore

With things constantly evolving in marketing, keeping up with the latest developments can feel like a full-time responsibility. That’s why we publish materials and resources that help you navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. We want you to gain insights needed to drive results.

Here’s a list of our most popular eBooks. These serve as excellent references on various areas of modern B2B marketing—from how-to guides and best practices, all the way to industry trends and benchmarks.

So, browse through the selection and dive into a topic you like or include all titles into your reading list. These hot reads will help you become a better B2B marketer.


#1 Weeding Out Junk Leads With Predictive Lead Scoring

Not all leads are created equal. At any given moment, some leads are more qualified and sales-ready than others, while some will never become your customers. Assigning lead scores helps you manage and engage leads effectively. But, as the buying cycle becomes ever more complex, traditional ways of scoring and ranking leads are now starting to grow obsolete.

This eBook is a short primer to predictive lead scoring. Predictive lead scoring greatly extends what lead scores can do, and this guide teaches you everything you need to know to start using it in your marketing program.

Weeding Out Junk Leads with Predictive Lead Scoring

#2 Why You Should Bet Your Money on Digital Marketing (And Win)

If you’re still holding out on digital marketing for some reason, this eBook will change your mind. Packed with real-world trends and statistics, this guide builds a solid argument for developing and executing a digital marketing strategy right now.

This whitepaper shows the value that digital marketing delivers. It talks about which tactics to focus on for different business stages and strategic goals. Most importantly, this guide helps you build a winning digital marketing strategy from scratch.

Why You Should Bet Your Money on Digital Marketing And Win


#3 New and Improved Ultimate Lead Generation Kit to Jumpstart your Business

Modern B2B lead generation can feel overwhelming and daunting to even the most experienced marketers. There’s simply too much in the way of information, tools, tactics, and strategies.

This latest edition of our lead generation kit untangles the complexities in the art and science of acquiring leads. It’s a step-by-step guide to building a fully-functioning lead generation engine. With this eBook, you’ll learn the lead generation process and the role that each lead-generating channel plays, as well as how to tie everything together with the right platform and people.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Kit to Jumpstart Your Business 2018 Edition

#4 15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads

Your website and landing pages are excellent sources of qualified leads. But it takes the right balance between content and design to maximize web conversions.

With the 15 web design practices cited in this eBook, you’ll be able to boost the number of leads generated from your web traffic. The 15 practical tips have been hand-picked based on solid science and concrete results, focusing on various design elements that influence conversions.

15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads

#5 40 B2B Sales Email Templates for Every Situation

Writing email copies for B2B sales takes up time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. To save you the trouble of crafting compelling sales emails, we’ve compiled 40 ready-to-use email templates in this downloadable PDF.

These 40 templates include emails for cold outreach, following up, lead nurturing, influencer marketing, and other situations that require email communications. These are proven email copies that have generated very good open rates, CTRs, reply rates, and conversions.

40 B2B Sales Email Templates for Every Situation

#6 Content Calendar Template

Content calendars translate your content marketing strategy into a workable plan. It’s a crucial component of any modern marketing program. Without it, you’re part of the 34% of marketers who don’t have a documented content marketing plan.

This downloadable content calendar template saves you the trouble of creating one from scratch so that you stay focused on producing compelling content.

Content Calendar Template

#7 150+ Software/Tech Marketing Stats to Help You Plan for 2018

Although we’re already well within 2018, this eBook remains a valuable reference for marketers in the software and technology space. There’s still plenty of insights and ideas that the previous year can teach us.

We compiled this eBook by digging into more than 60 industry reports, selecting numbers that matter in planning and strategy development, and organizing the stats into 35 actionable insights.

Software Tech Marketing Stats to Help You Plan for 2018


Author Bio:

Rebecca Matias

Rebecca is the Business Development Executive at Callbox. She spearheaded successful projects in leveraging brand visibility. A vivid marketing blogger and a goal-oriented leader who enjoys sharing tips and stories.





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Outsourcing Marketing Activities: 4 Key Areas Best Left to Experts

Meet-and-Mingle with the Callbox Team at CommunicAsia 2017

Meet-and-Mingle with the Callbox Team at CommunicAsia 2017

UPDATE: Callbox joins CommunicAsia 2018

CommunicAsia 2017 is happening in less than 2 weeks! Travel documents, airline confirmation numbers, flight itinerary, hotel accommodation, comfortable business clothes, and business cards, pick up your luggage and let’s go!

On May 23-25, many businesses from all around the world are excited to have access to another comprehensive ICT platform and witness the latest in industry innovations that can influence their business, and bring it to another level.

Events such as this bring together a wide range of people in the IT industry to build relationships, share ideas, develop new skills and apply modern business practices. Over 1000 executives from more than 150 companies in over 40 countries, not only in the IT industry but from manufacturing sectors, oil and gas, as well as those in banking and finance, will be there on this 3-day event.


Yes, the Callbox Team will be there too! We are looking forward to meet and mingle with some of the top industry leaders and influencers at the Marina Bay Sands. Learn new ideas from the pros, keep up to date on what’s new with technology and go home knowledgeable and more productive.  

We can’t wait to meet our past and current clients and thank them for trusting their business to us. We’d be happy to share our success stories from over 10 years of experience in helping our clients increase the chances of getting high quality sales-ready leads with our own Callbox Pipeline. Its features such as SMART Calling and Lead Pipeline Nurture Tool, two of our brilliant tools, help us prioritize which prospect to call at times when they are available to pick up the phone. At the same time, automatically reach your prospects through multiple marketing channels and deliver targeted responses to each prospects within your sales pipeline.



We’d be happy to tell you more about it on May 23-25!

Schedule an appointment to meet with us by clicking the banner below:


We can’t wait to see you there!



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Callbox Joins CommunicAsia 2017

Callbox Joins CommunicAsia 2017

Callbox Joins CommunicAsia 2017

UPDATE: Callbox joins CommunicAsia 2018

Yes, it’s happening again! CommunicAsia, Asia’s largest event in communications and information technology will rock Singapore again this year. On May 23-25, the Marina Bay Sands will be filled with more than 30,000 attendees of trade professionals from the ICT industry not just in the Asia Pacific region but from different parts of the world.

What is CommunicAsia?

CommunicAsia is a yearly Information and Communication Technology exhibition and conference. This year, CommunicAsia2017 will be hosting 2 events; The CommunicAsia Exhibition and The CommunicAsia Summit which will bring together a comprehensive display of cutting edge technologies and will feature a showcase of trending technologies:

  • SatComm
  • Connect Everywhere
  • Borderless Broadband
  • Smart Cities
  • IoT
  • Cloud & Big Data
  • Security & Cyber-Security
  • Enterprise Mobility

Why visit?

Aside from witnessing the latest in industry innovations for free, here are 5 reasons why you should drop by.

  • Get a chance to meet with top experts and managers in the ICT industry.
  • Understand some of the crucial industry-related issues affecting the APAC region.
  • Learn more about the trending technologies
  • Build relationship and exchange ideas with industry leaders and influencers.
  • Enhance your experience and knowledge from the complementary seminars and sessions featuring DigiMarketing Lab, IPv6 Share and Learn 2017, SME Day, Philippines Connect and more.

The Callbox team will be there too. Being recognized as one of the leaders in B2B sales lead generation, we thought you might want to meet and exchange ideas with our senior executives on how we manage to deliver sales-ready leads to our clients using our Callbox Pipeline that provides intelligent and user-friendly tools such as Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and SMART Calling.

We’re excited and happy to meet you on this 3-day event filled with learning and new experience by staying updated on the latest trends in the ICT industry and go home ready to face future consumer demands.



We will be there from May 23-25!

Schedule an appointment to meet with us by clicking the banner below:


We can’t wait to see you there!



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Callbox Visits The Lion City of Asia to Bring more Investment

Callbox Visits The Lion City of Asia to Bring more Investments

Callbox Visits The Lion City of Asia to Bring more Investments

Callbox is a more than a decade-year- old sales and marketing firm and has traveled miles across continents to provide A1 sales and marketing services to its global clients. Over the years, it has established kindred relationships with all sorts of businesses from country to country however never cease to visit one it greatly considers as a second home, Singapore.

The 18th to the 21st of October 2016 marks another rendezvous for Callbox with its patrons in The Lion City. The meeting will be hosted by Callbox Client Services Manager for APAC, Ms. Fe Manuel who’s bringing some promising pasalubong of beneficial discussion about Callbox Multi-Touch Multi-Channel marketing solutions.

The upcoming series of meetings are expected to draw more Singapore businesses to take advantage of Callbox Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Marketing Program that includes lead nurturing processes,which has brought business successes to its clients.

Upon Callbox Southeast Asia headquarters’ inception it had no other country eyed to be the next recipient of its stellar lead generation services but SIngapore. Giant software and IT companies were the first industries to experience a lead generation program like no other which focuses not merely on their business needs but is able to help in coping with obstacles and aligns its goals and objectives with theirs. Teamwork played a consequential role in the campaign processes which took both Callbox and its Singapore clients victoriously soaring high. Take a look at some of them below:

A file transfer expert firm fully utilized Callbox multi-channel lead generation program which lasted for four (4) fruitful years.

Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert

Meanwhile, a leading supplier of shipping software and IT solutions had these to say:

“Callbox did an excellent job in generating interest in the Client’s target market”.

“Callbox was able to bring in new clients despite working across different cultures and time zones”.

“Callbox managed to keep regular communication with the Client”.

“Callbox agents possessed the ability to grasp information fast”.

Software Company Transforms Marketing Activities after Using Callbox

Sometimes, numbers just come second to quality. This Singapore-based technology marketing company that provides a wide scale of marketing programs to some of the top medium-to-large companies across all industries weighted success more on the qualitative results of its three-year campaign ran by the Callbox team for them.

Global Media Runs On Accurate Market Data

Callbox’s eagerness in reaching out to help more Singaporean clients achieve their business goals conjoined with the clients’ word-of-mouth testimonials on the successes of campaigns they ran, drew more and other industries like Financials, HR, Manufacturing and Consultancies to outsource their sales efforts from Callbox. The robust chain of successes in Singapore opened more doors of opportunities for Callbox to serve other neighboring countries in the region like Australia, Malaysia which trailed to UK and Canada.

October 18 to 21, 2016 is not just an ordinary period of events saved in the Callbox calendar but a special occasion reserved for its reunion with Singaporean associates and a welcoming gesture for the soon-to-be-clients, all looking forward to many more kindred productive and successful years of business partnership.



Meet up with our Client Services Manager for APAC and learn

how to get more leads for your business in Singapore! Dial +65 6248.5023


Get to know more Callbox and our service. Watch this video!

Learn about Callbox – The No. 1 Sales Leads Generation Company from Callbox on Vimeo.



Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Key Buyer Personas in Managed IT (Featured Image)
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Watch Out! Callbox will Invade Dreamforce 2016!

Watch Out! Callbox will Invade Dreamforce 2016!

Watch Out! Callbox will Invade Dreamforce 2016!

In a White House dinner for Nobel Laureates several decades back, JFK famously said, “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” 

No disrespect to JFK, but this year’s Dreamforce, which is only a week from now, could be the single biggest gathering of influential tech and business minds outside of when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates dined together.

Funny thing is, that does not hint even a morsel of exaggeration.

It’s not often that mere mortals like us get to rub elbows (and perhaps, exchange numbers) with industry leaders and trailblazers, scientists and advocates and all the people we look up to such as Marc Benioff, Melinda Gates, Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, and the head honchos of top companies and startups alike. It’s not often that we get to talk and compare notes with thousands of other people who speak the same jargon. If there’s no adjective that combines mind-blowing and awe-inspiring and electrifying with a dash of humbling, it’s about time they made one. Or they could just turn Dreamforce into that adjective.

Of course, Dreamforce is also the best venue and provides the best excuse to become a sponge and be curious – there are thousands of sessions to choose from and hundreds of hours of keynotes and trainings and workshops it’s like a Disneyland for tech guys and entrepreneurs. Even the rule here is elementary: Be so curious it borders on being stupid. Don’t worry, most participants are too busy learning every bit they can to judge.

Incredibly, that’s not the main reason the Callbox team is invading Dreamforce 2016.

More importantly, the Callbox team would like to take this opportunity to meet and thank our past and current clients for trusting us with their business, as well as win over potential partners who just have a couple of questions to ask. We would really appreciate to get up close and personal with you. So if you want to know about our latest innovations or how we’ve managed to lead the pack in lead generation especially for IT and software, you know where to find us starting October 5th. Don’t worry, we’ll make ourselves – and that includes our CEO, Rom Agustin, himself — available to you.

Coffee and leadgen sound just about right, and they’re on us.

Now, let’s walk the walk. We’re coming because of you, and we’re not asking much except for a minute of tete-a-tete. Who knows, signing up here could be one of best decisions in your life.


Sign me up for coffee and some great conversation!


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Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Key Buyer Personas in Managed IT (Featured Image)
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dreamforce 1016

Meet the Callbox Team at Dreamforce 2016!

Meet the Callbox Team at Dreamforce 2016!

“A rock star, a politician, and an entrepreneur walk into a bar…”

No, that’s not an introduction to an oft-heard bar room joke. That’s just a highly possible scenario in one of the most anticipated and participated tech events in the world – Dreamforce. On October 4-7 this year, the streets in downtown San Francisco are expected to swell from almost 200,000 participants not just from California and the US, but all over the world. And yes, some of them are rock stars, political figures, and business leaders.

What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is an annual customer conference hosted by Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. It is also one of the largest gatherings of sales and marketing and tech people, IT professionals, developers, startups, entrepreneurs, executives, and pretty much anybody, actually, who’s interested in improving their company in terms of systems, processes, innovation, and of course, ROI. It’s a one-of-a-kind customer forum made up of more than 2,000 sessions and hundreds of hours of keynotes, trainings, and demos. Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Sir Richard Branson, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Foo Fighters, and Bruno Mars have all graced an edition of Dreamforce. Really, it’s part conference, part festival, part concert, and part social gathering.

Why Attend?

The Dreamforce website promises that, “… you’ll learn, connect, and grow. You’ll mingle with thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of your peers, and you’ll walk away with knowledge, connections, and memories that last a lifetime. Best of all, you’ll have the time of your life…”

Great PR job by Dreamforce, but don’t take their word for it.

Be there and see and experience it yourself.

See, the Callbox team is also going to be there. Being one of the most trusted and recognized leaders in B2B lead generation, we thought you might want to personally ask us how we’ve  managed to exceed our clients’ expectations year in and year out. Four of our executives, including our CEO, Rom Agustin would relish the opportunity to talk with you about the Callbox brand of lead generation, our vaunted SMART Calling program, the very efficient Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture tool, or just about anything marketing. If you are or have been a client, we’d also love to meet you there and thank you for the partnership. Coffee’s on us!

And oh, did I mention one of the best live acts in the world is going to be there, too? Yes, U2 (Bono and the rest of the gang) is headlining DF16.

Believe me, I’d happily part with a few hundred dollars in exchange for a week of learning about the industry, getting all the product updates, and meeting like-minded people. Of course, getting a Dreamforce certification plus the possibility of snapping a selfie with Bono could’ve been reasons enough.


The Callbox Team will be there October 4 to 7. Schedule your meetup by clicking on this link:



We can’t wait to meet you!

Callbox Team at Dreamforce 2016Read more Callbox News and Events today!

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Philippine BPO Firm Callbox Plans Expansion in Iloilo City

Iloilo, City, Philippines, Sept 7, 2015 — Business process outsourcing (BPO) firm Callbox, one of the original BPO companies, to invest in Iloilo City, is investing additional money to expand its operations in the city.

Callbox chief executive offficer Rom Agustin stressed that the investment bodes well for its plan to create 2,000 new jobs by 2016.

Callbox will acquire more facilities as well additional manpower to strengthen its growing worldwide operations.

“The expansion will secure a dynamic future for the company, bolster our commitment to deliver quality services, and provide a terrific boost to the local economy by creating more full-time jobs for the Ilonggos,” Agustin said.

“The low cost of doing business in the city and the availability of a large talent pool possessing strong English skills make it a top destination for business outsourcing,” Agustin reiterated.

Callbox will hire additional customer service representatives (CSRs), search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, web developers, web designers, and graphic designers.

Originally published in here.

Callbox Expands its Operations in Asia With a New Callcenter Facility

Los Angeles, CA – November 25, 2005 – based Callbox, officially opened its second facility in Iloilo City, Philippines on November 9, 2005 to meet increasing demand for its world-class outsourcing services. The sprawling site, topping 16,000 square feet was specifically designed for modern task-group style operation, allowing dozens of clients to be served by their teams in dedicated office suites. Custom-designed workstations provide agents more workspace, more comfort, easier inter-team coordination, and a more creative environment than any call center to date. Callbox can now accommodate over 450 highly qualified agents and technology specialists.

“Callbox is not surprised to be doubling its capacity for the seventh straight quarter. It’s only good business to respond swiftly to sheer demand. It’s simple reinvestment in our people and our clients.” said Glen Norris, Chief Operations Officer. Due to demand for ever-broader services, Callbox is designing all unmet infrastructure projects to scale directly to large-scale business process outsourcing center.

Callbox continued its technical innovation by integrating all call reporting and telecom operations seamlessly with the first facility, proving their concept of open source LAN independent call processing. It’s important for our clients not to be limited to any third-party feature set or hardware, whereas our main concern was to prevent geography from limiting our clients’ expansion. The only solution was to design and build our own switch network. Writing the first end-to-end open source contact center took us man-years, but now we can provide exactly what our clients request, 90% of the time. …[and] we’re free to scale just as fast as our clients want to grow, unharnessed by expensive hardware and consultants. That’s a good feeling.

Within three weeks of opening, the second facility already accommodates 11 new accounts. With technological proof-of-concept behind them, and daunting business volume on the horizon, Callbox will begin third facility drawings January 2006 in order to break ground within 12 months.


New multi-channel web-based CRM tool integrates callcenter power, enabling managers and sales professionals to streamline business development

Los Angeles, CA – February 5, 2006 – Callbox launched PipelineCRM©, the first web application developed to provide managers and sales professionals an ideal customer relationship management system that transparently integrates the contact center (“call center”).

PipelineCRM©, provides all the essential functions of a modern CRM tool:

  • Private logins for each sales professional
  • Event calendar
  • Alarms
  • Searchable contact history
  • Real-time sales pipeline view
  • Managers can view regional real-time campaign results
  • Managers can drilldown to view any sales professional dashboard
  • Prospects are refreshed at any defined interval
  • Flexible reports for both salesforce and managers


In addition, call center power is fully integrated:

  • Leads mined by the contact center appear to the salesforce as they are found via any channel (web, email, IM, SMS)
  • Appointments scheduled by the contact center are added to the salesforce calendar(s)
  • Unlimited number of calendars/sales territories
  • The contact center keeps the sales process moving by reminding both prospects and salesforce prior to appointments
  • All reports reflect both salesforce and call center progress in real-time

Built with best practices, open source architecture, the PipelineCRM©, intuitive “Outlook-alike” dashboard incorporates email messaging, quality monitoring, digital voice recording, and call list and prospect import/export. PipelineCRM©, is the result of years of cooperation and client feedback, capitalizing on well-evolved processes. Managers can view the dashboard and sales pipeline of any sales agent, any region, or the whole campaign, at any time, from anywhere, and get an up-to-the-minute report on both closed sales and forecasting in any format [html, csv, pdf]. Sales Managers love it.

Callbox Chief Operations Officer Glen Norris said, “Although we designed PipelineCRM©, for a multi-tier large-scale salesforce, we made certain it neatly rolls up to be quick and meaningful for lighter volume 1-5 seat campaigns. … We’ve helped clients grow very very quickly. From now on they are not going to need to migrate a thing.”

PipelineCRM©, is a clear indication of Callbox’s continuing commitment to delivering client satisfaction through “managed and measurable” growth. Callbox provides PipelineCRM©, to all clients as part of Callbox’ customer contact services package. Contact Callbox for a demo now.

Callbox Goes Bilingual

Los Angeles, CA – June 2007 – Research has it that the percentage of U.S. Hispanic population is exploding. We’re talking about consumers spending more than $300 billion a year – and that figure is projected to triple by 2010. Spanish is the first language of approximately 90% of U.S. Hispanics, and a majority of them report that they are more comfortable speaking Spanish than English.

Don’t let a language barrier stand between you and your potential to increase your sales and serve your customers better. Callbox’s highly-trained English and Spanish-speaking representatives handle customer questions, complaints, inquiries with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism. Aside from having strong written and verbal communication skills, they are proficient in the use of web-based tools and are self-motivated and team-oriented. With our bilingual representatives serving your customers 24/7, your business enjoys enhanced customer relationship and support.