Great News with High Volume Order – Taking with Zero Hold Time (ZHT)

Los Angeles, CA – February 2007 – Sudden high volume traffic, such as that generated by television advertisements, is cost prohibitive to handle with 100% effectiveness. How can you process hundreds or thousands of potential orders in a 10 minute period without paying for hundreds or thousands of agents? Inevitably you need to put callers on hold and hope an available agent will take the order before the sure-sale hangs up. Any reduction in hold-time directly increases sales, and Callbox has reduced the hold-time to zero.

Here’s how it works:

“Thanks for your interest! All agents are busy due to overwhelming demand. But we have taken note of your phone number and we will call you back in 20 minutes! If you don’t want a callback, just press 2. To have your call returned to a different number, simply enter it now and hang up.”

ZHT ensures your callers never have to wait on hold! They can watch TV, eat lunch, or take a drive instead of spending valuable time on the phone, tying up the line, sighing along to the hold music. Now your callers can just enter their mobile number, hang up and head out the door knowing that the call will come, with zero hold-time. In the meantime, the phone is not tied up.

  • Collect callback numbers for later
    “Your call is [5th] in line. Your estimated wait time is [5] minutes. Don’t want to wait? Just press
    1 and hang up! We will call you back as soon as we can.”
  • Callback when it’s their turn
    “Your call is [5th] in line. Your estimated wait time is [5] minutes. Don’t want to wait? Just press
    1 and hang up! We will call you back in about [5] minutes.”
  • Don’t lose your place
    “Your call is [5th] in line. Your estimated wait time is [5] minutes. Don’t want to wait that long?
    Just hang up! If you call us back within [5] minutes you’ll still have your place in line!”

Let us improve your customer’s experience with ZHT. In turn you will enjoy:

  • Decrease in the percentage of irate holders
  • Decreased active phone lines in use
  • Decreased average queue depth and hold times
  • Increased callback requests
  • Increase in the percentage of voluntary holders
  • Increased callback sales
  • Increased sales per hour

Google Director to attend Callbox Seminar in Asia

Los Angeles – November 2008 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, following the success of its expansion into the Asia Pacific market, will hold in January their invitation-by-request Callbox Global Marketing Seminar ’09 entitled, “Global Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry.” The seminar will be hosted only in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to address the impact of the global financial crisis on marketing strategies.

Callbox, the largest offshore lead generation company in the US, has lined up a well-crafted half-day marketing seminar that will tackle relevant issues affecting the IT industry in Asia. Topics include local marketing versus global marketing strategies, marketing to the US, and an in-depth look into online marketing strategies. Google, the world’s largest online advertising company, is sending their Strategy and Business Planning Director, Matthew Stepka, to attend. Mr. Stepka will also join the program as the Featured Guest Speaker for the Callbox Global Marketing Seminar ’09.

The Singapore seminar is co-sponsored by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the lead agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry spearheading the development of Singapore’s external economic wing.

For more information about the seminar, please send an email to

Callbox CEO to address Asia Business Forum Delegates

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – February 2009 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions CEO Rom Agustin has been invited as one of the distinguished panel of speakers in the upcoming 2-day conference on “IT Infrastructure Outsourcing and Management Services,” April 15-16, 2009 at the Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference is organized by Asia Business Forum, Asia’s leading business conference producer.

Targeting VPs, Managers, and Directors of IT companies as well as IT departments of various companies in Malaysia, the conference is “developed as an executive level event that brings together key industry participants to foster information exchange, honest discussion and collaborative problem solving.” It also aims to “discuss strategies for IT Outsourcing and Management Services to help increase value and improve business performance as well as latest updates.”

One of the key issues to be addressed in this conference is “Global Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry,” to which Mr. Agustin will be presenting Callbox’s recent white paper.

Callbox Service Upgrades this 2009

Los Angeles, California – January 2009 – The Year of the Ox ushers in a year of hard work and perseverance. With the world at a standstill and still reeling at the financial crisis of 2008, Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions is not daunted and in fact offers a breath of fresh air – upgrades.

Existing services like lead generation and appointment setting, email marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click have been regrouped for a more focused and effective sales and marketing approach. Major clientele segments include direct marketing, web marketing, marketing collaterals, sales support and sales database. Callbox also beefed up its web marketing and marketing collaterals services to go beyond search engine optimization and pay-per-click and now features new services like link building, landing pages, web copy writing, blog writing, and keyword research.

With the regrouping of existing services and launch of new services, Callbox has expanded custom website areas to aid the users of their major service offerings. It was redesigned to give the webpage visitor an optimal browsing experience. The new areas are simpler to navigate and highlight important sections for easy reference. The news section has also been improved to keep those interested in global marketing abreast of announcements, whitepaper releases, and upcoming seminars such as those held this month in Singapore and Malaysia on Global IT Marketing. New short corporate video presentations are now available to quickly explain how Callbox is able to provide even small companies with market access to any English speaking country.

Callbox Launches Callbox Staffing Services

Los Angeles, CA – October 2011 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions is expanding its staffing services offerings under a new separate name, Callbox Staffing.  Callbox Staffing is a flexible and cost-effective approach to helping companies obtain professional support without the hindrances of hiring, training, and managing in-house staff. Callbox Staffing features a comprehensive suite of outsourced services aimed at helping employers find qualified professionals to fill their workforce requirements, both temporary and long-term.

Callbox uses the “Block Hour” Pricing system, an “as-you-go” plan which allows clients to purchase blocks of consumable time they can then use for any Callbox Staffing service. Callbox clients have full control of staff schedule and project timeline, which means they can staff up or down as needed, pause or resume a project when necessary, and pay only for the actual hours worked.

All staff activities are monitored and recorded using ClearTrackr, Callbox’s proprietary online project management system.  ClearTrackr generates real-time reports indicating the service performed, the time expended, and the number of hours remaining.

Callbox Staffing was launched as a natural part of Callbox’s campaign to provide cost-effective solutions for its clients in an uncertain economy.  Other services include online marketing, web design, programming, content writing, and administrative support.

Callbox Set to Employ 1,000 New Hires in 2012

Los Angeles, CA –December 2011 – Callbox, the largest business-to-business lead generation company in the world, is set to hire an additional 1,000 people next year, according to the company’s 2012 action plan released today. All additional manpower will join the operation centers in the Philippines and Malaysia.

As a major player in the global outsourcing industry, plans also include the acquisition or building of additional facilities to support its growing operations. The move to expand is an important strategic development for the company as its customer base continues to spread across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific markets. Callbox will open its doors to software developers, web/graphic designers, SEO specialists, marketing, and sales specialists.

Since its establishment in 2004, Callbox has grown over 50% annually on average, now employing 700 full-time staff worldwide, and this expansion initiative continues to increase its workforce to keep in line with its expanding market share worldwide. Rom Agustin, the company’s CEO, is confident in the measured growing global demand for its Sales and Marketing BPO services and that these investments in the expansion initiative will secure a dynamic future for the company, bolster its commitment to deliver quality services, and provide a terrific boost to the local economy in creating both full-time jobs and infrastructure.

Callbox is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with satellite offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and its operations center in the Philippines.

Callbox Launches iCalendar

Encino, CA – April, 2013 – Callbox has launched the latest update of its PipelineCRMplatform, now fully integrating iCal and allowing call center agents, clients, and leads to instantly add business appointments, meetings, and other important events to their own calendars with a click.

At the moment an appointment is formally qualified, an iCal invitation is automatically sent to both the prospect and the client. Each can “Add to Calendar” with one click, regardless of their internal platform. The system sends another email notification to alert both parties two hours prior to the actual meeting, thereby increasing show-rate.

“Since integrating iCal into PipelineCRM for both in-house and client interfaces, our show-rate increased from 40% to over 80%! It has proven to be a great boost to everyone’s effectiveness”, said Callbox CEO, Rom Agustin.

“Our appointment setting experts know precisely how difficult it is to set a qualified appointment for a client. So we examined the tools that our teams have found and proven useful in order to make them available to our clients as well. For calendaring, iCal was a tool they could not do without. So now we share the iCal format with clients for every appointment.”

iCal supports all leading calendar formats including Google, BlackBerry, Apple, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.

Callbox Pipeline Rolls Out Major Updates, Additional CRM Features

Encino, CA – January 2014 – Callbox today has announced that it has launched significant new upgrades and features to Callbox Pipeline, the company’s proprietary cloud-based lead management and marketing automation software.

The upgrade brings along significant improvements to existing CRM functionalities as well as additional features focused on enhancing user productivity and customer experience.

Google and Pipeline Calendar Synchronization
For clients using Google Apps, Callbox Pipeline now supports bidirectional syncing with Google Calendar, which means that new entries and changes made in Pipeline Calendar are automatically replicated in the client’s Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Mobile Streams
Updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks, and deadlines, and notifications can now be accessed by Clients across a wide range of mobile browsers.

Clients can now have a closer look at how their Callbox agents interact with individual sales leads. The Touchpoints feature allows the client to view specific tasks (e.g., calls, emails, etc.) performed by the agent that led to an appointment.

Appointment Dossier
This feature allows Callbox clients to access all relevant information pertaining to an appointment, including complete customer contact info (address, email, contact number, etc.), appointment schedules, tasks, and a map showing the location of the appointment via a print-ready format.

Weekly Campaign Report
Callbox clients now receive a Weekly Campaign Report with detailed campaign statistics (hours logged, call volume, positive contacts, emails sent, etc.) and notes from the campaign’s account manager.

The Callbox management is confident that the new CRM features will enable its clients to gain better insights into their sales pipeline, and manage their campaigns more effectively by getting more intimately involved in the sales process.

These updates and features are now available to all Callbox Pipeline users.