Database Solutions for Improving and Managing your Marketing List

Database Solutions for Improving and Managing your Marketing List

Fortune 50, Global 2000, and even medium-sized companies are all aware that data drives business transformation. That is why, it is no surprise that even the biggest players in the field, Delphix and Datical, are taking their partnership to the next higher level to bring new data solutions to the digital world. (

Data Profiling

A process of analyzing data for accuracy which helps organizations manage data quality. Leveraging data profiling tools and human skills combined, data profiling will help you achieve: (Experian)

  • Identify data anomalies right from the very source
  • Discover data quality problems which need to be addressed upon migration from one system to another
  • Highlight critical areas  
  • Uncover issues such as invalid values, misspellings, missed and duplicates
  • Help you identify where and which data problems exist in your system

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing, aka data scrubbing, is a step by step process of detecting and correcting inaccurate records from a list to: (Invensis)

  • Increase efficiency on customer acquisition activities
  • Better decision-making process
  • Streamline business practices
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase revenue

Data Segmentation

Data segmentation is a process of creating classes or categories for groups (demographic, psychographic) to understand their behavior and establish commercial values for each group, and achieve the following results: (CAS)

  • Scale up profitability
  • Refine resource management
  • Better communication

Data Deduplication

Data deduplication is a process of eliminating redundant copies of data and reducing storage overhead, ensuring a unique instance of data is retained on storage to: (WebWorks)

  • Clear storage space, this allows organizations to save far more data on the same system and extends disk purchase intervals automatically.
  • Adept replication, the deduplication process writes only unique data on the disk and thus, there’s a need to replicate only these set of blocks. Depending on the type of application, the traffic for data replication can be reduced by 90%.
  • Effective use of network bandwidth
  • Cost effective, fewer disks are required, storage cost is reduced significantly. More so, tends to improve disaster recovery as a lesser amount of data is transferred.

Data Expansion

Data Expansion is a process reproducing data from its original form that has undergone data compression. With the fast innovation of marketing tools and processes, big data is one which can never be undervalued with its first-rate benefits: (Datameer)

  • The ability to ask and answer complex questions more robustly in a short period of time, from months or weeks to maybe just days, hours or minutes
  • Gives you confidence by providing an accurate and complete view of your data gathered from a huge number of resources
  • Can empower a new generation of employees. With a powerful BI platform, companies are able to achieve cognitive improvement in the question-answer process, thus creating an environment in the workplace that encourages creativity, outside-the-box thinking and analytic analyses
The 5 F’s of Data Hygiene for Deeper Sales Conversations

The 5 F’s of Data Hygiene for Deeper Sales Conversations [VIDEO]

Data is the new oil.
Without it, your sales engine stops running.

Like oil, data needs to be refined.
Or else, it won’t fuel your sales machine.

The problem is that B2B data has a very short shelf life.

  • 24% to 36% of your CRM data decays each year Tweet this!
  • 25% of sales contacts are invalid at any given time

Poor data causes reps to waste 27.3% of their time,
and ends up costing you 12% of revenues.

The good news is that,
by following a few simple data hygiene best practices,
richer data-driven sales conversations are always within your reach…

#1 Find out what’s wrong

  • Start with a thorough audit of your CRM
  • Interview key data handlers and users
  • Identify what types of errors and potential issues you encounter

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#2 Fix what’s broken

  • Validate data entry errors and typos first
  • Research and update inaccuracies like phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Define rules for merging and removing duplicate records

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#3 Fill missing values

  • Use the main company phone number as a placeholder until you obtain a direct line
  • Infer email addresses from common company-specific email patterns
  • Populate empty fields with data from publicly-available sources and third-party providers

#4 Fit data together

  • Follow standard naming conventions for contacts and businesses
  • Make sure to use consistent abbreviations and punctuations throughout a column
  • Create formatting rules for categorical fields (e.g., job titles, industries, etc.)

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#5 Feed into a data management process

  • Plan for each stage of the data lifecycle (from collection to removal)
  • Automate as much as you can, but keep humans in the loop
  • Farm out a specific task when you don’t have the resources to do it in-house

Keep in mind that data hygiene is a continuous process, not a one-time thing.
Always go back to the 5 F’s:

  1. Find
  2. Fix
  3. Fill
  4. Fit
  5. Feed

Ways to Optimize your Marketing List for your Multi-Channel Campaigns

When it comes down to increasing their sales margins, B2B marketers will need to make sure they have the right kind of people to sell to. In other words, they need leads that are likely to result in purchases. After all, as much as you want to focus on your social and content marketing campaigns, your mailing list provides your business with a roadmap towards increasing its ability to sell its products and services.

In fact, businesses could hardly keep up with their competitors when there’s a lack of a list of possible clients. What’s more, it’s essential for B2B companies to build marketing lists that can help them unify their multi-channel processes and gain an even greater control over the sales cycle across various lead generating sources. But more than building a large database of leads, marketers will still need to focus on making sure their lists offer high value and, not to mention, generate higher ROI.

In other words, quality should always be a priority if you are focusing on getting the best results from your multi-channel marketing efforts. This HubSpot article by Chelsea Hunersen makes a valid point by saying that optimizing your marketing lists (notwithstanding your email campaigns) is essential.

And as more companies are adopting multi-channel approaches in their marketing, a well-composed and, more importantly, a well-maintained list can bring in a large volume of potential customers. Keeping your list optimized can help you focus on core activities that provide the best value.

Here are some of the ways you can do to improve the quality of your marketing list.

#1 Make use of an effective lead management system

A marketing list can give out the best results if you are using the right tools for managing it. For this reason, implementing the right lead management system can help you streamline your lead generation efforts. Moreover, such a system works well in keeping your list aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

To make sure your lead management system works well within your expectations makes sure that it consists of a prospect tracking feature as well as other CRM options that can effectively help you zero in on high value leads.

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#2 Scrub your database clean

Over time, the data contained in your marketing list can deteriorate. Which means to say, the contacts in your database can decrease in terms of quality. For sure, contacts age quickly, and often times, businesses can transfer to new locations or update their contacts without a moment’s notice. Sending messages to these addresses can only result in email bounces that can affect your reputation.

For this reason, B2B businesses will need to scrub their marketing lists clean of invalid addresses as well as duplicate data that can mislead your email marketing and telemarketing campaigns. Using a data cleansing tool, these companies can increase the efficiency and accuracy of their marketing efforts, resulting in higher sales.

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#3 Improve your data validation

Whether you capture leads through cold calling or through your landing pages, you need to make sure that these contacts are the right people you are looking for. In this sense, it’s important to review the leads you have generated.

Anyone can sign up for a newsletter or a webinar, but if you intend on reaching out to these users without knowing they are the right fit for your products and services, you will be wasting resources rather than closing deals.

With an effective data validation process in place, you are able to populate your databases with only those contacts that suit your targeted audience profile. And speaking of profile…

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#4 Define your audience

The most basic and yet the most effective way to optimize your marketing list is to define your ideal audience profile from the get-go. This should be included in your overall business strategy. What’s more, defining your target audience allows you to maximize your resources, making sure that each lead you acquire translates to a sure sale.

In order to define the specifics of your ideal audience profile, it’s always best to work with sales. After all, it’s your sales reps that directly deal with potential clients, and they are the ones that should know which sales leads can end up purchasing your offers.

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Discover how our tailored financial marketing solutions helped an SG financial firm

Expat-Focused Financial Planning Firm Expands in Niche SG Market [CASE STUDY]
Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company? Here's How to Put an End to This!

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company? Here’s How to Put an End to This!

“You’ve called me about 5 times. I’ve had this number for years and every single time, I’ve told you that it was a wrong number. But you keep on asking for a name that’s not me.”

Has this happened to you? You know it’s a wrong number, but why do you still keep on calling it?

As a salesperson, you don’t have a choice if you were given 3000 companies to call, half of it are bad records and you need to make 160 calls. It’s a bit frustrating for sales reps to keep on chasing the wrong decision maker and ended up telling you dialed the wrong number.

If you wanted your sales reps to generate more high quality leads for your business, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a good database.

Here are 4 methods on how to put an end to the hassle of calling the wrong number over and over again.

Data validation

is the process of checking the accuracy and quality of the data before using or importing it. It uses rules to control the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell. For example, drop-down list.

Data validation using Microsoft excel allows you to:

  • Make a list of the entries that restrict the values allowed in a cell.
  • Create a prompt message explaining the kind of data allowed in a cell.
  • Create messages that appear when incorrect data has been entered.
  • Check for incorrect entries by using the Auditing toolbar.
  • Set a range of numeric values that can be entered in a cell.
  • Determine if an entry is valid based on the calculation in another cell.

Here’s how to add data validation to excel.

1.) Select one or more cells to validate.

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_1

2.) On the Data tab, click Data Validation (in data tools).

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_2

3.) On the Settings tab, select List in the drop-down menu in the Allow box.

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_3

Create a drop-down list. In the Source box, type your list values, separated by commas.

For example:

  • If you want to limit an answer to two choices (“Do you have more than 5 members in the department?” for example), type Yes,No.
  • If you want to limit a vendor’s quality reputation to three ratings, type Low,Average,High.

Note: These steps are ONLY recommended if you don’t plans to change your list items. If you have a list and you wish to add or remove items over time, then follow the steps below.

Step #1: Create list entries by referring to a range of cells in the spreadsheet.

In the excel table, in the Home tab select Format as Table in the Styles (choose the Table Style that works best for you).

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_4

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_5

Step #2: Select the table’s Data Body Range, which is the portion of the table that has just your list, not the table Header (Department in this case), and give it a meaningful name in the Name Box above column A.


Step #3: In the data validation Source box, add the name that you just defined, preceded by an Equal (=) sign.

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_6


Note: When using a table you can add or remove items from your list, your data validation list will update automatically.

TIP: Make sure to put it on a separate sheet so no one can edit it.

5.) Check the In-cell drop-down checkbox to see the drop-down arrow next to the cell.If you want to specify how you want to handle blank values, don’t check the Ignore blank check box.

Have You Been Calling the Wrong Company_7


Note: If your allowed values are based on a cell range that has a defined name and there is a blank cell anywhere in that range, selecting the Ignore blank check box allows any value to be entered in the validated cell. This is also true for any cells that are referenced by validation formulas: if any referenced cell is blank, selecting the Ignore blank check box allows any value to be entered in the validated cell.

6.) Test the data validation to make sure that it is working correctly. Try entering both valid and invalid data in the cells to make sure that your settings are working as you intended and your messages are appearing when you expect.

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Data deduplication

Deduplication is a technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data.

Data deduplication is important because:

  • It occupies more space
  • If you update the duplicated data, you need to change other data connected to it which requires more complicated work. Chances are, you might miss updating one duplicate record leading to having different copies of different information which leads to more errors.

Data scrubbing

Data scrubbing is also known as data cleansing. It is a process of detecting and correcting inaccurate records. It is an error correction technique that uses a background task to periodically inspect main memory or storage for errors, then correct detected errors using redundant data in the form of different checksums or copies of data.

There are 5 rules when scrubbing your data:

  • Define and determine errors in your data set.

Errors can include misspellings, multiple names for the same information, or incomplete data.

  • Correct data errors by standardizing information.

Organize and store data according to data type. Improve your data quality, processes, and procedures by getting rid of the unnecessary and incomplete data kept in storage.

  • Verify that your new data values are correct and uniform.

Ensure that there are no discrepancies in the name for the same variable you are trying to clean and that the integrity of the data is still intact.

  • Modify data entry to avoid future errors.

Implement data filtering, but use cautiously so you don’t end up with incomplete information.

  • Assign a team to govern your data.

Effective data governance can play a vital role in driving new business opportunities and retaining existing customers by improving overall data quality and business intelligence.

Different data scrubbing tools to use includes:


Drake is a simple-to-use, extensible, text-based data workflow tool that organizes command execution around data and its dependencies. It is designed especially for data workflow management. It has HDFS support, allows multiple inputs and outputs, and includes a host of features designed to help you bring sanity to your otherwise chaotic data processing workflows.


OpenRefine (formerly known as Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another and extending it with web services and external data.


It is an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation. It helps spend less time formatting and more time analyzing your data.


It is a strong data profiling engine for discovering and analyzing the quality of your data.

Winpure Data Cleaning Tool

It helps clean, correct, standardize and removes all duplications in your record.  

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Data profiling

Data profiling is the process of identifying if your existing data is accurate and collecting information necessary to update your records. It can be done through:

  • Online research
  • Phone call

Whether you do it internally or hire a professional to do profiling for you, it is important to clean and update your data at least every month. This way, you will eliminate all unwanted records and your sales reps will not waste their time chasing the wrong target.

How outsourced companies do their data profiling.

Step #1: Analyze and find out if there were bad and unwanted records within their database. Bad and Unwanted records include:

  • Duplicate phone number, different company
  • Duplicate company, different numbers (main number and toll-free)
  • Duplicate phone number/company, different target person
  • Phone numbers that are no longer in service
  • Records with missing information – contact name, email address, job title, company name, and address.

Step #2: Remove and separate all unwanted or bad records (records that need to be profiled) and save it separately from the main list.

Step #3: Assign someone to do an online research to search for the company and look for the missing information. You can use google (whatever search engine you wish to use) for this one.

What information can you get from a company website?

  • Complete company name
  • Company address
  • Company number
  • Complete name of the upper management – CEO, President, Directors, and Managers.
  • Email address (sometimes they have it in their profile)

Step #4: Setup and assign a team to handle a data profiling campaign. Their task is to complete the missing information after an online research through the call. They will verify if all the information (even the updated ones) are correct and replace the wrong ones.

Step #5: Schedule a regular data cleansing. People transfer from one company to another and even companies transfer from one location to another so it is advisable to refresh your data at least once a month.

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If you’re a telemarketer and you keep on calling the same company over and over again, chances are you’ll lose all of your potential prospects who would want to do business with you in the future. So make sure your database is updated. Whether you do it in-house or seek help from an expert to do this for you, it’s up to you. But it’s time to put an end to this!

Watch this full video and Learn How to fill your pipeline with Qualified Singapore Leads!

The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts

The Importance of Updated Database When Targeting IT C-Level in Singapore

Why it pays to profile your customer database? What information do you have? Who are they?

“The information you gather makes it easier to distinguish why customers buy from you. The more information you have about your customers, the easier it is to spot opportunities to sell them new products.”

– Ray Jones

When you start your own IT business, you find it easy to figure out what you want your business or brand to represent and how you want it to be recognized by your customers. You might tend to forget about what your customers want,  making them unsatisfied and that somehow equates to poor sales.

Have you noticed how hard it is to reach decision makers such as IT Managers, IT Directors, C-level people and Presidents these days? Most of the time they are busy, in a meeting or is out of the office. Even when sending out initial emails prior to making a phone call, you would even get an auto-response stating,

“I am currently away and will be back on Monday, 22/08/16. If you have any urgent matters that requires immediate attention, please contact Mr. Ali of IT Dept. Thank you.”

It is important to secure a good list when doing B2B lead generation in Singapore for your sales reps to call. Having an updated database for a lead generation campaign means you can touch base with them through various channels. Here are the top 5 reasons why having an updated database is important to get hold of hard to reach IT prospects in Singapore.

#1. You don’t need to do prospecting anymore. All essential information needed are available for you to reach them.

TIP: Ask for a specific person in your database, not the job title. Speak as if you know the prospect. It will be easier for Gatekeepers to direct your call than asking for a specific job title wherein they will know you’re a telemarketer.


“Hi. Can you please direct my call to Ms. Chua?”

#2: Since you have email addresses available, you can send out initial emails before making a call. Even if they are out of the office, they can still review it when they report back to work.


  • Make it more personal. Name of the recipient must be stated in the email.
  • Make the subject as catchy as possible
  • Write a brief and direct to the point email


Hi Jack,

Over 2 billion photos and videos are uploaded to social media each and every day; a staggering amount of content.

Chances are that some of that content could be used by you to improve your marketing effectiveness.  But how do you get your hands on it and in an easy and scalable way?

If you are interested in how Cathay Pacific, Porsche and Cruise Whitsundays have used UGC (User Generated Content) to improve their marketing outcomes, then we’d love to talk.

I was hoping you are the right person from XYZ Company to talk to about this.  If not can you please point me in the right direction?


Crystal Anderson

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#3. Every call is short and direct to the point because you don’t need to gather all information.

TIP: Ask for the prospects availability. So that next time you call for this company, the chances of getting hold of the prospect are higher rather than calling without knowing the best time to call the prospect.  


“When is the best time to call back for Miss Mira?”

Watch full video here: The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts

#4. Don’t need to call the main line. There is no doubt that gatekeepers can be a pain in every telemarketing call, especially when they refuse to direct your call.

TIP: Dial their direct number, ext. line or mobile to get hold of decision makers. The chance of you talking to decision makers is 75% higher when you call their direct number than passing through gatekeepers. 

#5. You won’t be calling the wrong company or the wrong people. Since you have a targeted list, you won’t offer irrelevant products to wrong people.

TIP: When someone answers the phone, always verify if they are the person that you’re looking for. Sometimes, they don’t get to mention their names, so verifying before saying your spiel is important to make sure you got the right person.

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In order to close more sales, you have to get creative to get in front of decision makers. Break into hard to reach prospects by securing a good quality and updated database and follow these tips in reaching the right audience and deliver the right message.

Utilize Customer Profiling and Buyer Personas to Achieve Revenue Goals

Utilize Customer Profiling and Buyer Personas to Achieve Revenue Goals

Are you targeting your best customers? If you are unsure of your answer, then you should do something about it.

Not all prospects are the same. Every company has its own ideal customer with different traits and characteristics. In order for you to achieve your goal, you must identify who your best customers are and find out how to reach out to them.

One of the challenges every B2B marketer is facing is understanding their buyers. Every business owner knows that it pays to profile a customer because understanding them is essential in the success of a business. But why is it important to utilize customer profiling and buyer personas?

The information you will gather when creating a buyer persona and customer profiling makes it easier to identify who your customers are and why they buy from you. Having an ideal customer enables every business to deliver the right product and target specific prospects based on their needs.  . When you know about your best prospects, it’s easier for you to find new ones, deliver the right product to the right people using the right channel and convert them into loyal customers. This creates a positive buying process.

So how do you profile your customers and create an ideal customer profile?

Step 1. Evaluate and Connect with Your Existing Customers

Get additional information by conducting an interview or a survey and ask them:

  • Why did they choose your company over your competitors?
  • How did they know about your company?
  • How did they become loyal customers?

Step 2. Define Who Your Customers Are based on the following:

  • Size of the company – small, medium and large businesses
  • Type of business – Industry
  • Geographic scope
  • Demographics – their age and gender
  • Behavior – their likes and dislikes

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Step 3. Locate Your Customers

Find what channel your customers are using, whether as email or social media. And ask yourself:

  • Where do they look for when buying something?
  • What do they search for online?

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Step 4. Understand your Customer’s Buying Process

  • Do they purchase right away?
  • Do they seek out referrals?
  • Can they decide or do they ask for approval before making a purchase?

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Now that you’ve identified your best customer, you can now create your own marketing strategy so you won’t waste time and resources on your marketing efforts anymore. Having your own buyer personas, you can reach new customers that will help you achieve your company’s revenue goals and take your business to the next level.

The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts

The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts [VIDEO]


Video Transcript:

You called Shengya Company today but a nice robotic voice on the other line said…

“The number you called is now disconnected.”

“Disconnected huh! How can that be uncontactable, this is the same database I used two years ago!”

Savvy Marketer: Wait, did you just say two years? Hey, that’s a lifetime of wasted time and effort on dead contacts.

Did you know that 35% of business data becomes obsolete every year? And if you’ve been using the same database a year or more ago, you’re more likely to be calling invalid or the worse, dead contacts.

Get your database some life man!

Let me share with you some secrets on how to increase your database with qualified contacts.

Run a customer profiling campaign!

If you’re not equipped to do the job, outsource an expert who has thought processes and tools to do the following jobs on your behalf.

  • Verification of Data
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Deduplication
  • Database Management

Here’s How to Get Targeted List in Singapore with the Help of an Outsourced Lead Gen Company

Caller: “Are these four different from one another? Can I just pick one process instead?”

Savvy Marketer: Different, yes, but they are linking processes that work as one. Take a look at how it’s done.


Your service provider will send Initial Email copies to their email addresses to test the accuracy level of your database. “Delivered” emails, which return replies and show actions signify the activeness of the contacts.


Data Verification: they telephone the contacts to verify all details like, business name, contact name, business address, phone numbers, emails, social media accounts and other important information.


Data Scrubbing: missing details and goneaways are replaced.


Deduplication: duplicates are deleted to give room for fresh, active contacts.


Database Management:

Remember to keep your database well-managed, updated and fully locked and loaded with qualified contacts. Once that’s done, you’ll discover embedded knowledge that would result to a productive, successful campaign.

Caller: “Will I get someone to answer my call if I follow your tips?”

Savvy Marketer: Go on and call.

“Hi, thank you for calling Shengya Company, this is Mulan how may I help you”

How to Get Rid of Dead Leads on your Database

Get Rid of Dead Leads on your Database in Singapore [Slideshow]

“If you have 100,000 records in your database and you don’t do anything to update and maintain them, in four years they’re gone.” says Michael Bird

In an article on Appointment Setting Singapore, the value of profiled and target customers is emphasized. Unfortunately, any marketing effort is doom to fail without proper customer targeting. Hence, the real machinery that makes up most of the marketing success is accurate data. 

Remember, every now and then a business changes its name and acquires new domain for email. Even the decision maker you’ve talked to could have resigned or transferred to another department. 

“The bottom line is, a business should keep its database in best health by getting rid of dead leads or zombie leads (as ThinkAdvisor calls them) in order to optimize time and effort on highly converting leads.”  says Ana Lu

So how do you pull out zombie leads and maintain a healthy database? You have four options and it’s all here in this slideshow.  Now check it out!

Apparently, you don’t need armaments to reinforce your database from zombie leads. All you have to do is brush them off on your database with the following strategy.

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Lead Generation in Singapore- How Database Integration can Keep you in Profit

Lead Generation in Singapore: How Database Integration can Keep you in Profit

It’s a data-driven world out there and B2B enterprises need to drift with the times. In the face of unpredictable market forces, it is important now for these companies to harness new technologies that can provide wide-ranging benefits to their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

As a way to effectively reach out to multiple audience touch points, database integration is becoming an important strategic answer to business needs in vibrant economies like Singapore.

Despite negative outlooks this year, the country continues to receive international capital. In recent developments, Britain-based business intelligence firm B2B International has expanded its reach in the Lion City. The firm believes that South Asia continues to be an important opportunity base for similar companies to harness.

For now, B2B suppliers such like you need to use cost-efficient and time-saving ways in order to stay in profit and provide the necessary services to current and potential clients.

Integrating your marketing and sales functions in this case should be the first thing in mind since it entails benefits to B2B lead generation like:

1. Savings

Economic uncertainties entail the need to become more conservative in terms of spending. In this sense, businesses need to make better and highly profitable strategies. Linking your CRM with your sales drives accuracy and proper revenue attribution. This provides you insights into how much you are spending and how much you are gaining back. Accordingly, this enables you to create more revenue-friendly strategies.

2. Lead generation proficiency

Quality is usually a pressing issue among B2B service providers due to the particular problem of setting up an effective lead prospecting and lead scoring database. Manpower proficiency has been the common culprit, but the problem usually demands investment in an efficient system that accurately gauges audience interests and undertakes interaction-based scoring.

3. Effective and timely deliveries

You cannot afford to send the wrong messages to the right person. It entails a waste of time and money. On the other hand, you can use marketing automation software to segment your audience and send them content in line with their needs, thus keeping in line with the need to prioritize audience interests.

4. Accurate reporting

Integrated CRM and sales are essential in providing you with up to date information about the implementation and progress of your campaigns. Letting you focus on the right metrics and KPIs, integrated software systems is advantageous in identifying the best actions to take for better profitability and survival of your business.

Should We Rely On Telemarketing Surveys

Should We Rely On Telemarketing Surveys?

Good question, and no doubt one of the many issues that business owners and entrepreneurs need to address. Good market data is crucial in prospecting for qualified sales leads, and one of the ways to obtain that is through the conducting of telemarketing surveys. You call selected people on the phone, ask them specific questions, and then analyze the resulting information. It may be old-school, but it does bring in the results you need. Even 

so, there are issues in reliability and accuracy that some marketers complain about. Besides, with the introduction of newer methods of analyzing the market, some may ask themselves whether telemarketing surveys could still be relied on.

The answer here is yes, you can rely on phone surveys to help your business.

You must understand: in the lead generation business, data can mean everything. How you interact with your business prospects, how you obtain information from them, will depend on the communication tools that you use. Now, there are a lot of mediums that we can use for prospecting and nurturing our B2B leads. There is email, social media, even search engine optimization. All these can be used by the resourceful marketer, but they all do bring different results. And to be honest with you, these newer methods of advertising will not get you the numbers you want. Yes, they may be modern, but rarely will you see them really work that hard.

Let us put it this way: appointment setting and marketing is reliant on the power to actively engage business prospects. If we, for example, use social media, then we have a tool that can spread the word fast. But can it bring you the business? Well, not exactly. In fact, social media has never been that good as a direct marketing tool. There is a limit to how far you can promote your business. More likely than not, you get thrown out by your moderators. No one really wants to hear blatant sales pitch in the social networks that they participate in. You need something less intrusive for that, or maybe something clearly salesy in your content,

As marketers, you should be aware of the risks and benefits of each marketing tool that you want to use. In terms of phone surveys, you know that this is a very direct and personal tool in getting in touch with business prospects. Yes, it gives you fast results. And yes, most recipients may not be happy with it. But at least you can be sure of this: when you use it, you will get results. You just need to know how to properly organize one and choose the right market to target. Everything else, well, you just have to give your best.

You can also opt to outsource this campaign. You know that there are a lot of telemarketing services around who can give you what you need. The only thing that you have to do is to choose the right one. Otherwise, you might set your business way back to square one.

Four IT Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business Database Systems

Four IT Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business Database Systems

In any business, protecting consumer data should be the most important part of your business operations. Without a comprehensive business database, you would be unable to find the right business prospects, as well as ensure the integrity and security of your IT lead generation campaigns. I mean, if you yourself could not protect the private data that is already in your firm, then how can you assure sales leads prospects that you can protect any data that they share with you? That would certainly hurt your bottom line. But here is the thing: the security issues that plague your firm (and tarnish the image of your B2B appointment setting campaigns)? These can be easily handled, since they start with you.

There are at least four IT mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Skip the anti-virus – all right, this may sound old news to some, but a surprising number of individuals still skip anti-virus program in the hope of saving a few bucks. The problem here is that anti-virus programs keep your files safe and ensure that you do not lose important data that may cost you big bucks in your telemarketing campaign.
  2. Ignore the trends – all right, no one is saying that you are a business dinosaur, but if you are a tad too slow in the innovative business trends adoption, then you are preparing your business for failure. Think of the latest hard drives, updates in software programs, new data management protocols, etc. These are just some of the things you might miss. And when you miss the boat, it can be really hard to catch up. So be updated. It can be a good way to stay competitive.
  3. Talking too much – remember a couple of years back when an Apple engineer misplaced a prototype iPhone in a bar? Well, your business may not have something as slick as that, but any internal business data that your employees (and even you) reveal can be data lost to other parties. And when that happens, really, things can get really messy between you and those affected by it. Best if you can just stay quiet.
  4. Lost laptops and phones – is today’s highly mobile business environment, where people can do a lot of work with just their phones or their laptops, getting these devices stolen can be a great crisis. These might contain important business data. You should have some safety protocols in place there, like passwords or remote data wipes. This will ensure the integrity of your business operations.

Still, if all this talk about security is keeping you too uptight, then you can always leave your data to a competent and reliable business database management services. There are a lot of those around. You just have to know where to look. Try asking those you know, consult agencies that provide such information, search the internet, or a myriad of other places where you can get ideas. It may be a bit hard, but it is always good to start on something.

Why Should you Use Database Cleansing?

Why Should You Use Database Cleaning?

Database cleanup, data cleansing, data scrubbing – whatever you want to call it, it is a way of removing unwanted data in your database.

As a sales manager, I know that lead generation in Singapore can be a tough work, especially if you’re having a hard time getting in touch with the right business prospects.  But I’ll admit it, this is something I need to do to stay in business.

Whether I’ll assign someone from my team to do prospecting and cold calling or partner with a B2B lead generation company, the challenge is the people you come in contact with. My team knows that the prospect’s decision to purchase is a long process. The hassle of calling the wrong company and chasing the wrong decision maker adds up to it, making the sales cycle even longer for us.

So it’s important to make sure that our database is always updated and free from:

  • Duplicate records. Companies with the same company name, number and contact person.
  • Inactive numbers. Numbers that are no longer in service and fax numbers.
  • Inactive contacts. Person is no longer with the company
  • Wrong numbers. Wrong company or the company transferred to another location.
  • Residential numbers

But wait… Don’t put these records into the trash. Not just yet.

Instead, have someone update these records. They can either research for the new number and a new contact person online or profile these records through calling.

Now what? You can then include these contacts ones the information was updated. Read The Importance of Updated Database When Targeting IT C-Level in Singapore

Consistent updating of the database is a must. Why? Businesses transfer from one location to another and prospects change roles and companies. Cleaning your database is very important to the success of your lead generation campaign.

This marketing campaign solidifies the statement above:

Callbox: Providing Sales Support to One of the Largest Business Software Companies

The Client didn’t have the in-house expertise to run a lead generation and lead management campaign, nor did they have the database tools to support one. To achieve their objectives, they needed a partner to develop and execute a comprehensive lead generation, qualification and appointment-setting program to capture greater market share for their business software solutions. While the company had a dominant market share in the industry, it lacked the support for their sales people to handle leads and prospect profiling.

Read more

As a salesperson, I’m sure you don’t want to make that embarrassing (as well as annoying) mistake of calling the same company over and over again. Not to mention that would be a complete waste of time, effort, and resources.

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Sales reps rely on the information in the list when talking to someone. Knowing who to look for makes their job easier. Having to speak to the right person even on your first call makes allows you to identify right away if there’s an opportunity or not. If you want to increase your leads, all you need to do is to perform a good database cleaning.

Lead generation should not be hard at all. Practice good data hygiene. Maintaining a clean database can help:

  • Improve the number of leads
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Increase ROI

Let me leave you with this question. What will you do if you keep on chasing a person in the list and found out that she’s not the right person to look for after your 11th call?

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