Marketing Automation with a Human Touch

Callbox Live Events are finally back!

After two years of having to put it on hiatus, we will have our first live event again. 

We often emphasize the importance of incorporating automation into your lead generation strategies, and this time we want to take it even further. As your customers should always be at the forefront, it’s also important to remember that they are human, and so our automation strategies should also have a Human Touch to them. 

This May 26, join us as our very own Director of Sales, Gary Sia, and Senior Business Development Manager, Thea Pilipina Algoso as they discuss all the different ways you can effectively and strategically merge human and tech elements in order to level up your automation strategy to a larger scale that enables you to properly put your customer at the center. 

Major Key Takeaways for you:

  • Learning how to utilize automation successfully by sending strategically timed messages that nurture your leads without alienating them. 
  • Creating actionable sales and marketing automation tips ready to immediately implement.
  • Creating buying experiences that will put your prospects in the center
Sales Prospecting Masterclass for Information and Communications Technology

Callbox to Hold Sales Prospecting Workshop for ICT Companies in SG

The free event brings two of Callbox’s top sales experts for in-depth, hands-on lessons on building and improving a modern ICT sales prospecting process.

Callbox will be hosting a free workshop titled “Sales Prospecting Masterclass for Information and Communications Technology (ICT)” on March 29, 2019 at Found8 @ 79 Anson RoadThe live event aims to equip ICT marketing and sales decision makers with the knowledge and tools to get better results from their prospecting efforts.

The Callbox team has put together this masterclass to meet a clear need from ICT sellers to develop a complete, coherent, and consistent prospecting program that works in today’s ICT buying landscape.

The way that ICT customers find, evaluate, and purchase solutions continues to change. Along with this shift, vendors need to transform their marketing and sales processes to adapt to these developments.

But, as the huge gap in prospect conversion rates between top-performing and average reps shows (52% vs 19%), it’s clear that there’s still ample room for improvement in most companies’ prospecting processes today.

In this workshop, Callbox’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Rebecca Matias, along with the company’s Director of Business Development, Sharifah Aljunied, will give a practical guide to effective sales prospecting in the ICT industry, covering each vital component in the process:

  • Pinpointing ideal ICT buyers
  • Capturing Crucial Prospect Information
  • Scoring and Prioritizing Prospects
  • Nurturing and Converting Prospects
  • Handing Off Prospects to Sales
  • Monitoring and Tracking Prospects
  • Case Studies on Effective Sales Prospecting

For ICT marketing and sales leaders, this masterclass offers an end-to-end walkthrough of a modern sales prospecting program packed with industry best practices and real-world examples , enabling attendees to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the modern B2B IT sales process
  • Know each component in the IT sales cycle inside-out
  • Become proficient in various ICT prospecting strategies

The event is now open for registration at

Reserve your Seat
Callbox Marks 2018 as Banner Year for Rankings and Ratings

Callbox Marks 2018 as Banner Year for Rankings and Ratings

As 2018 draws to a close, Callbox looks back at some of the year’s third-party ratings milestones that have firmly placed the company as one of the top B2B lead generation providers today.

Extending the company’s years-long streak as a premier marketing agency based on various independent industry listings, Callbox’s 2018 performance adds another banner year of recognition from leading third-party reviews sources.

With much of this year’s ratings coming from websites such as Clutch, Profiles and Reviews,, and others, all signs indicate that Callbox’s commitment to customer success remains the key driver behind the company’s string of impressive results.

Clutch (Top B2B Lead Generation Companies Category)

Top B2B Lead Generation Companies Category (Section Image)

Throughout 2018, Callbox has been able to sustain its prominent position on Clutch’s list of top B2B lead generation companies, garnering first place in early January. Some key highlights about Callbox’s Clutch performance for the year include:

Clutch is an independent ratings and reviews organization that offers tools to help B2B buyers objectively evaluate potential vendors. Its proprietary Leader Matrix methodology ranks providers based on the area of specialization and proven ability to deliver.

Profiles and Reviews (2018 Top Lead Generation Providers)

2018 Top Lead Generation Providers (Section Image)

Early this year, Profiles and Reviews gave Callbox the #1 spot on its 2018 Top 10 Lead Generation Providers rankings. Compared to the rest of the companies included in the list, Callbox was the only featured marketing agency that met all four lead generation criteria: Digital Media, Direct Mail, Telephone Contact, and CRM Integration.

Profiles and Reviews has a 50-year track record of providing unbiased assessments of outsourced marketing services, making it one of the most widely trusted resources for researching vendors. (List of Best Sales Lead Generation Services)

List of Best Sales Lead Generation Services (Section Image)

Callbox has consistently ranked 4th on’s list of Best Sales Lead Generation Services throughout the year. The list showcases marketing agencies that outdo other providers in terms of core lead generation competencies, lead management capabilities, and customer support quality.

According to, Callbox’s key strengths that help it stay ahead of most marketing companies include:

  • Multi-channel strategy (combining both traditional and digital channels)
  • Robust lead tracking and nurturing tools (with Pipeline, the company’s proprietary CRM)
  • End-to-end customer experience management (through its full-service campaign teams) is a trusted resource for small businesses, providing useful expert content and practical advice for SMBs since 1999.

With these achievements, Callbox is set to finish another year of outstanding ratings and rankings. But, as The Callbox team points out, making each client successful is the milestone that matters the most.

Callbox Maintains High Rankings on Major Agency Review Sites

Callbox Maintains High Rankings on Major Agency Review Sites

Latest ratings from three high-profile sources show that Callbox continues its steady streak of top-notch performance in a number of marketing service categories.

Earlier this month, three ratings and reviews sites published their updated rankings of best-performing marketing agencies., Clutch, and 10Seoes each gave Callbox very high scores in several service criteria, placing the company well ahead of many of its peers. The new batch of reports adds to the Callbox team’s outstanding record of recognitions from third-party sources.

No. 2 on Clutch’s Top B2B Lead Generation Companies (as of April 2, 2018)

No. 2 on Clutch’s Top B2B Lead Generation Companies (as of April 2, 2018)

Callbox took the second Spot on Clutch’s latest Top B2B Lead Generation Companies Leaders Matrix. The updated ratings indicated that Callbox garnered 33.4 points for the “Ability to Deliver” criterion (top score was 33.6).

A breakdown of the Ability to Deliver score showed that the company received high ratings for all three subcategories: 16 points for Customer Reviews, 7.8 points for Client Portfolio, and 9.6 points for Market Presence.

Clutch uses its trademark Leaders Matrix methodology to help buyers objectively find a vendor that matches its needs. The Leaders Matrix maps service providers according to their area of focus and proven ability to deliver.

No. 4 on’s Best Sales Lead Generation Services (as of March 2018)

No. 4 on’s Best Sales Lead Generation Services (as of March 2018) recently ranked Callbox fourth on its Best Sales Lead Generation Services list. The report rates each service provider based on how well it stacks up against the competition in terms of lead generation strategy, lead management capabilities, and quality of customer support.

According to the report, Callbox’s main strengths include its multi-channel philosophy (integrating both traditional and digital channels), robust lead tracking and nurturing tools (using Pipeline, the company’s proprietary CRM), and end-to-end customer experience management (through its full-service campaign teams).

No. 6 on 10Seos’ Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Best Services, April 2018

No. 6 on 10Seos’ Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Best Services, April 2018

This month’s list of Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Best Services from 10Seos shows Callbox in sixth place. While the website primarily focuses on SEO agency rankings and reviews, 10Seos also serves as a trusted resource for finding other types of marketing service providers.

Similar to Clutch and, 10Seos also gives greater weight to customer feedback in its rating methodology. The site follows a rigorous set of standards and procedures that takes both customer experience and project portfolios into account.

As Q2 begins in earnest, the Callbox team counts these developments as part of its growing list of recognitions garnered for 2018, and looks forward to keeping customer success front and center of the services it offers.

Check out our recently published Client Success Stories!

Callbox Continues Momentum in 2018 with Latest Spate of Top Rankings

Callbox Continues Momentum in 2018 with Latest Spate of Top Rankings

A series of high-profile reports published earlier this month further cements Callbox’s place among top lead generation providers.

The Callbox team is off to a strong start in 2018 as newly-released rankings from Clutch, Profiles and Reviews,, and 10Seos show the company continues to outperform its lead generation peers in a number of service categories and criteria. The recent round of recognitions extends Callbox’s unbroken string of high rankings going back several years.

No. 1 in Clutch’s Top B2B Lead Generation Category (as of January 10, 2018)

No. 1 in Clutch’s Top B2B Lead Generation Category (as of January 10, 2018)

Callbox topped Clutch’s latest B2B Lead Generation Leaders Matrix, jumping 3 notches from its ranking last year. The report showed Callbox received a score of 33.8 points under the “Ability to Deliver” criterion and a rating of 75% for “Service Focus”. Callbox’s Ability to Deliver score was buoyed by excellent performance in all three components that make up the yardstick: Reviews (16.4 points), Client Portfolio (7.8 points), and Market Presence (9.6 points).

Clutch is a ratings website that helps buyers compare and evaluate IT service providers. It rates and ranks vendors using its trademark Leaders Matrix tool, which gives more weight to customer feedback.

No. 1 on Profile and Review’s 2018 Top 10 Lead Generation Service Providers

No. 1 on Profile and Review’s 2018 Top 10 Lead Generation Service Providers

Profiles and Reviews recently ranked Callbox #1 on its 2018 Top 10 Lead Generation Providers list. While it gave Callbox and five other lead generation companies a 5-star rating, only Callbox offered all four of the key lead generation solutions in its main comparison table: Digital Media, Direct Mail, Telephone Contact, and CRM Integration.

Profiles and Reviews has more than 50 years of call center management experience. This makes the rating company a trusted resource among businesses looking for lead generation solution providers and other call center services.

No. 4 on’s Best Sales Lead Generation Services (as of January 3, 2018)

No. 4 on’s Best Sales Lead Generation Services (as of January 3, 2018)

Callbox took the 4th spot on’s latest Best Sales Lead Generation Services rankings. The list compares how well each provider measures up to the competition in terms of lead generation methodology, lead tracking capabilities, reporting tools, and customer support. cites Callbox’s multi-channel, multi-touch philosophy, Pipeline lead/campaign management platform, robust list of business contacts, and full-service campaign teams as the main factors that contribute to the company’s high ranking.

Since 1999, has remained a leading resource portal geared toward small businesses, offering valuable content and expert advice for managing and growing their companies.

No 4. On 10 SEOs’ Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Services, January 2018

No 4. On 10 SEOs’ Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Services, January 2018

Callbox also places 4th in 10 SEOs’ most recent list of top 10 lead generation firms. While 10SEOs is primarily a rankings and reviews resource for SEO services, the website also serves as a useful guide for comparing providers of other marketing solutions such as generating qualified sales leads and appointments.

Like the other rankings and ratings portals mentioned earlier, 10 SEOs prioritizes customer feedback when determining rankings. 10 SEOs follows a very strict ranking criterion that combines actual customer experience and in-depth company project portfolios.

The Callbox team welcomes all these developments as a sign that its focus on customer success continues to drive results. Throughout its 14-year history, Callbox has maintained a lengthy track record of outstanding performance. With the new ratings, the trend will last well into the future.

Clutch Ranks Callbox Among Top 5 B2B Firms in 2 Service Categories

Clutch Ranks Callbox Among Top 5 B2B Firms in 2 Service Categories

Clutch, an independent review and research resource, recently released its latest list of leading outbound voice and call center services. The report shows Callbox ranks 4th among top third-party verification companies and 3rd among B2B lead generation firms. The recognition adds to the multiple awards and rankings Callbox has so far garnered this year.

“We’re proud and thrilled that Callbox continues to rank as a top B2B marketing company,” said Rebecca Matias, Callbox’s head of Business Development. “This only goes to show that we continue to deliver the best service to our customers.”

Clutch is an independent Washington, D.C.-based rating and review website that helps buyers find top IT and marketing service providers. The site evaluates vendors based on client reviews, company expertise, industry recognition, client/project portfolio, and market impact. Its primary goal is to solve the two-sided problem of matching buyers with the best vendor that fits their needs.

To do this, Clutch relies on their proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology. The Leaders Matrix assesses service providers based on their area of focus and proven ability to deliver. Under the “Ability to Deliver” dimension, client feedback makes up the biggest portion followed by client portfolio then by market presence.

The recent Clutch report covers six outbound call center categories: telemarketing, third-party verification, collections, B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, and surveys. Clutch gives Callbox a total score of 32.4, placing the company at the 4th and 3rd places under the third-party verification and B2B lead generation categories, respectively.

Clutch Ranks Callbox Top 4 B2B Firms

Drilling down further on the Leaders Matrix, Callbox recorded 15 points for reviews (top score was 16.8), 7.8 points for customer/experience (top score was 8.6), and 9.6 points for market presence (which was the top score).

“Clutch’s ranking lean more toward customer feedback,” adds Rebecca. “So, reaching the top 3rd and 4th spots on the list really says a lot about the level of satisfaction we bring to our customers.”

Katrina Chua of Callbox Singapore Gave Her Piece of Lead Generation Advice on

Katrina Chua of Callbox Singapore Gave Her Piece of Lead Generation Advice on

Chloe from Beacon Communications has put together ideas from 35 B2B lead generation experts on how to generate leads.

She reached out to us and asked, “What are the three things a company should do to generate leads?”

Katrina Chua, our Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific, has almost 10 years of experience.  Her passion about marketing allows her to look for new ways on how she can help different companies all over Asia Pacific reach their lead generation goals. For 15 years, we’ve helped companies increase ROI with our lead generation and appointment setting services.  Here is her opinion about it.

  1. Invest in a good marketing list. We all know that you can never find a perfect list. To make sure you have the right information, you can always assign 1 or 2 people from your team to do continuous profiling to update your records from time to time.

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What to do with this list?

  1. Have your marketing team set up a multi-channel marketing campaign – social media, calling, website, mobile, email, and chat. Divide your team to handle specific tasks per channel (choose someone with experience in that area).

What to do?

  • Create different email templates (introductory/cold email, follow-up email, etc). Send out cold or introductory emails to reach out and engage with your prospects.
  • Have someone follow up prospects through calling.
  • Create high-quality contents to drive traffic to your website.
  • Reach out and communicate with your prospects through different social media platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • Have a 24/7 chat support to answer inquiries in real time.

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  1. Outsource a lead generation company. We all know that letting the experts and the experienced people do the job is better than going through all the hassle of hiring, training, developing the right lead generation strategy and monitor which techniques are working or which ones are not.

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If you outsource your lead generation campaign, your sales team can focus on following up on sales-ready leads generated from your lead generation campaign. B2B lead generation companies have the right people and the right technology to provide the right leads that you need for your business. 

Check out other advice from other lead generation experts that are featured in her article, Lead Generation Round Up.

The success of the business depends on the quality of leads that you generate. With Callbox, we value quality over quantity which means we don’t just deliver leads, we provide high-quality warm leads.  With that, we’ve managed to help our clients increase their revenue. Our team’s expertise and professionalism in finding the right leads that are easily converted is the reason why most of them ended up signing a longer contract with us.

Business Phrases: Callbox Among Top Lead Generation Services

Business Phrases: Callbox Among Top Lead Generation Services

Any marketing agency right now is busy developing nifty tools in order to enhance their capabilities, maintain clients, and win over new ones.

Apparently, it’s not that as easy a feat since a marketing company has to deal with a lot of competition. Success can only be experienced by enterprises that have what it takes to make an impact – and for a very long time at that!

Hardly do companies get a massive appeal. And luck certainly doesn’t have anything to do with success. If anything, success is mostly a result of innovation and a desire to listen to what people want. Lead generation brands all have the same taglines to offer to eager prospects, but to truly make your mark in this field takes more than these.

Sure there are ups and downs in the field of B2B marketing, but 2017 seems to be a good year for Callbox.

After being as one of the top five lead generation agencies by TechnologyAdvice, this pioneer in the field of marketing technology has culled yet another merit to its name., a site devoted to the business development and knowledge sharing has also made Callbox a top pick among other B2B marketing services.

In fact, it has put Callbox at the top of its Lead Generation Companies: the Best list containing the most popular as well as best performing lead generation services that cater to various industries in the B2B market. The list includes companies that “provide you with the right lead generation techniques, solutions, and strategies you need to develop your sales pipeline.”

And apparently, Callbox doesn’t fail to impress with its effective use of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to satiate the sales pipeline with high-quality sales leads.

To quote from

“Backed by smart marketing technology and proven prospecting processes, (Callbox gives) you the power to scale your sales team and effectively boost your sales numbers through their lead generation services.” 

Read full article..

And it doesn’t stop there. The site also gave chops for Callbox’s ability to juggle multiple channels through its home-grown marketing platform Pipeline. Intricate lead generation activities such as lead management and lead nurturing are effectively handled using a balance of automated marketing processes as well as good old-fashioned cold calling.

Through this tandem, Callbox is able to generate quality leads and set appointments that are sure to end in a close. With such a marketing automation tool at its disposal, Callbox can guarantee a streamlined marketing process that can benefit any enterprise from any given industry.

But we won’t stop working right there. It seems like the only way to go now is forward, and Callbox will continue innovating while maintaining its core principle of helping enterprises navigate their way through the intricacies of B2B marketing.

Callbox on Money Mind Singapore What a CEO Had Known About the Philippines

Callbox on Money Mind Singapore: What a CEO Had Known About the Philippines

Things are looking good for the Philippine economy. Considered the “sick man of Asia” not long ago, it has transformed into a “Rising Tiger”, thanks to a stable fiscal and monetary system and a sound macroeconomic policy. That the government singled out Business Process Outsourcing as a high-potential and priority development area for investment was a smart move as far as economic foresight is concerned. Over the past decade, the Philippines’ BPO industry has seen tremendous growth – revenues and employment have expanded tenfold since 2004, and the industry sees an average yearly growth rate of 20 percent.

Asia’s Fastest Growing Economy

In the “Philippines Special” episode of Money Mind aired over Channel News Asia, the Philippines was lauded as Asia’s fastest growing economy, due in large part to the flourishing BPO industry. As a matter of fact, the BPO industry in the Philippines is one of the biggest driving forces of the vigorous economy. Consider this: during the global financial crisis in 2009, it was (only) the overseas remittances that kept the country from recession. The year after that — and this was when the country was universally acknowledged as BPO Capital of the world – almost $9 billion in revenues was generated by the 500,000 employees in the BPO sector. Fast forward to 2015: the BPO workforce has more than doubled – more or less 1.1 million – and the revenue increased by 114% to more than $21 billion. That number is second only to the remittances by Overseas Filipino Workers ($26-30 billion). Clearly, the title “BPO Capital of the World” isn’t just for bragging rights or some nominal honor. It cemented the nation’s stake as the next techno hub, and more importantly, brought food to millions of tables.

The BPO Leader from the Province

But here’s the best part: the BPO revolution didn’t just cause a stir in the capital city. In fact, when BPO was just a fledgling industry in the Philippines, one company has already started to make a name for itself in Panay Island in the Visayas: Callbox.

First office of Callbox in 2004
First office of Callbox in 2004
New Callbox office
Current Office

In 2004, a small startup in Los Angeles decided to set up shop in Iloilo City, the regional capital of Western Visayas. This, after the company’s founder and CEO, Rom Agustin, realized that, on paper, his home country had all the key ingredients necessary for it to transform into a growling tiger: a fast-growing middle class with money to spend, low labor and operating costs, and a 90-plus-million strong, largely English speaking population. Fueled by the desire to give back by investing in the country’s most important resources – its people, Mr. Agustin chartered a clear course towards success in the BPO industry.

Read more about: Rom Agustin and Callbox’s humble beginnings

Going “Glocal”

It turned out the opportunity was better-looking in reality than it was on paper. In a little more than a decade, the homegrown company with a humble office in Iloilo City has expanded to Davao, another booming metropolis in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, to offices in the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, serving hundreds of multinational companies from more than 20 countries around the world.

Locally, it has spurred economic growth, paving the way for other BPO companies to invest in Iloilo City. The influx of BPO firms provided thousands of jobs to the tech-savvy young population, which in turn, had a positive effect on a number of other business areas, such as the retail, real estate, and telecom industries.

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It’s More Fun in the Philippines

There’s plenty to look forward to in the country, what with the dawn of a new administration. And as outgoing President Aquino said, “We are determined to prove to the world an important truth about our country: In the Philippines you will find a place where the government is focused on investing on its greatest resource, its people; a nation where entrepreneurs are viewed as partners, and where everyone works to prove that, for tourists and businesses alike: It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Incidentally, Callbox’s CEO Rom Agustin had known that way before it became a catchphrase.