Top Singapore Lead Generation Strategies for Fintech Products and Services

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At present, the market for financial technology solutions is enjoying steady growth during the past few years. In 2016 for instance, Business Insider pointed out that the industry grew considerably as a result of new trends and innovations. For the second quarter alone, the market for Fintech has reached $9 billion in funding, with at least 374 closed deals.

For sure, there are something Fintech companies are doing right to secure such positive figures. The main driver is the fact that these companies are taking heed of market demands for more efficient financial solutions and services such as mobile banking and electronic payment systems. Financial streamlining through digital means has become essential for companies across various industries, and this alone should push Fintech businesses to become more aggressive, especially when it comes to B2B marketing.

Considering that the Fintech industry has a lot of competition to handle, it would be wise that financial solutions providers create and apply the proper methods for generating qualified Fintech leads and eventually acquire a bigger share of the Fintech market.

What exactly are these methods?

Go beyond your keyword lists.

For David Bowler of the Incisive Group, it pays to know which keywords to include in one’s content. SEO, after all, comprises a great deal of digital marketing so businesses need to be wiser in terms of the words that they should use in order to engage the right people. For Bowler, the best way to approach SEO for Fintech leads is to broaden the reach of one’s content through an extensive list of keywords prospects may use. From there, a Fintech company can better develop content that has higher visibility.

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Divide and conquer.

Audience segmentation is also an important strategy to pursue, at least according to an article published in Vanilla Forums. If anything, generating Fintech leads involves a great deal of focusing on certain groups of people. It is in this respect that you have to divide your audience into certain segments based on specific demographics such as location and budget. This will help you to identify the right content and produce them for the right people. After segmenting your audience, you can now proceed to craft personalized messages that take into account their actual needs and their goals. Read The Ultimate Marketing Plan to Boost Singapore IT and Tech Leads

Let marketing and sales work together.

Arguably, nothing else provides greater leverage in lead generation than a collaboration between marketing and sales. The same Vanilla Forum article points out that marketing needs inputs from sales to figure out what type of content is more effective in keeping leads committed throughout the sales cycle. Marketing, on the other hand, can help sales by increasing a prospect’s knowledge about the product or service, making it easier for sales reps to move in for the “kill.”

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Go social.

It might seem like a long shot, but promoting Fintech products through social channels does work in its own little way. For one, a lot of business execs from COO’s to supervisors maintain social media accounts for a variety of purposes, chief among these is to grow their networks.

With that in mind, you should be able to keep a strong social media presence that provides your brand an ample amount of exposure from B2B clients, wherever they usually hang out online. As an added advice, focus more on building your Fintech brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. Use these platforms as avenues where you can share industry insights. This leads us the next strategy.

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Join industry events this year and the next.

Aside from leading a purely content-driven campaign, you also need to bolster your brand’s identity simply through participating in important industry events. For the fintech crowd, there are tons of activities where they can sign up for. This year, a lot of fintech enterprises are looking forward to joining such events as Leveraged Lending in the Evolving Regulatory Environment Conference in London from December 7 to 8. You might also want to consider joining the Paris Fintech Forum from January 30 to 31, 2018. These events will surely give your brand a big boost as well as cultivate knowledge on important trends in the fintech industry. Consequently, by joining such events, you will get to strengthen your appeal towards your target audience.

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Streamline your marketing teams.

As a business owner, you know too well the importance of allocating certain tasks to certain groups of people. Your marketing campaign, in particular, will often deal with multiple job orders which interfere with their work on core tasks. Don’t let your specialists wallow in tasks that are too trivial for their skills. This would only weaken your lead generation. Instead, you will need to put your best talents forward and concentrating your manpower on the most important aspects of your marketing campaign. Specialists in email marketing should remain there, and the same goes for other specialist members on your team.

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Provide thought leadership.

Entrepreneurs, from simple tech startups to large corporations, are aware of the vast amounts of knowledge that persists everywhere. And this includes the Fintech industry. It is safe to assume that business leaders already know a lot and that they will always thirst for bits of information they haven’t acquired yet. They respond well to content that adds something new, so it is best that you create content that is anchored on providing exclusive knowledge on current industry trends and situations. You might want to use your blog in this case. Still, the most effective way to go about it is to hold corporate events such as trade shows and webinars where you can engage with prospects, answer their queries directly, and win them over.

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Did we miss anything? What other strategies should fintech companies do? Tell us in the comments below.



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Telecom Leads in Singapore: Things You Need for Better Opportunities

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Telecom Leads in Singapore: The Things You Need to Tap for Better Opportunities

Singapore will always be the model city-state. With great focus anchored on progressive ideals, Singapore has become an example for countries to strive for, citing the efficiency of its institutions and with the way its government is handling the day to day lives of its citizens.

To be sure, Singapore sets the standards when it comes to securing the best for the people of this tiny yet significant part of Southeast Asia. At the same time, it has cultivated a climate of progressivism that allows various industries to thrive in. On the surface, Singapore may seem like the disciplinarian state that a lot of people seem to believe. But, when it comes down to entrepreneurship, business owners will show nothing but optimism in saying that the country takes care of every player, big and small.

More importantly, the country enjoys a high level of prosperity spurned by heavy investments in education as well as a thriving economy where opportunities abound on all sectors of the Singaporean business spectrum.

Telecom opportunities

The telecommunications industry, in particular, benefits from the fact that Singapore has a robust base for communications technology. This has been indicated by high numbers in mobile subscriptions as well as household penetration rates, arguably the highest in this part of Asia.

According to a report by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, there are at least 2,013,200 fixed line subscriptions with a penetration rate of at least 94.1% as of June 2016. During the same period, the report showed that there are at least 8 million people who currently have mobile (2G,3G and 4G) subscriptions.

Not surprising enough, the telecom industry thrives on a penetration rate of at least 148.2% of the total mobile population. Added to that is the fact that there are at least 12 million broadband subscriptions, making the Singaporean telecom one of the most competitive in the world.

With that said, telecom companies are afforded ample opportunities to expand and tap a larger share of the market as possible. But the issue remains for these companies to identify how well to promote their products and services and ensure a better position to rise above the competition.

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Applying the Right Methods

At any rate, telecom companies need to realize they are in a jungle where idleness leads to instant failure. One thing’s for sure, these companies should apply the right strategies that will get them to generate as much qualified telecom leads as possible. This, of course, involves knowing which techniques can work out for the best.

Singaporean telecom companies should follow these simple rules for acquiring a good share of their market.

  • Adopt a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Telecom companies must consider using multiple marketing platforms in order to extend their outreach towards their target audience. In any case, engagement lies at the heart of any successful telecom marketing campaign and companies should know better than to ignore this fact. After all, establishing a multi-channel marketing campaign is unavoidable and companies have no other choice than to blend their telemarketing with a dash of social media and email. Read The Increasing Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing in Asia

  • Focus on the quality of your messages.

Getting your message across is one thing, but crafting the message in a way that stirs the interest of your audience is another. In fact, effective messaging is everything and marketers in the telecom industry should spend time knowing which talking points to use in order to capture their audience’s attention. With this, we can say that the quantity of messages is irrelevant. What matters the most is the idea that your messages jibe well with the needs of your prospects.

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  • Streamline your marketing and sales.

When we are talking about B2B, we need to set our minds on making it easier for marketing and sales to work together and come across viable solutions that will keep the sales pipeline fed with quality telecom leads. It might sound complex, but there is no other way for telecom companies to close more leads than to allow these two important departments to help each other out in terms of improving the lead nurturing as well as streamlining the qualification process so that the right leads are allocated the right amount of resources and attention.  



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What are the challenges in seeking the right outsourced software lead generation services?

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What are the challenges in seeking the right outsourced software lead generation services?

Do you have a good marketing strategy but still not getting enough software leads for your business? Lead generation campaign is a good way for software companies to nurture the prospect’s interest until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey.

For many software companies, outsourcing can definitely get them more high-quality leads for less. However, looking for the right outsourced lead generation service can be tough. Let’s face it! There are a lot of companies that are claiming they can provide the best lead generation service.

Here are the 3 challenges every software companies are facing when seeking for the right outsourced lead generation service.

#1) Having the right team (with appropriate skills and knowledge) to generate leads.

Software is hard to sell. You must understand how it works, as well as the evaluation and implementation process in order to know the right techniques as to when and how to sell to them based on their current needs. Not to mention the technical jargons that you need to be familiar with in order to understand your prospect’s language.

#2) Having a company with a good database.

When selling software, you need to look for the following people within the company.

  • An IT Manager, IT Team Lead, Head of the IT Department, CIO and CTO
  • Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Director and CFO.

These prospects are the busiest person within their organization. Having a good database with their information is important to get hold of them easily. Information includes:

  • Complete name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Direct line/ extension number
  • Mobile number

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#3) Keep tracking the result of your leads and appointments.

Every penny counts when doing a lead generation campaign. So when looking for an outsourced lead generation service, every software company is looking for a better ROI. Sure the buying cycle for software buyers may take years. However, it is best to keep track of your results – how many leads were converted into a sale, how many leads need to be nurtured, etc.

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When looking for a B2B Lead Generation Company to set up appointments for you, you need to find the right company that could deliver results. Here are the 3 questions to ask when hiring a lead generation service to know if they are the one that you’re looking for.

  • What is your process in generating software leads?

How they identify and qualify a lead is important. Having an experienced lead generation service means they already have a proven process that works for all software companies. You don’t want to receive leads that are not qualified, right?

  • How many software campaigns have you handled? How knowledgeable are they about software products and services?

Experience can go a long way. The longer they are in the business offering the same service means they have the experience and are already considered an expert in generating leads. This means they can provide you a better quality of leads.

  • What do they do on dormant leads?  

What is a dormant lead?

A dormant lead is inactive leads that can be nurtured and be active later on. These prospects don’t have an opportunity at the present but can be a good prospect when nurtured properly.

Buying software takes longer than other products. So most lead generation services require at least 3-month contract for software companies. Most of the time, they nurture dormant leads until such time that they are ready to discuss their plans. At the end of the campaign, they also provide dormant leads that they get during the campaign.

Looking for the right outsourced software lead generation service can be tough. So look for someone who understands your company and has the same goal as you are – to increase your sales and get better ROI.



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Lead Generation Tips for Singapore Distributors and Manufacturers

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Lead Generation Tips for Singapore Distributors and Manufacturers

With internet as the main source of information, at least 80% of prospects go online when looking for a local service or product. Because of this,  50% of the sales process is considered complete even before a prospect answered your call.

For manufacturing and distribution companies, having more leads is important for the business. There are a lot of lead generation tips and techniques that you can read online. However, how sure are you that these tips are also applicable for your business?

As a salesperson for more than 10 years, I’ve handled different lead generation campaigns for manufacturing and distribution companies. However, in this modern world, I found out that having an online marketing campaign where you can be visible to your audience wherever they maybe are considered the most effective.

Here are the 5 lead generation tips that are proven effective for our clients in manufacturing and distribution industry.

Tip #1. Produce a valuable content.

One way to attract more visitors to your website is by producing relevant contents -blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc for your audience.  Content marketing is a good way to communicate with your target audience. However, it is not intended to sell or promote your products. Content marketing is more effective if you provide relevant information that your audience can relate into. Content is arguably the most important piece of any lead generation plan, Walsh notes. Online readers are typically attracted to sites that provide valuable content. Not to mention, content marketing costs at least 60% less and generates three times as many leads.”

Tip #2. Have a solid content distribution strategy.

If you want your target audience to read your content, you need to have a solid distribution strategy.

  • Make use of the email. Most marketers send out emails with clickable links directed to their recent blog post.
  • Share recent blog posts through social media – Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, etc.

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Tip #3. Have a mobile friendly form.

Now that you are driving traffic to your website, your next goal is to convert them into actual prospects. This time, you want them to provide their contact information via subscription forms. More and more Singaporeans use mobile and tablets to check their email or do their research online, having a mobile-friendly form is a good way to boost your conversions.

Tip #4: Add relevant CTAs.

CTA is a way of asking visitors to perform certain actions – sign up, subscribe or share. An effective CTA should be:

  • A popup CTA. They usually appear at the center. You can also put CTAs at the end of your blog post.
  • Don’t put too many popups. Limit only to 1 popup.
  • Use text on the button that describes the action. For example:

“Download the Ebook” or “Start the FREE Course”

  • Use arrows or images that pointed at the CTA to direct your visitor’s attention to it.

Learn from  15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads

Tip #5. Telemarketing

Never underestimate the power of calling your prospects. Up to date, telemarketing is still considered the fastest way of converting prospects into warm leads and gain exposure for newer market. Whether you decide to have your own team or seek help from an expert, many marketers and business owners use telemarketing to get more leads for their business.

Regardless of what type of industry you’re into, an effective lead generation strategy is all about being visible to your audience, attract them by providing valuable content, nurture and convert them into actual prospects.



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From Zero to Hero: How to Increase Advertising Leads in Singapore

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From Zero to Hero: How to Increase Advertising Leads in Singapore

For a startup advertising agency who has a good marketing plan but don’t have enough funds, having a lead generation campaign is important to increase their clients.

Knowing the sad state of an advertising agency in the Asia Pacific, it is hard to position your agency in the market. The truth is, generating leads is not that hard, you just have to create a simple step-by-step process. Here are 5 “From zero to hero” steps to help you get started.

Step #1. Cross Channel Marketing.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 80-90% of business to business transactions begin with a search on the web. So it is best to make your business marketing message visible.

Market and reach out to prospects on multiple channels such as:

  • Website. Content creation (blog post, video, and infographics)
  • Social. Share blog post, video, and infographics.
  • Email. Send out introductory emails
  • Voice. Pick up the phone and call prospects to gather email and send out information or to introduce your products and services personally.

TIP: Chat. You can add a 24/7 chat support in case a prospect visited your website or read your blog and would want to inquire about something.

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Step #2: Segregate your leads and prioritize.

Gather all the inquiries and separate the good leads from the bad based on their responses. For example:

  • High quality leads – warm prospects who have an immediate buying plan or will buy anytime soon. These prospects have higher opportunities so they should be prioritized.
  • Low quality leads – prospects with lesser opportunities.
  • Not qualified leads – Company size and type of industry is not within your target market.

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Step #3: Decide what to do next.

Whether through email, social media inquiry, a comment on a blog post, etc, you must reply immediately to prospects who inquire about something, regardless of what medium they use. Why? It has a higher chance of prospect to be converted into a sale.

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Step #4: Nurture.

Prospects nowadays have longer buying journey. Nurturing them until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey is important. How to effectively nurture your prospects?

  • Focus on their needs. If you have different products, only offer products that can benefit them. Don’t push other products just to make a sale.
  • Deliver relevant information. Lead nurturing is all about walking them through every stage of their buying process. Each prospect is different. Provide information they can relate into and that are relevant to what they want.
  • Stay in touch. When a prospect asks you to contact them again, take note when to touch base with them again. Respect their time and don’t contact them until such time they are ready. For example, a prospect asks to contact him again in 3 months time, callback when it’s almost 3 months. Never call back a week or a month after. However, you can send out information once in awhile, such as brochures or product updates.  By doing so, you increase your customer relationship and stay top of mind for when they are ready to listen.

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Step #5: Continue to build a relationship.

Building a good relationship doesn’t end when a prospect purchased from you. The success of a company depends on its strong customer relationship. How to do this?

  • Address your prospect’s concerns.
  • Make sure their needs are met.
  • Be honest.
  • Always have someone available 24/7 to answer all their inquiries.

A company with happy customers is more likely to stay and become loyal customers.

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Lead generation is considered the most effective way to increase sales. As an advertising agency, you must incorporate it as part of your marketing campaign. Whether you decide to do it in-house or outsource a B2B lead generation company, having a lead generation campaign will surely boost your advertising leads and reach your revenue goals.



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You Don’t Have To Be an Expert To Get Qualified Singapore Telecom Leads

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You Don't Have To Be an Expert To Get Qualified Singapore Telecom Leads

Sales leads… a salesperson or not, I’m sure you have heard of the word “leads”.

In sales, a lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings and other marketing efforts.

Every telecom company owner struggle from getting high quality leads for their business. Sure they get leads, but at the end of the day, what’s important is the ROI for all of their efforts.

What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is a person or a company who is looking, is interested or would like to buy your product that is within your target market. With or without sales experience, there is no doubt that you can have qualified leads as well as other businesses with owners or employees that are experts in their field. How?

#1) Hire a consultant

We all know that businesses hire consultants because they are the experts in their field – IT, Financial, Management, Sales, etc.

What can consultants do for your business?

  • They identify the problem
  • They analyze and provide solutions
  • They teach and train employees to do their job better.
  • They revive the business
  • Deliver result

What to look for if you’re planning on hiring a consultant.

  • Flexible. Someone that can take on their roles easily and adapt to a new project and environment.
  • Discipline. Has a goal and knows how to accomplish the best result quickly.
  • Confident. Knows what they are capable of and how to deliver the result.
  • Don’t give up easily. Even if new problems arise, they are always positive that they can find a solution and prevent it from happening again.

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#2. Self study

Being an owner shouldn’t stop you from learning new things every day. Watch tutorial videos on youtube from influencers who share practical tips for newbies or sign up for webinars to gain knowledge that you can implement within your organization on how to increase your leads.

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Check out The Ultimate Marketing Plan to Boost Singapore IT and Tech Leads

#3. Through outsourcing

Letting the experts do the job for you is the wisest decision that you can make for your business. Why? Going through the hassle of recruiting, hiring and training your own sales people to do the job takes too much time and effort on your end.

What can B2B lead generation companies do for you?

  • They provide high-quality sales professionals to handle your lead generation campaign
  • They have a database of key decision makers (names and email addresses etc.)
  • They understand your marketing demographics
  • They provide qualified leads
  • They have the right tools to help you monitor, manage and nurture your leads. Check out these 5 Lead Nurture Tools
  • Plus, you can get and download stats and reports to help you analyze your leads.

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Take note that outsourced B2B companies only provide opportunities and not new customers for your business. How you nurture and build a relationship will have a big impact on their decision to purchase or consider doing business with you.

You don’t really need to be an expert in your line of business in order to become successful. As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing, continue to do better despite all the failure in your business and know how to make use of your resources, there is no doubt that your business will do well.



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Making B2B Lead Generation Work for Consulting Firms in APAC

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Making B2B Lead Generation Work for Consulting Firms in APAC

Whether you’re into financial or IT consulting or a company offering any business consulting services, having consistent and loyal clients are important to keep up with the demands to grow their business.

Cost reduction and risk management financial related advice or IT operation and strategy consulting from planning, verification, design project to cloud integration, IT assessment and other services are needed to standout in this highly competitive business consulting world.

Two of the main challenges every consulting company is facing nowadays include, attracting and developing new business and a highly competitive and crowded market. To be able to keep up and compete, many owners are considering lead generation campaigns to increase their clients.

But how can lead generation help consulting firms?

Many consulting companies find leads through prospecting – cold calling or email blasting. Through lead generation, consulting companies can build relationship with their prospects. Trust! This is important to every consulting firm. Why? Clients rely on your advice on how to reduce their cost and increase their ROI. To them, a company that they can trust to provide quality standards and the ability to deliver results is a must.

So how to make b2b lead generation work for consulting firms? Here are 5 lead generation practices for consulting firms.

#1. Hire a professional with experience.

Consulting industry is all about building trust for your service to be considered by your target prospects. Hire a consultant with experience, is credible and knows how to handle clients well.

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#2. Provide good customer service to gain trust.

According to a result from a survey conducted by Forbes states that 88% of consumers trust and rely on online reviews from current and previous clients when choosing for a consulting firm. Ask your clients for testimonials and promote it online.

To give you an example, here is our client testimonial page:


#3. Engage with your visitors through multi channel marketing.

As a marketer, you have to be where your customers are. Different ways – email, call, mobile, web, social media and chat, to reach out, communicate and build a relationship with your prospects is considered the best way to deliver your message across all channels.

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#4. Incorporate CTA in your website or blog post.

CTAs such as “Learn more here” or “Click here” is important. Creating informative contents that they can relate into and can help them solve their problems is an effective way to generate leads. Offering contents like this will let them solve their problems but will let them see the need for your service. Start with this guide, the 15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads!

#5. Participate on industry events.

Business events allows you to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provides new opportunities for you to gain new clients
  • Meet with some industry experts and get insights that can help your business.
  • Find out what’s new within your industry that can help you keep up with your competitors.

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There are many ways to generate leads. However, you don’t need every lead that you can get. You have to know which lead is worth your time. You only want those who can provide good opportunities. Meaning prospects who are:

  • Have issues or problems within their organization.
  • See the value of your service

Find the best leads for your pipeline, get some best prospecting tips here!


When doing lead generation campaigns, you must only focus on your target prospects. Whether you decide to develop your own sales team or outsource a B2B lead generation team to handle your lead generation campaigns for you, use the best practices mentioned above to help you have a lead generation campaign that will surely work.



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Answering Quora: Who are the best B2B (IT services) Lead Generation agencies in Asia?

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Answering Quora: Who are the best B2B (IT services) Lead Generation agencies in Asia?

We all know that there are over a hundred lead generation companies all over Asia Pacific. The journey of finding the one that fits your company’s needs can be a bit of a challenge.

One Quora member would like to consider outsourcing their lead generation campaign and is asking,

“Who are the best B2B (IT Services) lead generation agencies in Asia?” on

Below is our answer, however, note that the result was generated via Google search. 

Top 5 lead generation companies in Singapore

#1. Notable

Notable promotes businesses to decision makers of your target industry. The good thing about them is, you don’t get to pay a penny until you get to talk or meet with decision makers who are actively interested in your service.

#2. Callbox Singapore

For 14 years, they managed to provide business opportunities to their clients not only in Singapore but all over Asia Pacific, US and Canada making it easier for their Singaporean clients to grow their business. See more of Callbox awards and recognition.

#3. iSmart Communications Pte Ltd

iSmart Communications specializes in B2B lead generation for IT and telecom companies in Singapore, Asia, and China. They have helped their clients generate more sales leads to achieve their sales goals.

#4. Business Marketing Singapore

Business Marketing Singapore specializes in a B2B lead generation, Appointment setting, and Lead Management and Nurturing. Through the years, they provide qualified B2B sales leads to their clients through multi-channel marketing.

#5. Lead Generation Singapore

Lead Generation Singapore focuses on bringing the right customers for your business. They provide online marketing and lead generation to organizations that are looking to expand their marketing to the web.

Read this! The Ultimate Marketing Plan to Boost Singapore IT and Tech Leads

Top 5 lead generation companies in Malaysia

#1. Callbox Malaysia

With almost 14 years of experience in lead management and nurturing, Callbox Malaysia managed to provide qualified and sales-ready leads and appointments to their clients using their multi touch-multi channel marketing approach.

#2. Callmark Solutions

Callmark Solutions offer inbound and outbound call service. They’ve helped their clients by building an accurate list using their existing database, profile the prospects before picking up the phone to understand their problems and pain points, make the first contact and book appointments with key decision makers who have a genuine interest in their client’s products and services.

#3. Wave Evolution

Wave Evolution is a lead generation service provider. They help businesses by supplying a steady source of leads to their sales team in a short period of time.

#4. Star Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd

Start Solutions offer both inbound and outbound telemarketing services with proven track record in exceeding KPIs for their clients across Asia-Pacific.

#5. Grow IT Marketing

Grow IT Marketing is an online marketing company in Malaysia that specializes in the lead generation and conversion tools that can help deliver a high return on your investment.


As an IT company with different technical terms, when looking for a B2B IT lead generation company, here are some of the good qualities for you to look for.


  • Needs to understand what type of leads you want in order to find and deliver only qualified IT leads for your business.
  • Knows how to use or create social media campaign and implement it as part of their marketing strategies.
  • Is knowledgeable of some of the technical terms used by IT people to be able to discuss your services and deliver the message clearly.
  • Knows when is the right time to build and to nurture relationships with every prospect they come across with.

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  • Provide a realistic outcome and guarantees quality results based on what is agreed upon.

Finding a lead generation partner to provide you with quality leads is important. Thorough research is needed to find the best agency that fits your company’s needs. So make sure to look for an experienced IT leads Generation Company in your area to prevent your company from wasting time and money on your next lead generation campaign.



The Ultimate Marketing Plan to Boost Singapore IT and Tech Leads

Read: The Ultimate Marketing Plan to Boost Singapore IT and Tech Leads


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Are Financial Services in Singapore Finally Embracing Outsourced Lead Generation?

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Are financial services in Singapore finally embracing outsourced lead generation

According to, Singapore is one of the leading global financial centers together with New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Zurich. It is also the 6th largest wealth management and offshore banking center in the world. Because of the stability of the financial industry, is it ready to embrace and consider outsourcing?

Every business needs new customers in order to stay ahead of their competitors. However, the competition within the financial industry is very strong. Having too many competitors causes the company to struggle with getting enough leads for their sales team.

But whether you’re a small or large company, for many financial business owners, running an effective lead generation campaign is the answer. The only question left is, “is it worth to outsource your lead generation campaign?”

Lead generation companies don’t just do cold calling and telemarketing. Here are 5 reasons why big and small financial companies in Singapore are embracing outsourced lead generation.

Lead generation companies have targeted list to call.

Most B2B lead generation companies have their own proprietary database for their clients to use as part of their package.

A database may include:

  • The name of the decision maker (C-level, Manager or President) from every department such as IT, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, etc.
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Number/ Ext number or Direct line

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Connect with potential customers.

Companies offering lead generation services don’t rely on calling alone to reach out to prospects. They do it through multi-channel marketing – email, voice, social, web, mobile and chat.

Don’t miss a thing on your marketing strategy, read C-Level Blind Spot: Not Incorporating Multi-Channel Marketing.

Lead generation companies provide access to their clients to use their tools that let them monitor and manage their campaign.

At the same time nurtures leads and provides data that allow their clients to know which one to nurture at the right time.

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Lead generation companies invest on their people.

They make sure to hire experienced and professional people to become part of their team. Not only that, they conduct training to make sure everyone is equipped with the knowledge needed to make the campaign successful.

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Business owners and managers outsource their lead generation campaign so they can focus more on important tasks such as enhancing their services.

Having an outsourced lead generation team with experienced and professional people to represent your company is a great part of your financial lead generation strategy. Have the experts take over your lead generation campaign and let your own sales and marketing team focus on what’s more important for your business.



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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Score your Leads

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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Score your Leads

Filling in your sales pipeline with good leads is one way to increase your sales. However, if you have a lot of leads, you need to figure out which one to prioritize and who’s really interested in buying your products and services.

This is where lead scoring comes in. Most businesses use lead scoring to identify which leads in their sales pipeline needs to contact first and which ones should be prioritized less.

Leads can be categorized into 3 groups.

  • Cold leads. These leads showed interest in your product or services but won’t commit to anything yet.
  • Warm leads. Someone who expressed interest in learning and knowing more about your offering by asking for more information about your products and services.
  • Hot leads. These prospects are the closest or at the buying stage of the sales cycle. They have all the qualifications of a qualified lead, CHAMP.

What is lead scoring?

It is used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization. There are different types of lead scoring. You can score your leads based on;

Let’s say our basic score scale is 0-10. You can add for every positive attribute and subtract for every negative one depending on the information and the behavior or a lead. Note that the number of points to be added or deducted will depend on you.


Company Information

Criteria to use:

  • Company size
  • Type of industry
  • Annual sales


Target company must have 50-500 employees and 1M and up annual sales. You can add 5 points if they have 100 employees and subtract if they only have 20 employees. Same goes with the annual sales.

Score Your Leads

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Online Behavior

The activity logs of your lead when a user reads your blog post and visits your website or landing page.

Criteria to use:

  • Check for website pricing
  • Downloaded any offer
  • View blog post

Example: You can assign different lead scores per actions such as;

  • 5 points for visiting website pricing page
  • 3 points for downloaded any offer
  • 2 points for viewing the blog post

Weed Out Junk Leads With Predictive Lead Scoring. Get a free Ebook!

Social Engagement

Understand the buying intentions of your audience on social media by keeping track of the social activities of your leads.

Criteria to use:

  • Like your tweet or FB post
  • Share or retweet your post
  • Downloaded any offer in your social page
  • Replied or comment on your post or tweet


Add 3 points for sharing and retweeting your post, 2 points for those who like your tweet or FB post and 5 points for replies or comments on your posts.

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Email Responses

Another way to determine your audience activity is by tracking your email engagement and score them based on the following:

Criteria to use:

  • Email opens
  • Email clicks
  • Email replies
  • Email forwards
  • Downloaded any offer attached in the email
  • Subscribed or unsubscribed emails


  • 3 points for email opens
  • 5 points for email replies
  • 2 points for email forwards

You can also subtract on some actions such as;

  • -5 points for no open after 3 consecutive emails

You might as well check if you need to review your email list. 

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Content Upgrade

CTA Callbox Singapore

Scoring your audience’s activities depending on the number of downloads, sign ups, visits, etc can help you understand your prospect’s interest in your product.

Criteria to use:

  • Downloaded infographics and eBooks
  • Sign-ups
  • Contents with comments or inquiries
  • Visited a landing page
  • Visited a web page

Example: Add and subtract scores to your leads such as;

  • 10 points for sign ups
  • 5 points for downloading infographics and eBooks
  • 3 points for visiting the landing page

Lead scoring lets you prioritize leads that get the most attention. This helps drive more sales because you can capture sales at the right time.



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Monthly Top 5 List: Startups Tips in Generating Leads without a Website

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Monthly Top 5 List: Startups Tips in Generating Leads without a Website

The most important thing for any startup business is to increase the number of leads generated. But in the business world with so many competition, how can a new business make sure it can survive and compete in the market?

The Internet plays an important role in helping new businesses reach out to their potential customers for business growth opportunities. If you are a startup company who doesn’t have enough resources and experience, inbound and outbound lead generation campaign can be a bit risky. However, even if you are a new in the business or a small company, you can still compete with some of the big companies within your industry.

Having a website where people can go to raise brand awareness and attract new leads is necessary. But for startups who lack online presence can implement these 5 tips to generate sales leads for their business.

#1. Consider outsourcing your B2B lead generation campaign

New businesses don’t have enough warm leads to nurture in their sales pipeline. If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to delegate the lead generation to the experts and focus on more important tasks. B2B lead generation companies provide:

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#2. Attend business events or seminars.

One of the main reasons why business owners choose to participate in an event is to generate leads. A business event is a powerful way to reach out to your prospective customers. It opens great opportunities for every growing business within their industry to create brand awareness.

Here are some pointers you could check into:

#3. Blogging

Even if you don’t have a website, that shouldn’t stop you from generating leads through blogging. Many marketers use WordPress for free blogging and reach out to their target audience. Blogs can be used as a lead generation machine. How?

  • Use CTA’s.

Here’s an example of a CTA used by GAP to increase their email subscribers.


  • Provide informative content. When creating content, focus on the issues and concerns of your audience. Share successful stories that they can relate to with an emphasis on how they’ve managed to solve their problems.
  • Consistent blogging. By simply showing up on a regular and feeding your audience with informative contents encourages them to interact with you and engage in a conversation that could eventually turn into a sale.

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#4. Social media marketing

According to IDC, social media channels are used to build relationships with prospects throughout their sales cycle. 75% of B2B buyer’s decision-making process was influenced by social media. However, marketers don’t really use social media to sell. Instead, they use it nurture their prospects and eventually turn into a close deal by:

  • Building brand awareness. Use these FREE marketing tools
  • Creating a community of followers
  • Engaging with prospects and customers

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#5. Referrals

One way to get more leads for your business is through word of mouth. Most buyers rely on the recommendations from a family, friends or a colleague. A referral is based on trust and credibility so it’s the easiest way to convert these prospects into a closed deal. 
Note: You need to provide a good customer service in order to be referred. Nothing beats a high customer retention.

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Yes, small businesses or a new company can without a website generate as much leads as your competitors do. Whether you’ve decided to include outsourcing your lead generation campaign or have your own team to handle it for you, there are different ways to increase your sales. Follow these 5 tips to get more sales opportunities and close better deals even if you are a startup company who doesn’t have a website yet.


Author Bio:

Dara Lin helps companies in Australia increase their business revenue through lead generation and appointment setting services.



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Which consulting leads are not worth your time?

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Which consulting leads are not worth your time?

I start my day with a cup of coffee while looking at a list of potential customers. I usually start from the top down to the last prospect. But today, I’ve decided to make use of my time and effort wisely.

It got me thinking, “Which lead should I prioritize first? Who’s the best prospect for today? Who has a better opportunity than others?”

We all know that having a good quality lead is important for the success of every business. But if you’re in a consulting industry, how can you tell if that prospect is considered a good lead?  

What is a qualified lead?

The definition of a qualified lead varies depending on your type of business. But of course, when you say qualified lead, it is someone who expressed interest and agreed to buy your product or use your service. In order to identify which leads are worth your time and which one aren’t. Let’s identify the factors that make a lead qualified for your consulting business.

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A potential prospect is someone who:

  • Has the authority to decide within the organization to take advantage of your service.
  • Has an immediate need and expressed interest in your service.
  • Has a timeline when to use your service.
  • Has a need and requests for a quote
  • Has a defined budget.
  • Someone who can see the value of your service in their organization.

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Putting too much effort on prospects who doesn’t have any intention of using your service means you’re missing the opportunity to close the deal with the good ones. So how can you tell if the prospect is qualified or not? Here are 3 questions to ask your potential customers.

What issues or problems your organization is facing right now?

Every company, big or small can experience problems every now and then. By asking this question, you are trying to engage them in a deeper conversation. At the same time building trusts between you and your prospect.

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How do you deal with these issues?

Letting them vent out a little about their issues is more important than telling them what to do. This question will help you identify what solution you can offer them that would benefit them more rather than just pushing through with every service you can provide.

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Do you get help to handle these issues?

Who doesn’t? A wise business owner is open for an opinion from someone who is an expert to do the job on his behalf. He will even pay someone especially if this will help resolve any issues within their organization and focus all of his time on more important stuff to help grow his business.

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Whether you’re into IT or Financial consulting business, don’t stress about finding new leads for your business. The next time you chase leads, spend more time on qualified prospects. Use these tips as your guide to identify which ones are worth your time and which ones are not.



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