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7 Factors To Remember When Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting


Before you decide to outsource your b2b appointment setting campaign to an appointment setting service provider, you have to take note of these 7 factors. Knowing these things about your BPO of choice is a must if you want your appointment setting campaign to be successful and ensure your ROI.

  • Efficient appointment setting quality controls – When setting appointments, not just any business lead will do. Good b2b appointment setting campaigns only contact high quality b2b sales leads which are already pre qualified from the initial lead generation process.
  • Source of the business list used for appointment setting – Bought lists can be used, but these tend to be sold to your competitors as well, which means your chances of finding qualified leads are slim. A good business list for appointment setting should be freshly sourced from organic searches.
  • Scheduling coordination between appointment setter and client – shared calendars such as Google’s are a good choice for coordinating sales and appointment setter schedules, but to ensure that every member of the appointment setting team and the client company is well-coordinated, CRM software that have scheduling tools are a better choice.
  • Script or content quality – just as expert b2b telemarketers use telemarketing scripts when cold calling b2b sales leads, good b2b appointment setters use scripts or content which have been tested before they are put into action on campaigns to make sure they deliver the desired results.
  • Pay for performance appointment setting or fixed rate – while both methods have positive and negative points, pay for performance appointment setting service providers can be quite unreliable. Fixed rate appointment setters offer more security for companies who want to outsource.
  • Reporting methods – knowing how a b2b appointment setting company reports about campaigns are important to make the most out of each campaign. To make reporting more specific to the data or information that a client wants to know, a CRM software containing all datas pertaining to the campaign that can be accessed by the client whenever and wherever he wants will make reporting completely hassle free.
  • Appointment setters previous campaign metrics – b2b appointment setting service providers should share feedback from previous client campaigns to allow prospective clients to gauge their ability to successfully set business appointments. The portfolio of the BPO firm should be easy to spot in their website, or they should be readily available should the potential client ask for it.

Four Important Characteristics Of A Good Niche Market


Niche marketing is most effective in finding qualified business leads when the chosen market is properly researched. To find a niche market that will lead to better profitability, the chosen niche must have the following characteristics:

– A lot of keyword variations.

If the chosen niche allows you to use a lot of different keywords, creating quality content to attract your target business leads won’t become such a chore. For better success, hiring an expert lead generation firm that is knowledgeable in content marketing that would surely improve the results of your sales leads generation campaign. Furthermore, a diverse set of keywords to choose from will significantly improve your inbound marketing campaign because it helps your company website show up in long tail search queries and become more visible on search engines.

– Keywords that have high monthly search volume (at least on Google, but ideally on other search engines as well).

Unless a set of keywords has a high monthly search volume, it wouldn’t be a very profitable niche to explore. Keywords that have high search volume—especially for keywords of intent—mean that there is a real need in the market that you can provide a solution to. This also leads to more successful b2b appointment setting campaigns due to the large number of queries.

– Low competition.

A low competition rate for a set of keywords mean that you will have a better chance of getting business appointments with your target b2b sales leads because there are few other service providers offering similar services to yours. Utilizing a well-targeted b2b telemarketing campaign will also result in high quality business sales leads for your business that would be much easier to convert.

– Ignites your passion

Last but absolutely not the least, you have to make sure that the niche you choose is one that you are truly passionate about, or at least, one that you can easily maintain creating content for until the next decade or so.

There are free applications available to help you choose the best niche market to do business in, but for the best and most comprehensive report regarding your chosen niche, it is best to hire an experienced b2b lead generation company. These firms employ SEO specialists who will help you gauge the suitability of your market. Furthermore, you will have easy access to a complete team of lead generation specialists skilled in using various marketing methods.

Should Marketers Pin Their Hopes On Pinterest?


Pinterest has been stirring up excitement for users, marketers and investors this 2012. Marketers familiar with  the site have been touting it as the next biggest lead generation tool.

Operating on open beta since 2010, the site has been awarded the best new startup of 2011 by Techcrunch on its annual Crunchies Awards. The recent addition to the social media family is securing its niche in the art of hogging: DIY crafts, recipes, fashion, beauty products, tourist destinations, home decors, gardening ideas, etc. Practically anything on the internet that you find interesting. It’s “pin” button will allow you to take any content from anywhere on the web and pin it on your theme board.

For now, the site is invite-only. This is probably because, as a startup, the developers are still doing ongoing modifications to the site, and the invite-only policy is to prevent overwhelming their servers while they roll out site updates. That, or it’s just a marketing tactic to instill a sense of security or exclusivity to the users.

The site’s users are mostly female (a whopping 82% of the users are female, making it the most gender-biased social media site) who pin anything from manicured fingers to interior decoration. All pins are represented by an image, to which a link is attached that would take the viewer back to the original site should they want to view the original post. Pinterest is an image-heavy site, which makes it highly attractive, and the clean background is pleasing to the eyes.

So what makes this online scrapbook so effective? Should marketers join Pinterest?
To get a better perspective, here are a few of Pinterest’s statistics:

It’s true that this new social media will do wonders for businesses catering to women, babies, and children in particular. But UK’s pinterest user statistics reveal that there are actually more male (56%) users compared to females (44%), and more than 20% of these users have income ranging from $100,000-$150,000. Now that’s something for marketing people to think about.

Pinterest’s backlinking capabilities also offer great SEO opportunities for your company’s websites, providing excellent lead generation potential. Also, the user’s pins usually reflect what they need and want; which provides a great standard for enhancing your sales and marketing strategies to better appeal to your target market.

Since it’s an extremely visually stimulating site, marketers who have businesses that deal with anything but creative are having doubts on whether it will help with lead generation from their target market. However, companies offering like, say, automobile services, can still use this site to attract customers and inevitably generate sales leads by utilizing colorful and informative infographics, or create upcycled crafts from old automobile parts that customers can try themselves.

Perhaps the most important thing for marketers is that they have to be present where their target market is. It’s the same thing as Facebook and Twitter; being where your market is increases your chances of being noticed. And the markets are currently congregating in Pinterest.

Leads Tracking for Business Growth

Performing business leads tracking always calls for specific business rules. From the beginning, it is always important to keep the customers happy. As the saying goes – first impression lasts. This holds true here too and hence there must be a conscious effort for a good head start. More often companies fail to closely track their business to business leads thus the necessity to look for the appropriate software or system or mechanism for tracking such leads.

After investing much time and resources in business to business lead generation, you have to ensure that your effort is not in vain on account of inappropriate tools. Companies commit many mistakes when doing leads tracking. One common mistake is to implement a system for tracking leads but it fails to achieve the desired results. Remember that it is always important to collect complete information of leads rather than incomplete ones. With a b2b telemarketing services campaign, for example, a lead management system in place, an effective and efficient process can be carried out. Soon after the lead hits its mark, it is a must to courteously make the necessary follow up with the client concerned. Follow-up can be pursued thru email, phone, newsletter or even a personal visit. There are many ways to assess the business leads obtained like data verification, data intelligence, fraud screening, data appending, grading and prioritization.

Leads vary, thus the way they are treated should also vary in terms of time and resources. Such approach can help ensure an efficient system of handling business to business leads tracking. It is easy to identify related problems with leads tracking , but it is always tougher for most companies to respond to those problems and challenges. Thus crafting a well designed and transparent plan using a lead management system makes sense in ensuring an efficient leads tracking.

The Art of Successful Sales Lead Generation

– by Mark Vurnum –

Is your business looking at sales lead generation? Like many businesses getting the right type of business lead generation into your business is the key to its success. In this article we will look at business to business lead generation and the types of methods you can use to generate your own sales leads.

There are a number of ways to generate your own sales lead. Below are the five key methods to sales lead generation.

1) Use direct mail. Direct mail is a great way to contact your prospects to turn them into sales leads. Using a simple offer letter and sending it to your prospect could turn it into a sales lead. However, the best type of prospect to use this method on is your existing customers. By sending them an offer that is just for them for a limited time, will result in more sales for your business without having to generate a new lead. New leads are expensive to generate, so first and foremost you should approach your existing customers to generate more business.

2) Use the internet. Got a website? Earn much money from it yet? Over 83.2% of small businesses are not making any return on investment from their websites. This is due to them not setting them up correctly to generate sales leads. Online business lead generation is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to get more business. With email free to sent, you can use it to generate both sales from existing customers and also use it for sales lead generation.

It is important that you set up your website correctly to get leads. You will need an auto responder to capture data and be abler to broadcast new messages to your visitors. Auto responders are cheap and cost from $20 a month; however I wouldn’t recommend using the free services as they are usually unreliable and carry advertising that may distract your customer.

You will need to use a special report to grab people’s attention and get them to part with their details. A special report is a simple guide, like this article, to give some useful information regarding your product or service.

3) Use competitions. Why not run a competition to get visitors to your website or showroom? This tactic is a great way to generate leads for your business. Simply offer a prize in return for their details and ensure that to take part they must visit your website or showroom. You can easily get them to find a special code on your website or complete the form in your shop or showroom to enter. This works really well if you combine it with a special entry offer too. Such things as a big reduction to get them to buy their first purchase from you.

4) Trade shows and exhibitions. These are great places to find more sales leads because the visitors have made the effort to attend the show, so they are interested in what you have. The key to successful lead generation program is to run a competition and capture as much data as possible and then approach the sales leads after the show. Very few companies actually do this, yet it the most powerful way to maximize a trade show or exhibition.

By allowing the visitor some time to breath after all your competitors attacked them at the show means that they are more likely to be receptive of what you have to say when they are in the comfort of their own home or office, when they attend a trade show or exhibition they are on guard as they know they are going to be sold to. By not selling to them and following up after the show you will get more sales leads.

5) Articles. These simple documents can generate tons of new sales leads into your business. All you need to do is sit down, write an article or two about your business and then submit it the hundreds of article directories there are on the internet. This will get you traffic to your website and as long as you have the data capture page there, you will capture new sales leads.

All in all to ensure that the lead generation services conducted by your lead generation company are successful, you need to ensure you use more than one channel of marketing. If you find a channel that works then increase the exposure of that medium. Sales leads are easy to find all you need to do is ensure you set your proposition correctly to grab all the data you can and get the best value for money from your marketing. Sales lead generation does take some time and planning to execute, but if done correctly can reap the rewards and generation hundreds of new sales leads for you business every month for many years to come.