Get Rid of Dead Leads on your Database in Singapore [Slideshow]

How to Get Rid of Dead Leads on your Database

“If you have 100,000 records in your database and you don’t do anything to update and maintain them, in four years they’re gone.” says Michael Bird

In an article on Appointment Setting Singapore, the value of profiled and target customers is emphasized. Unfortunately, any marketing effort is doom to fail without proper customer targeting. Hence, the real machinery that makes up most of the marketing success is accurate data. 

Remember, every now and then a business changes its name and acquires new domain for email. Even the decision maker you’ve talked to could have resigned or transferred to another department. 

“The bottom line is, a business should keep its database in best health by getting rid of dead leads or zombie leads (as ThinkAdvisor calls them) in order to optimize time and effort on highly converting leads.”  says Ana Lu

So how do you pull out zombie leads and maintain a healthy database? You have four options and it’s all here in this slideshow.  Now check it out!

Apparently, you don’t need armaments to reinforce your database from zombie leads. All you have to do is brush them off on your database with the following strategy.

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