The Importance of Updated Database When Targeting IT C-Level in Singapore

Why it pays to profile your customer database? What information do you have? Who are they?

“The information you gather makes it easier to distinguish why customers buy from you. The more information you have about your customers, the easier it is to spot opportunities to sell them new products.”

– Ray Jones

When you start your own IT business, you find it easy to figure out what you want your business or brand to represent and how you want it to be recognized by your customers. You might tend to forget about what your customers want,  making them unsatisfied and that somehow equates to poor sales.

Have you noticed how hard it is to reach decision makers such as IT Managers, IT Directors, C-level people and Presidents these days? Most of the time they are busy, in a meeting or is out of the office. Even when sending out initial emails prior to making a phone call, you would even get an auto-response stating,

“I am currently away and will be back on Monday, 22/08/16. If you have any urgent matters that requires immediate attention, please contact Mr. Ali of IT Dept. Thank you.”

It is important to secure a good list when doing B2B lead generation in Singapore for your sales reps to call. Having an updated database for a lead generation campaign means you can touch base with them through various channels. Here are the top 5 reasons why having an updated database is important to get hold of hard to reach IT prospects in Singapore.

#1. You don’t need to do prospecting anymore. All essential information needed are available for you to reach them.

TIP: Ask for a specific person in your database, not the job title. Speak as if you know the prospect. It will be easier for Gatekeepers to direct your call than asking for a specific job title wherein they will know you’re a telemarketer.


“Hi. Can you please direct my call to Ms. Chua?”

#2: Since you have email addresses available, you can send out initial emails before making a call. Even if they are out of the office, they can still review it when they report back to work.


  • Make it more personal. Name of the recipient must be stated in the email.
  • Make the subject as catchy as possible
  • Write a brief and direct to the point email


Hi Jack,

Over 2 billion photos and videos are uploaded to social media each and every day; a staggering amount of content.

Chances are that some of that content could be used by you to improve your marketing effectiveness.  But how do you get your hands on it and in an easy and scalable way?

If you are interested in how Cathay Pacific, Porsche and Cruise Whitsundays have used UGC (User Generated Content) to improve their marketing outcomes, then we’d love to talk.

I was hoping you are the right person from XYZ Company to talk to about this.  If not can you please point me in the right direction?


Crystal Anderson

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#3. Every call is short and direct to the point because you don’t need to gather all information.

TIP: Ask for the prospects availability. So that next time you call for this company, the chances of getting hold of the prospect are higher rather than calling without knowing the best time to call the prospect.  


“When is the best time to call back for Miss Mira?”

Watch full video here: The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts

#4. Don’t need to call the main line. There is no doubt that gatekeepers can be a pain in every telemarketing call, especially when they refuse to direct your call.

TIP: Dial their direct number, ext. line or mobile to get hold of decision makers. The chance of you talking to decision makers is 75% higher when you call their direct number than passing through gatekeepers. 

#5. You won’t be calling the wrong company or the wrong people. Since you have a targeted list, you won’t offer irrelevant products to wrong people.

TIP: When someone answers the phone, always verify if they are the person that you’re looking for. Sometimes, they don’t get to mention their names, so verifying before saying your spiel is important to make sure you got the right person.

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In order to close more sales, you have to get creative to get in front of decision makers. Break into hard to reach prospects by securing a good quality and updated database and follow these tips in reaching the right audience and deliver the right message.