Best Practices for Writing Effective B2B Lead Generation Emails

Best Practices for Writing Effective B2B Lead Generation Emails

When we discuss the effectiveness of different marketing strategies for lead generation campaigns, it’s hard to defy email marketing among all other tactics. Statistics show that email marketing was able to set a towering status for itself in the last decade, $44 ROI for every dollar spent, open rates at 68% and 174% conversions generated than social media, are just a few of the success numbers that email marketing contributes to businesses; the reason why regardless of how many newcomer strategies invade the B2B market, email marketing remains to be the most significant. Below are the 7 tips for writing effective B2B lead generation emails which can help your business count in.

One Target

Don’t just send anything to anybody or your unread email would get dumped easily, rather profile your target recipients for a specific send out activity, containing one message, but expect to receive varied replies and questions. The results will then determine your next actions steps in the process.


Personalize your emails is the experts’ advice. This will save your emails from diving directly to the trash or spam folders especially when you’re sending in bulk. As mentioned above, you will be sending one message, but your individual responses will draw the essence of personalization. suggests some email platforms that you can utilize for bulk emails (like 100, 200, 300 or 500 per day), but are personalized like the first names:

CTA (call to action)

No matter how flawless your email template is, but if there is no single call-to-action button utilized in it, you are less likely to receive a response from your recipients. Include at least one CTA button in your email templates like a link to your company’s website, downloadable forms or registration page. This would increase the chance of getting higher conversion rates.

Subject Line Rules

Avoid commanding your recipients to open and read your email, rather get them interested, fussed or intrigued by using functional subject lines that convey an idea.

Short, Focused

Ideally, a lead generation email containing 50 words, complete with introduction, body and one CTA, is enough to grab your recipient’s attention from his 5-minute break to read your message and send a short reply. And with just one CTA to click, your email would look neat and undemanding to the reader.

Avoid Too Many Attachments

Too many attachments to open or access in your email might get your recipient bored and tired. It is best to attach just one or two files in your email for quick browsing.

Lastly, Proofread and Respond Promptly

Read back, check for errors, you might have attached the wrong file or the wrong link, so reread to make sure that you have written the right message (in the body) for the right person (To:) at the right time.