4 Reasons to Host Your Next B2B Event in Singapore’s Diverse Meeting Spaces

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) may only occupy 30% of the global landmass on the map, but its economic prowess defies its seemingly small size. It houses the mighty city-state of Singapore, an emerging B2B business and event-hosting powerhouse in the region.

Singapore has emerged as a pivotal hub for international businesses and multinational companies across various sectors, including technology, advanced manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and logistics, thanks to its advanced digital infrastructure, stable governance, and strong bilateral relations.

Singapore’s global leadership is underpinned by its top-rated education system, job security, and superior quality of life. With a 100% urban population and a 97.1% literacy rate, the city provides ample opportunities for business expansion. As a cultural melting pot and technological hub, it serves as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 

Consistently ranked among the world’s top locations for living and working, its reputation draws top-tier talent, creating a highly skilled and diverse workforce that reinforces its status as a professional magnet.

The city-state further establishes its dominance as the most developed finance and business center in the region, evident through its consistent top rankings by the World Bank from 2012 to 2018. It also achieved an impressive third place in the 2017 Global Financial Centres Index, surpassed only by financial powerhouses London and New York City.

Moreover, its appeal has prompted the establishment or consideration of headquarters and digital centers of excellence by multinational companies coming from the US and Europe, to mention a few. 

Many of these companies are keen to capitalize on the resilience and growth potential of Southeast Asian markets, a position that has been further strengthened by Singapore’s effective management of the COVID-19 crisis.

Singapore is a top-choice MICE location

In 2024, Singapore remains the top choice for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) event organizers, serving as the established regional hub for marketing events in various industries and leading in providing platforms for future solutions and international capital exchange.

Spanning 719.1 km², the city-state is recognized for its robust business environment, advanced infrastructure, skilled workforce, and versatile event spaces, establishing it as a key destination in Southeast Asia. Annually, the city draws millions of MICE tourists, including notable figures such as prime ministers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers, and celebrities, gathering to discuss significant issues and build connections.

Singapore’s commitment to service excellence is evident through its dedicated staff. The city’s substantial land area accommodates over 400 hotels, reflecting its economic success and global prominence. With exceptional connectivity and diverse experiences, Singapore holds a prominent position in the global MICE industry.

It was awarded as the Best MICE Destination (Asia) at the M&C Asia Stella Awards in 2022, hosting over 150 events in the first quarter of 2023. Its continuous appeal is fortified by accolades such as recognition by The World Bank and the Best BTMICE City award at the TTG Travel Awards.
Acknowledged as a hub for innovation, Singapore hosts pioneering events, including the Innovfest unbound, Millennial 20/20 Asia Summit, and Brainstorm Design Conference.  Earning its place among the globe’s foremost meeting destinations, the island-state has consistently ranked high in the Union of International Associations (UIA) International’s Meetings Statistics Report 2011. With this extraordinary achievement, the Lion City has asserted its dominance as the preeminent convention city in Asia for an impressive 25 consecutive years.

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At a closer look…

MICE represents a specialized form of tourism wherein groups converge for specific purposes. This category involves the integration of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, tradeshows, and various events. Key players involved in MICE activities include professional conference organizers, exhibition organizers, destination management companies, tour operators, and trade organizations.

Over time, it has evolved beyond traditional boundaries, accommodating both in-person and B2B virtual events. Its four pillars include:

Meetings: One-day gatherings in hotel conference rooms or convention centers, aimed at collaborative problem-solving and goal-setting among company members. Food is simple, and entertainment is minimal.

Incentives: The enjoyable aspect of MICE, involves travel incentives to appreciate employees, boost morale, or foster loyalty. Varied formats include team getaways or local activities for informal bonding.

Conferences: Extended gatherings attracting larger audiences than meetings, featuring panels, presentations, speeches, talks, and workshops. The goal is industry-specific problem discussion, information sharing, and networking.

Exhibitions: Massive industry-specific events lasting days to a week, drawing global participants. Exhibitors showcase products or services, seek new business, and engage with partners. Activities include networking events, awards ceremonies, and business pitches, promoting growth and innovation in the industry.

Singapore’s appeal for MICE events is heightened by its excellent connectivity, renowned hotels, and unique experiences, offering event managers an ideal destination with abundant meeting spaces.

The Singapore MICE tourism industry thrives on technological advancements, enabling effective communication through on-site social media networking, group announcements, and business contact exchange. Increased international visitors and business activities, including meetings, promotions, and training, are driving growth.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board, meeting attendees contribute nearly 20% to the visitor population and about 33% to tourism receipts. In 2017, the Singapore MICE tourism market was valued at USD 2332.1 million, projected to reach USD 5214.9 million by 2027 with an 8.4% CAGR during 2019-2027. The market is expected to achieve an 8.56% year-on-year growth rate in 2027.

So, why meet in Singapore?

What makes Singapore a top choice for B2B companies looking to host their events is its strategic accessibility and convenience for a significant portion of every marketer’s target audience.

In the sphere of meetings and incentive travel, Singapore ensures that event organizers can confidently immerse and empower delegates with diverse approaches to work, networking, and collaboration.

Beyond the convention, the Lion City provides a spectrum of experiences, ranging from Michelin-starred dining to world-class museums and gardens. This extensive offering caters to a rich array of entertainment and leisure options tailored for adults and children alike.

The dynamic and enriching environment that Singapore offers, seamlessly integrating business and leisure, solidifies its standing as a highly preferred B2B event venue. The chance for business travelers to enjoy bleisure trips in the city enhances the rate of event attendees and contributes to the generation of valuable event leads. Here are

4 reasons why Singapore is the ideal destination to host your next event

1. A sustainable, interconnected city fit for B2B events

Singapore’s attractiveness for MICE planners is enhanced by its exceptional connectivity and convenient transportation options. As a major hub, Singapore Changi Airport provides seamless access to 151 cities through over 6,400 weekly flights, making it easy for attendees to reach the city from around the world. This excellent connectivity ensures a smooth and efficient travel experience for MICE participants.

In addition to the airport, Singapore offers a range of transportation options that further facilitate convenient travel within the city for M&I groups.  The Lion City offers easy, clean, and efficient public transportation options, making it a breeze to get around the city-state. The transportation network provides access to every corner of the island through buses, the MRT underground system, and taxis.

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system stands out as a cost-effective and convenient choice. With color-coded lines and multilingual announcements, navigating the city is straightforward. Additionally, the comprehensive public bus network, shared bicycles, and rideshare services further enhance accessibility, offering various options to suit different preferences.

Singapore prioritizes seamless movement, massively contributing to the success of business events. Taxis provide comfort and convenience, while rideshare apps like Grab, Gojek, TADA, and Ryde offer additional alternatives for getting around. These transportation solutions contribute to Singapore’s appeal as an ideal location for B2B events, ensuring ease of movement for organizers and participants.

Moreover, renowned meeting and conference hotels strategically located in Singapore provide easy access to various attractions and venues. This minimizes travel time and maximizes productivity for event attendees, enhancing the overall experience.

The accessibility and efficiency of Singapore’s transportation methods significantly contribute to its allure as a prime location for B2B events. The city’s commitment to ease of movement ensures that organizers and attendees can navigate the compact country seamlessly, further enhancing the overall event experience.

2. Ample and convenient meeting spaces

For event organizers from diverse global locations looking to host business events in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore offers a wealth of meeting spaces. Here are some of the top venues:

Singapore EXPO:

Located just a short distance from Changi Airport and the city center, Singapore EXPO offers a total area of 123,000 square meters, including indoor and outdoor spaces. It features meeting rooms, mobile V-Rooms, exhibition and conference halls, and The MAX Pavilion. Singapore EXPO hosts over 600 events and six million visitors every year. 

The venue can accommodate a wide range of events, such as conventions, corporate meetings, exhibitions, consumer shows, award ceremonies, and gala banquets. It boasts 19 function rooms with various seating capacities, including a Convention/Exhibition Hall (3,500 to 8,000 seats), the MAX Pavilion (6,500 seats), and Conference Halls (130 to 1,000 seats). Singapore EXPO offers amenities like WIFI access, 3.5G mobile coverage, ATMs, Internet kiosks, a business center,  prayer rooms, nursing rooms, energy-saving building automation systems, and a diverse selection of dining options.

Successful events held at the Singapore Expo include:

Singapore Fintech Festival

The Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF), organized by MAS, Elevandi, and Constellar in collaboration with ABS, concluded its eighth edition last November 17, 2023, with a record 66,000 participants from 150 countries. The event was hosted at the Singapore Expo and is acclaimed as a must-attend FinTech conference in the APAC region. Highlights include 2,400 government and regulatory attendees, 56 tech sessions, Investor Office Hours connecting 200 investors with 270 startup founders, 240+ mentorship sessions, and the launch of MAS’ Gprnt digital platform in the ESG Zone. The invite-only Elevandi Insights featured 28 roundtables, with outcomes to be published by Q1 2024. SFF continues to be a global nexus for collaboration and innovation.

Buildtech Asia

BuildTech Asia 2023, held last March 28-30, 2023 at the Singapore Expo,  excelled with 80 exhibitors from 15 regions and 4,000+ visitors across three days. The event facilitated over 200 business meetings, serving as a pivotal platform for connections and the rapid adoption of digitalized solutions and smart technologies in building materials, construction machinery, architectural finishes, facilities management, and productive technology.

Raffles City Convention Centre:

Located near Swissôtel The Stamford Hotels, Raffles City shopping mall, Raffles Hotel, Fairmont Singapore, and Raffles City Convention Centre is strategically positioned in the core of Singapore’s central shopping, cultural, financial, and entertainment district. The convention center offers over 70,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, including 27 meeting rooms

These rooms can cater to a variety of events, such as dinners, receptions, and conferences, with capacities ranging from 10 to 3,200 people. The venue supplies wireless high-speed broadband Internet access around the convention center, closed-circuit television systems in the meeting rooms, and state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication equipment.

The Raffles City Convention Centre hosted the successful Martech Summit Singapore 2023 on April 25-26, 2023. This event focused on bringing together leaders in marketing technology from various industries through diverse formats and engaging activities, and drew over 250 attendees, representing more than 200 unique companies.

Sands Expo and Convention Centre:

Sands Expo and Convention Centre, located at Bayfront Avenue, is known for its distinction as the Best MICE Hotel in Asia for 2011 and 2012. It features the largest ballroom in Southeast Asia, capable of accommodating up to 6,600 banquet diners or 11,000 delegates.

 The venue offers flexible spaces for up to 2,000 exhibition booths and 250 meeting rooms. Guests and delegates can enjoy the surrounding attractions, including Merlion Park and the Singapore Flyer. 

Sands Expo and Convention Centre is committed to environmental sustainability and provides eco-friendly options for reducing the environmental impact of events. They also offer meeting packages with lunch or breakfast options.

This venue hosted Vinexpo Asia 2023’s return to in-person format after a four-year hiatus.  Held last May 23 to 25, 2023, it stands as the largest B2B event in the Asia-Pacific region for the wine and spirits industry. 

This event attracted 9,989 professionals from 64 countries. The flagship event for the wine and spirits business in Asia is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong in 2024 and will return to Singapore in 2025.

3. Assistance schemes for ensuring safe, sustainable, and successful event hosting and turnouts

The city further maintains its status as the preferred MICE destination through initiatives such as the In Singapore Incentives and Rewards (INSPIRE) Global 2.0 program, providing qualified MICE groups with nearly 80 complimentary experiences in dining, retail, team-building activities, attractions, and tours. 

Additionally, the Singapore MICE Advantage Programme (SMAP) supports organizers by offering discounted airline tickets, reduced rates for ride-hailing services, SIM cards, and exclusive privileges.

The city aligns with the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Bolstering this dedication to a zero-waste environment is the city’s aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, implementing initiatives such as planting one million more trees by 2030 and quadrupling solar energy deployment by 2025.

The Business Events in Singapore (BEiS) scheme offers event organizers customized support to enhance their events. This includes assistance in securing venues, introductions to leading government agencies and business partners, marketing and publicity support, and guidance in hosting sustainable events. Additionally, eligible companies can receive funding support based on the project’s scope and merits.

4. Dedication to innovation and technology

MICE technology, integral for event planning, execution, and success, is crucial when selecting a venue. Singapore’s meeting spaces offer advanced technologies, including:

Event Diagramming Tools: These tools enable meticulous venue planning, covering chair arrangements, table setups, booths, and sanitation stations.

Facial Recognition: This technology facilitates seamless entry for registered guests, eliminating the need for ID or tickets.

Augmented or Virtual Reality: AR and VR present innovative and immersive experiences, particularly useful for showcasing products, delivering presentations, and enhancing overall event enjoyment.

Web-Based Tools: Internet-controlled devices like thermostats, speakers, and lights offer businesses enhanced flexibility in meeting customer needs.

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Singapore’s premier status as a B2B event host stems from its state-of-the-art venues, purposefully designed for modern events. These venues provide a professional environment for showcasing offerings. 

The city-state offers attendees a unique blend of professional opportunities and leisure activities, with world-class dining, shopping, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife. This integration of work and leisure makes Singapore the favored B2B event destination, attracting companies globally, including Europe and the USA.

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