How to Calculate the Success of your Events in Singapore

How to Calculate the Success of your Events in Singapore

Planning an event can be tough. But your effort doesn’t end on the day of the event. Instead, it is after the event that you are able to assess its effectiveness and reap the benefits.

High volume of registrants and selling a lot of tickets can be a good indication that the event will be a success. However, that’s not the only factor to measure and evaluate.

Here are the 5 factors to calculate the success of your event.  

#1. Social Media Engagement

Social media activities can help people know about your event. An increase in followers, the number of shares, mentions, likes and views of your event posts are good indicators that you have reached your audience and that the event will be a success. Also, by creating a hashtag you can keep track of mentions and comments.

Continues social media posts about the event until the big day will get attendees excited, share and talk about it on their own social networks.  

#2. Event Attendees

The higher the number of attendees means the event is a success. However, you need to consider the number of people you reached out to and the number of people who expressed their interest in participating to your event to be able to assess how effective your pre-event marketing efforts.

Well, in my point of view, the hell about those numbers. A crowded event can only mean one thing – your event is a blast!

#3. Attendee Satisfaction

Attendee experience is important in every event. Why? A positive experience can increase your brand’s credibility. Not to mention it helps for your attendees to sign up again for future events.

#4. Number of Qualified Sales Leads

The main reason why marketers are hosting events is to promote brand awareness. But of course, converting attendees into customers is a good bonus. However, if your goal is to generate leads for your sales team, then a high number of qualified sales leads means your event is a success.

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#5. Customer Acquired

The main indicator that the event is a success is if you have acquired a high volume of customers after the event. Interested participants provide information so they know that someone will contact them after the event. If many of these leads were converted into customers by your sales team, then you have to congratulate the whole event’s team for a job well done.

It’s important to gauge the success of your event to know if all of your efforts paid off. These factors can help you identify if it is best to put all of these efforts again next year or make an even better one.