Singapore Events: Reduce Event No-shows in 3 ways

Singapore Events Reduce Event No-shows in 3 ways

To many event organizers, missed appointments can be a source of frustrations. Not to mention a loss of revenue. But whatever you do and no matter how hard you prepare for your upcoming event, there’s no way you can expect all invitees to show up.

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There are a lot of reasons why no-shows happen – plans changed, excitement dropped, it’s a free event, etc. However, understanding why they refuse to show up will help you communicate better with your attendees.

Finding ways to reduce no-shows is important to every business. Sending them a reminder or giving them something valuable for free upon signing up can help encourage them to show up. But here are 3 ways to make it easier for your invitees to remember their appointments.

#1 Use multiple reminder method

Of course, reminding them 1 to 2 days before the event will help them remember. However, utilizing multiple reminder methods is a great way to increase your attendees’ awareness and will boost your chances of reminding them (personally) of their appointment.  

You can remind through;


Sending a reminder email before the event is a great way to reach out to attendees that are always on the go and are not on their desk but have access to their email.

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Reminder Call

Calling is the best way to confirm your attendees’ availability. Why? No action is required from them to confirm their attendance. A simple, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer will do. Those who will say “yes” are more likely to show up.

Sending Calendar Invite

This is the easiest reminder method. Most marketers send out calendar invites to automatically remind their attendees about their upcoming appointment. Once they’ve accepted your calendar invite, you know they’re interested.

Just make sure to include the following;

  • The name of the event (add a little description of the event)
  • The day, date and time of the event
  • The venue

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#2 Make use of your social media pages

Leverage your social media page and create a buzz about your event. You can create a society and add all of the attendees. This is a good way to let all of the attendees know who will be attending and invite them to join conversations with other attendees.

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#3 Keep track of your analytics

Nowadays, marketers make use of technology to minimize no-shows. By constantly monitoring the responses of your attendees through social media interactions, email responses, etc you’ll anticipate the number of people who will show up. When you know your numbers are going down, you can plan ahead and create another strategy such as; offer attendees referral or consider having media giveaways which can help boost the interest of your attendees.

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Let’s face it. You can never avoid no-shows in every event. But having plan A, B C and D will help you troubleshoot your numbers ahead of time. Sure, there may be attendees who will not show up but these 3 ways will help you reduce your no-shows and still have adequate number of people to fill up the room.

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