The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

“Dine and wine at Flavours 2016, an annual food and wine festival in Singapore held every 2nd weekend of May. Delight yourself with savory chows and exquisite drinks from around the world.”

Interesting…are there parking fees?

A flowery email invitation may easily capture a reader’s attention but may not answer some questions from the prospect. 

Get all the jobs done in just one call using the best event telemarketing script. See the parts of an event telemarketing script and suggested spiels:

The Opening

The Opening spiel is an identification of who you are, the company you represent and the purpose of the call. It must include a warmth greeting and and a brief branding of the product or service.

Normally, gatekeepers would answer the initial call so you have to keep a pleasant tone to get through.

“Good morning / afternoon. My name is ________ and I am calling from/on behalf of company name . I’d like to speak with (Target Contact) the (Job Title) please. It’s about event title.”

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

Once you have reached the DM and have delivered the Opening spiel, you may proceed to the Body of the script and comprehensively explain  the full event details. Keep in mind that most prospects may only have more or less 5 minutes to spare for the call, so organize your spiels and customize your answers according to the prospect’s questions/responses.

The Body

1) “May I ask if you have received our event invitation via email?”

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

Event telemarketing campaigns usually kick off with email blasts of the invitation brochures. The email contains the event details, a registration link, and some FAQs. The follow up call should bear the qualifying actions:

If the answer is yes, confirm if he was able to register online. Most email invites now contain online registration links.

“If you have already registered, you will have received an email notification from (company name) confirming your registration.”

If no, inform the prospect that you will resend it to his email. Verify his email address (use phonetics), and ask for the best time to call back, or ask for a few minutes to discuss the event details with the prospect. (Get email address and resend invite)

“I am sorry to hear that. May I verify your email address please?”

“Thank you. May I have a few minutes of your time now to share with you more on this event?”

Proceed to discuss the event details, otherwise:

“I will resend you the event invitation today. I’ll call you back later or tomorrow morning to confirm your registration. Thank you for your time and good bye.”

2)”Have you already registered online?”

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

If the answer is yes, proceed to verify contact details:Com pany Name, Contact Name, Job Title, Phone Number (Direct Line/Mobile). Jet down everything. 

“To confirm we have you registered, may I take your email address please”

“This event will present relevant content to executives from the manufacturing and operations, finance, IT, supply chain and logistics, plant and maintenance departments.”

“Would you like us to extend this event invitation to any of your colleagues?”

“Thank you for the details. We will be in touch with your colleagues shortly. We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues at the event. Thank you for your time and good bye”

If no, suggest to register the prospect online on his behalf. If he agrees, proceed to verify contact details: Company Name, Contact Name, Job Title, Phone Number (Direct Line/Mobile).

“Thank you for your time. We look forward to welcoming you at the event. Good bye.”

Quick tips:

Prospects who did not receive the invite

Immediately verify his email address and resend the invite while you still have him on the call. This will open the opportunity for you to get him registered for the event and save both yours and his time from calling back.    

Prospects who received the invite

Ask the prospect if you could possibly extend the invitation to his colleagues. If he agrees, note down the full name, job title, phone number, email address. Get in touch with the colleague as soon as the invite has been sent.

The Closing

Your closing spiel must contain the the event details, reminders for the prospect of an email notification of his registration, and your thank you spiel. See sample below:

“Mr. Lee, you are already registered to the Flavours 2016 event, which will happen on May 7 & 8, 2016 at the Park royal on Pickering. Attendance registration starts at 8am until 9am.

We look forward to seeing you at the event. Thank you and have a nice day”

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore


The References

These are helpful information like event details : title, date, time, and venue, the company’s website link or event link, and WIIFM (what’s in it for me) insights for prospects when they attend the event.

Event telemarketing emails contain flashy highfalutin words to grab a reader’s attention and perk up excitement.

But not for an event telemarketing script where all you need is just to include all the important event details and some creative workarounds like quick tips and reminders – concise, complete and comprehensive – to make it the best.


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