Content Marketing Tips for Technology Companies in SEA and APAC

Content Marketing Tips for Technology Companies in SEA and APAC

Content marketing is still one of the most powerful methods of bringing in traffic and starting passive lead generation.

It allows companies to provide added value to their prospects while representing themselves as true market and industry leaders.

Let’s explore content marketing hacks for the Singaporean (and SEA, APAC) tech market that can allow any tech firm to leverage knowledge and gain a market advantage.

Don’t Forget Case Studies

Case studies are still one of the best types of long-form content, especially for technology companies. They are powerful because they resonate with companies who are looking for an example to follow.

These studies are not only a reflection of a tech company’s success but also their industry prowess and competency. It highlights the value in a company’s offerings.

Tech readers want something informational, and the more informational content is, the more a firm comes off as a thought and industry leader.

Besides, case studies are fairly easier for content marketing teams to write because they have primary source material that they can work with. It’s easier to repurpose into other articles.

Content Promotion

Content should always be actively promoted on the different social media channels that a tech company has.

Whether it is a quotable piece of text that can be tweeted, a picture quote in Instagram with a link to the original piece on a website, or an email notification, there has to be traffic coming into the content.

Active content promotion gets viewers on the site, and these viewers can turn into sessions where they check out the rest of your offerings.

Don’t Focus on Articles

Whenever content is mentioned, articles always come into mind, but there are different types of content available to technology companies in Singapore. Video tutorials, webinars, infographics, podcasts, etc. are all excellent examples.

The push for engaging and interacting over the last decade is tremendous, and it’s time that everyone took advantage of that, especially technology companies who are the forefront of the future.

Also, it helps advance your storytelling.

If You Do Focus on Articles, Change the Layout

Gone are days of using a basic blog template when posting articles. Responsiveness is already a must, so firms should work on making their articles as engaging as possible.

This includes pictures, responsive elements in between, videos, and even adding full-sized graphics above the fold. Firms have to differentiate even in article presentation to stand above the rest.

It’s All About The Metrics

Google Analytics is a gold mine of information. By consistently monitoring statistics, marketers can determine the type of viewers that are on their site and what type of content resonates with them.

In this way, goals can be realigned, and successful pieces of content can be followed up.

Marketers can avoid content-types that do not do well and get information on why some articles are doing better than others.

Getting the metrics game on point is also critical when it comes to A/B testing, which all tech firms should be doing with everything the release. A/B test allows marketers to keep tweaking the materials they release to ensure that only the most engaging ones are kept online.

This saves time, effort and a considerable amount of marketing resources.

The Follow Up

Metrics will also shed light on which topics deserve a follow-up. A quick follow up piece, complementary video or infographic can allow a content marketer to ride on the momentum of the previously successful release.

Older pieces of content that have been successful in the past can also benefit from a quick do-over. This could mean updating the content to reflect new information or giving it a second part.

Always Repurpose Content on Other Mediums

Article or blog content is not always applicable to all mediums. For instance, a 1,500-word guide can’t be posted in its entirety on LinkedIn and Facebook. The aim is to take whatever content published on the site and make alterations to suit the other mediums it will be published on.

For LinkedIn, the introduction could be switched out, and the main content divided into two parts with one part of the platform and the second part as a read more line on the website.

Facebook follows a different formula where a blurb with a link is more appreciated.

By doing this, a tech firm can have content that appeals to different types of audiences depending on the platform.

Repurposing the content is also a form of promoting the content on social media.

However, content marketing should also be paired with a lead generation system so that it can turn into a powerful funnel for the firm. There still has to be a concentrated effort to build proper nurturing strategies and facilities to keep bringing in more leads.

By combining these techniques, tech firms can maximize their efforts leading to more sales and higher growth.