Cross-Border Marketing Strategies: Expanding to Latin America

Latin America is a great market if you want to expand your lead generation efforts and take advantage of cross-border marketing.

In this guide, we take a look at tips you can use to penetrate the area and expand your growth to new territories.

Personalize Per Country

Latin American countries might share a few cultural similarities, but this isn’t an excuse just to have a singular portal page for Latin America.

Cross-border marketing still demands individual country pages to ensure that each country’s clients are being serviced individually.

If you don’t have the initial resources to launch a fully-fledged web property for each country, start with the ones that will bring in the most leads and then have a general portal for everyone else.

 Also, we’re not just talking about switching languages here, you still need to make sure that you have content that resonates with each country.

Personalization is the only way that you can create content that resonates with the prospects that you have.

Hire Local Writers for Your Content

Some people in Latin America speak Spanish, some Portuguese, and there are those who speak English.

Now a lot of marketers might be tempted to use a translation feature on their website to make it easy for visitors to read their content. However, that’s not enough if you want to make a difference.

When you use a translation feature you end up with messy grammatical and syntax errors that look lazy when your actual prospect reads it.

Always consider getting local writers to do your content in their native language to make sure that you don’t only get correct grammar in but also to get the content personalized to the country.


If you can manage to do a video instead of an article then do a video instead.

As we move towards a more engaged future, especially in the realm of digital marketing, you need content that really pops and a lot of people are moving towards video consumption as a primary source of information.

Make sure you have a different informational video campaign that’s focused on the Latin American locale.

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Latin America is no exception to the switch from desktops to smartphones as the primary means of digital information consumption.

This means designing all your web properties to focus on site speed, responsiveness, and mobile-friendliness.

Beyond that, there’s text structuring, the length of the information that you’re showing, and options for dark mode.

Whatever it is that you do for your Latin American digital marketing campaign, it has to have mobile as the primary focus. That’s where a lot of your customers are and that’s where you should be.

Consider the Payment Options

A major consideration when you’re marketing across borders is your payment options and this is especially true for B2C clients. Most of the time, you can get away with credit card options for most countries, but having a local payment option is always a good addition to making purchases frictionless.

In some countries such as Brazil, your prospects might run into credit card issues if they want to purchase something internationally.

If you can get an alternate payment partner that handles it locally, then that would be a big boost to your marketing efforts.

Partner with a Local or Outsource to a Specialist

You might have the best marketing team ever, but you might still need the help of a local specialist in each country where you’re generating a major base of leads.

This will help facilitate transactions and customer service, and make the experience for your leads much smoother.

On the plus side, you also get to benefit from the knowledge of the local market and established communication channels to get to prospects easily.

If you can’t find a local specialist, then consider outsourcing to a third-party lead generation team with a specialization in Latin America. They can leverage assets they might already have in the region and be able to deploy your assets in more countries.

The beauty of this is that you won’t have to deal with individual agencies in each country as your outsourced party will handle all communications, cadence, and setups in all the different countries you want to target.

This might even be a more affordable option for your organization as you don’t have to set things up from scratch and just leverage resources they already have.

Cross-border marketing strategies are a lot more difficult to implement but they’re worth it due to the growing markets in the region.

If you’re looking for a Latin American partner in your expansion then talk to us at Callbox, we run an outsourced lead generation service that can help you navigate the cross-border challenges of Latin America and get the results you need today. Partner with us!

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