Callbox to Hold Sales Prospecting Workshop for ICT Companies in SG

Sales Prospecting Masterclass for Information and Communications Technology

The free event brings two of Callbox’s top sales experts for in-depth, hands-on lessons on building and improving a modern ICT sales prospecting process.

Callbox will be hosting a free workshop titled “Sales Prospecting Masterclass for Information and Communications Technology (ICT)” on March 29, 2019 at Found8 @ 79 Anson RoadThe live event aims to equip ICT marketing and sales decision makers with the knowledge and tools to get better results from their prospecting efforts.

The Callbox team has put together this masterclass to meet a clear need from ICT sellers to develop a complete, coherent, and consistent prospecting program that works in today’s ICT buying landscape.

The way that ICT customers find, evaluate, and purchase solutions continues to change. Along with this shift, vendors need to transform their marketing and sales processes to adapt to these developments.

But, as the huge gap in prospect conversion rates between top-performing and average reps shows (52% vs 19%), it’s clear that there’s still ample room for improvement in most companies’ prospecting processes today.

In this workshop, Callbox’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Rebecca Matias, along with the company’s Director of Business Development, Sharifah Aljunied, will give a practical guide to effective sales prospecting in the ICT industry, covering each vital component in the process:

  • Pinpointing ideal ICT buyers
  • Capturing Crucial Prospect Information
  • Scoring and Prioritizing Prospects
  • Nurturing and Converting Prospects
  • Handing Off Prospects to Sales
  • Monitoring and Tracking Prospects
  • Case Studies on Effective Sales Prospecting

For ICT marketing and sales leaders, this masterclass offers an end-to-end walkthrough of a modern sales prospecting program packed with industry best practices and real-world examples , enabling attendees to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the modern B2B IT sales process
  • Know each component in the IT sales cycle inside-out
  • Become proficient in various ICT prospecting strategies

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