B2B Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation

We deliver qualified sales leads and opportunities to help you win new deals faster.

Lead generation and sales prospecting services for Singapore companies

Leverage our data, people, process, and technology to drive more revenue for your business. With our data, we identify and select the companies and contacts that match your ideal customer profile. Our SDRs will then engage and develop them into warm leads so that your sales stay focused on nurturing relationships and closing deals.

  • Icon of contacts database

    Rich Contact Profiles

    Use data to personalize your lead generation and sales outreach activities

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    Specialized Team

    Let specialists carry out expanded lead generation and sales prospecting activities

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    Multi-channel, multi-touch approach

    Be where your prospects are – we generate leads across different channels

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    Lead generation and sales-focused tools

    Arm your sales with the tools needed to nurture and close the leads we hand off.

Why Clients Choose Us

Partnering with Callbox means having a dedicated team of marketing specialists that plans and runs targeted campaigns for you. We handle everything and give you all the tools to ensure success.

Multi-touch, multi-channel strategy

We leverage every channel and every touch point to connect, nurture, and convert your target prospects.

Robust lead management and automation platform

We give you access to Pipeline CRM, our all-in-one campaign monitoring, marketing automation, and lead management platform.

Highly-targeted prospect database

We maintain a massive database of 400,000 Singapore decision makers from key B2B industries.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re proud to have work with many of Singapore’s top brands and to help them grow. Here’s what they think:

For the past year, Callbox has provided us with satisfactory lead generating and lead nurturing services. They were instrumental in securing attendees for our events, scheduling client appointments and facilitating the sale of one of our benchtop systems. Their professionalism in conveying our product attributes and valued solutions to prospective customers has brought us results.

— Joachim Fong

Under the COVID-19 situation, while our sales team and most of our prospects are forced to work from home in Hong Kong, the Callbox team managed to keep us busy through these turbulent times, by connecting our prospects over phone, set-up online appointments and online demo for our sales team. We are very thankful to have Callbox as our extended marketing team, and helping us to connect with high-quality prospects.

— Terrie Cheung

Terrie Cheung

Callbox Client - Brady
Callbox Client - Sage
Callbox Client - DHL
Callbox Client - Tata
Callbox Client - HP
Callbox Client - eBay

Callbox Client - Motorola
Callbox Client - infor
Callbox Client - Ingram Micro
Callbox Client - Acer
Callbox Client - ADT
Callbox Client - Forbes

Callbox Client - Brady
Callbox Client - Sage
Callbox Client - DHL

How We Help Businesses Succeed

As your primary B2B lead generation agency in Singapore, we use a multi-touch multi-channel marketing approach to find and reach your target prospects, engage and nurture them with personalized messaging, and finally convert them into qualified appointments.


  1. Send Personalized Emails
  2. Send Event-triggered Emails


  1. Call Opens from Intro Email
  2. Call Opens from Follow-up Email


  1. Invite to Connect
  2. Send Follow-up Email


  1. 24/7 Sales Chat Support
  2. Forward Qualified Leads
  3. Follow-up Warm Prospects via Call & Email


  1. Display Banner Ads to Target Prospects
  2. Identify Prospects that Visit Your Website
  3. Follow-up Prospects via Call & Email


  1. Send SMS Notifications


Targeted Lead Generation Speeds Up SG Digital Marketing Firm’s Expansion

The three-month campaign ran for a total of 66 days spanning much of Q3 2018 and early October of that year. The results met the Client’s expectations in a number of key performance areas. READ FULL STORY

48 Qualified Appointments

60 Completed Leads

116 Requests for Information

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