3 Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

3 Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Driving tons of leads into your sales pipeline will not guarantee expansion and growth to your business, but filling it up with high-quality leads that were filtered using the right tools and strategies and profiled and nurtured by the right representative, is a sure win.

The Lead – Acquire high quality leads thru predictive analytics

The quality of leads generated and the effectiveness of the marketing message are two important factors that affect conversion rates. Each lead must be viewed differently, and this is where lead scoring helps out in the process. It enables businesses to identify which leads convert quickly and which are not, minimizes conversion decay during the early stages of lead generation process and lets you determine the best converting demographic to create a more holistic messaging for your target customers; more so, giving you granular insights into customer behaviour.

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The Rep – Consider outsourcing B2B lead generation options

If you have not done it yet, you might ask “why would I let other people look for customers for me’? That’s fine, but if you think you have too much on your plate or feel like running out of fresh ideas and strategies, then consider outsourcing your B2B lead generation campaign.

However, make sure to consider someone who has expertise in your specific market (with case studies to back their credentials up), sets smart expectation (how many leads in a week, month), with well-trained representatives and utilizes multi-channel solution toolkit. Outsourcing b2b campaigns will save you time, increase efficiency and expand your marketing horizons.

The Tool – Engage in content marketing

There are many different lead generation tools in the market that you can employ. Each of these tools claims effectiveness and promises success to your business. However, you have to take one at a time to gauge what wonders such a tool could do to boost your sales pipeline.

Content marketing for one can deliver your brand by way of educating your audience and not pitching a sale. As most customers now read labels and brochures before they buy a product, it is imperative that you are able to distribute content via all available channels accessible to your target customers like email, blogs (Tumblr), videos (youtube), photos (Instagram), and podcasts. Create contents that would get your target audience to engage with your brand instead of boring PDFs with lame reasons why they should purchase.