5 Distinct Qualities of a B2B Lead Generation Expert

5 distinct qualities of a B2B Lead Generation Expert

There’s more to being a B2B lead generation expert than having the capacity to carry out a system that “works”. A business should be able to adapt to a growing environment, either structurally or technologically, and that entails a deeper thirst for understanding and proficiency. Also, a lot of guts.

It’s what sets experts apart from average lead generation marketers: a unique set of qualities that, whenever present altogether, can almost ensure productive campaigns, strong online presence and improved brand recognition.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what it is that makes experts turn whatever they touch into gold. After all, there’s a good chance they all started out where you are right now, which means you can achieve the same feat if you foster the same attitudes.

Do you have these qualities?

  1. Being able to understand the target audience.In terms of:  

    • Who they are:  titles, industries, gender, education level, etc.

    • What they care about: motivations, business drivers, etc.

    • What they read and listen to: where they go to find useful business information

    • Why they choose to do business with one company and not another

  2. Based on this in-depth knowledge of the target audience, being able to create offers that are:

    • Compelling

    • Timely

    • Relevant

    • Easy to respond to

  3. Being able to operate on metrics that are aggressive, yet realistic and obtainable. As such, experts have a good handle on how much it costs to generate an inquiry, a lead, an opportunity and a new customer acquisition. Most often, lead generation masters are tightly aligned with sales and have a service level agreement in place.
  4. Being able to know how to communicate to their prospects and motivate them to action in language that is clear, compelling and targeted.

  5. Being able to establish  a strong call to action in all their outbound communications. Even social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs can generate sales leads if there is a call to action.

  6. Being up to date on most/all of the relevant lead generation media and techniques, and are always looking for the next way to boost effectiveness. Whenever possible, pull marketing is replacing push marketing as a strategy.

  7. Being able to understand that lead qualification and lead nurturing are as important as lead generation. They are committed to building an opt-in database of potential future purchasers and reap the benefits of low-cost, highly-qualified B2B leads.

Source:  How to Become a B2B Lead Generation Master