5 Lead Generation Strategies That Work for Singapore Businesses

5 Lead Generation Strategies That Work for Singapore Businesses (Featured Image)

We have always believed in a cross-dimensional approach in doing things for businesses and sometimes some lessons can be learned from other industries. In this article, we take a look at 5 key strategies in B2B lead generation that are guaranteed to drive sales leads for businesses in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

So read on and explore lessons that we all deserve to be familiar with.

Use Multiple Channels

Digital marketing requires cross-platform support and multiple platform exposure. From the number of social media channels available to the various types of digital marketing specializations available, the most important lesson we can get from digital marketing is that you have to be seen everywhere.

It is never enough that you are just available on Facebook or LinkedIn as there are many customers that can be gained from a multi-channel acquisition strategy. You will rarely find a digital marketing expert who will advise you to channel all your efforts into a specific social network.

Doing it this way allows you to spread the risk and resources that you have, but more importantly, it allows you to tap into different markets.

Personal Always Works

Nobody likes a general email. Digital marketers often aim to personalize each type of content that they release to the people that they aim to convince and persuade.

A number of experiments and examples are available on why personalization works, but here’s the bottom line: people like to feel special.

It is not enough that you cannot personalize services for your current customers, but you should also be able to personalize from the get-go.

You want to make the potential customer feel special and that you care about their needs right from the start of the connection. It could be referring to them by the first name – which isn’t hard given the multitude of applications that allow you to customize your email – or knowing a little about their spending habits.

Rarely will you find a digital marketer who will write a general email about their services. If you do, you’ll know that they are wasting both time and resources doing so and it is best to run the opposite direction.

Geographical Campaigns are More Effective

Are you confused about whom to target? Then, why don’t you start targeting from the local level?

It is a growing trend for businesses who employ digital marketing companies to take the hyperlocal approach to selling and marketing their goods and services. Hyperlocal (or just plain local) campaigns generate more because they are personalized to a group of people.

Also, if a chunk of your customers is in one geographical it also aids your logistical and customer care operation because you become relatable. Right now, every business’ aim is to be relevant, and the best way of going about this is to be relatable.

It Pays to be Informed

People who are in the subcategory of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists know that overnight a search engine’s algorithm might change and cause market disruption.

This is why they strive to be informed about the latest trends in digital marketing to be on the safe side. It’s time that B2B learned these lessons. More often than not, most people in B2B feel assured of their status because of their perceived stability, but this can always change.

Staying informed allows you to predict, prepare and execute on changes that you feel are coming to your industry.

It does not only involve reading the news on your industry but finding out about your customers in general. Effective marketing is false if there isn’t any effective market research to support executable actions.

You need to know both the industry that you are in and the people that you have to cater to. This results in better business and better products and services.

The business has become so dynamic over the years that it pays to be in the loop!

Learn to Outsource

There will always be someone better than you. Lead generation and outsourcing are two of the biggest examples of how another company can perform better. A lot of digital marketers are not afraid to outsource to other people should these people be better in a specific aspect of their business process.

It’s the same thing with B2B, you’re not always going to be good in lead generation, so why they don’t you assign it to someone else. You save yourself from the capital of setting up and the savings in the time that you will spend generating leads is exponential.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t fear to learn from other industries, because keeping an open mind is one of the key foundations to success if you ask any successful company.

Think about your current pipelines and how you can secure multiple channels of acquisition by studying how other industries do it.