A Pre-Campaign Questionnaire for B2B Lead Generation

A Pre-Campaign Questionnaire for B2B Lead Generation

When there’s too much going on, sometimes marketers tend to overlook important things during the course of a B2B lead generation campaign, causing them to struggle in making adjustments. Once the campaign has already kicked off, focus should be allotted on maintaining the marketing momentum, instead of controlling the damage caused by an oversight that could have been prevented in the first place.

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That is why preparation is very crucial before the start of a campaign. When everything is laid out clearly and systematically, the operation would be smooth-sailing and achieving the desired results would be much easier.

Before embarking on a lead generation campaign, gather your team and go for a rundown of these pivotal questions:

Is your campaign anchored from an in-depth understanding of your target market?

Understanding the audience should be the heart of lead generation above everything else. Plans and activities are easily executed if they are based on how prospects behave when they do research, interact with sales people, choose their products/services, or make the deal/purchase.

Do you have an accurate and updated data pipeline?

The information in your sales pipeline is like your map as you go out into the wild jungle of the B2B industry. Not making sure it’s reliable only slows down the progress of the campaign.

Have you selected which key success indicators you will be measuring?

The sign of a successful campaign isn’t always based on actual ROI figures. You could also gauge your success by looking at certain points, i.e. click-throughs, shares, sign-ups or web traffic – whichever you decide to be an important factor for your team.

Are you satisfied with the content you will be offering to your audience?

If you have faith that your content pieces are engaging enough to elicit a desired response from its readers, then you’re ready to put it out there. You will only need to know how.

Do you have a holistic, integrated marketing strategy in place?

To carry out multiple, unrelated minor tasks within the campaign can be counter-productive; you need to have a system that puts all your efforts complementing each other to reach a common goal.

How would you nurture your leads?

Although every lead is more or less unique, you should still have a standard lead nurturing scheme to make sure all your prospects are well taken care of. The campaign should not stop at just merely generating leads; it should carry them through the end of the sales process.