Adapting Your Appointment Setting Strategy to the New Normal

Adapting Your Appointment Setting Strategy to the New Normal

COVID-19 is reshaping the way companies go about lead generation, but the new normal doesn’t have to be daunting.

Lead generation, nurturing campaigns, and appointment setting strategies can all be modified to adapt to changes in our world. And, there are still plenty of new opportunities for growth that marketers can take advantage of.

From moving physical meetings to digital ones, to leveraging different advancement in technology, there is still a lot of growth that companies can attain.

Goodbye Physical, Hello Virtual

The reality of the situation is that traditional physical meetings might not be back for a long time. There are physical restrictions on movement, and the public has been in a heightened state of caution for the majority of the year.

With this, companies have no choice but to adapt to the new normal by embracing the digital world and leveraging what it has to offer.

Supercharging your starts with ensuring that you have the proper equipment in place to hold an appointment. A simple checklist would be:

  • A clean and quiet area to hold calls or video conferencing
  • Stable internet access at least 1 Mbps or higher, although around 4 Mbps can be recommended for higher video streams and virtual events
  • Proper A/V setup for video conferencing – consider getting a professional quality headset at least and a high-quality camera
  • A snappy computer
  • Appointment setting software

There are a lot more pieces that you could get, but these are vital to ensuring a smooth transition to the new normal.

Automate Appointment Setting

Getting a steady stream of appointments coming in is critical in a company’s quest for growth, and automating the process is a great way of doing just that.

One of the biggest roadblocks in appointment setting is tracking last-minute changes to appointment schedules and keeping track of the numerous back-and-forths that a marketer can have with their clients.

Using an automated appointment setting software, marketers can leverage technology to have their calendars automatically booked and updated once a prospect’s books, modifies, or reschedules an appointment.

This makes keeping track of appointments easier and allows a marketer to focus on high-level tasks.

Another added benefit of this is its integration to CRM software; some systems will allow you to throw in other tools in the mix. This helps you track progress and keeps you organized.

Offer Flexibility

Work from home routines have given people plenty of time, but it has made schedules a little lopsided. Be prepared to give prospects several flexible dates and times that they can book. One can even add an unconventional time slot just to vary things.

Send Email Confirmations

Once an appointment is set, ensure that the prospect receives an email confirmation with a few details on discussion points and how to reschedule the meeting if they have to.

Reach Them With Other Channels

Don’t just limit the communication channel to a phone or video call. Create campaigns that reach out to them either directly through other platforms like social media or indirectly with carefully placed retargeting ads.

The only caveat is not to overdo it and create an oversaturated landscape for your prospect.

Provide Custom Solutions While Being Sensitive About the Current Climate

The pandemic has thrown many companies off-balance, and a lot of people are still trying to navigate their way through the chaos. Marketers should consider the pandemic while providing custom solutions for their prospects

While it’s a given that marketers should be selling custom and unique solutions to their prospects, it will also help highlight how their solutions will work, especially given the pandemic effects.

This allows a company to be more sensitive to the potential and current needs of their markets.

Video Calls are Better Than Audio

Appointments can either be physical meetups or phone calls, but the former isn’t something that we’ll have for a while.

If given the option, ask your prospect if they want to have a video call instead. Video calls allow both parties to express their emotions, and it’s easier to have a conversation when you can detect visual cues.

It takes the normal audio call to the next level, and it becomes a more personal conversation.

However, never force a prospect to opt for video, make sure that you simply offer the option.

Invite Them to Virtual Events That Double as Appointments

Looking to spice it up or frustrated with a client that can’t seem to book an appointment with you? Then, invite them to a virtual event or presentation, you’ll be able to chat with them casually, and it’s less sales-y than booking a one-on-one meeting.

Don’t Discard Cold Leads

Given COVID-19, there will be many who won’t have the budget or the need for your product or services at this point, but this is not enough reason to knock them off your list.

Make sure that you keep colder leads on a separate list to remarket to them when times get better. Keep nurturing them, and they could prove to be great referrals or customers down the line.

Appointment setting is still a great way to guarantee meetings – albeit virtual – for your sales teams. Alternatively, companies can also employ expert appointment setting agencies to further boost their sales capabilities.

There are still many tweaks that many can do for their campaigns, but the most important step is to keep improving the process.