Making B2B Lead Generation Work for Consulting Firms in APAC

Making B2B Lead Generation Work for Consulting Firms in APAC

Whether you’re into financial or IT consulting or a company offering any business consulting services, having consistent and loyal clients are important to keep up with the demands to grow their business.

Cost reduction and risk management financial-related advice or IT operation and strategy consulting from planning, verification, and design project to cloud integration, IT assessment, and other services are needed to stand out in this highly competitive business consulting world.

Two of the main challenges every consulting company is facing nowadays include, attracting and developing new business and a highly competitive and crowded market. To be able to keep up and compete, many owners are considering lead generation campaigns to increase their clients.

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But how can lead generation help consulting firms?

Many consulting companies find leads through prospecting – cold calling or email blasting. Through lead generation, consulting companies can build relationships with their prospects. Trust! This is important to every consulting firm. Why? Clients rely on your advice on how to reduce their costs and increase their ROI. To them, a company that they can trust to provide quality standards and the ability to deliver results is a must.

So how to make b2b lead generation work for consulting firms? Here are 5 lead-generation practices for consulting firms.

#1. Hire a professional with experience.

The consulting industry is all about building trust for your service to be considered by your target prospects. Hire a consultant with experience, who is credible and knows how to handle clients well.

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#2. Provide good customer service to gain trust.

According to a result from a survey conducted by Forbes states that 88% of consumers trust and rely on online reviews from current and previous clients when choosing a consulting firm. Ask your clients for testimonials and promote it online.

To give you an example, here is our client testimonial page:

#3. Engage with your visitors through multi-channel marketing.

As a marketer, you have to be where your customers are. Different ways – email, call, mobile, web, social media, and chat, to reach out, communicate, and build a relationship with your prospects is considered the best way to deliver your message across all channels.

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#4. Incorporate CTA in your website or blog post.

CTAs such as “Learn more here” or “Click here” is important. Creating informative content that they can relate to and can help them solve their problems is an effective way to generate leads. Offering content like this will let them solve their problems but will let them see the need for your service. Start with this guide, the 15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads!

#5. Participate in industry events.

Business events allow you to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provides new opportunities for you to gain new clients
  • Meet with some industry experts and get insights that can help your business.
  • Find out what’s new within your industry that can help you keep up with your competitors.

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There are many ways to generate leads. However, you don’t need every lead that you can get. You have to know which lead is worth your time. You only want those who can provide good opportunities. Meaning prospects who are:

  • Have issues or problems within their organization.
  • See the value of your service

Find the best leads for your pipeline, and get some best prospecting tips here!

When doing lead generation campaigns, you must only focus on your target prospects. Whether you decide to develop your own sales team or outsource a B2B lead generation team to handle your lead generation campaigns for you, use the best practices mentioned above to help you have a lead generation campaign that will surely work.