Advertising Lead Generation: The Top 5 Sales and Marketing Objections

Advertising Lead Generation The Top 5 Sales and Marketing Objections

‘You can’t please everyone’ is a common cliche which is true in almost every aspect of life, and even in Sales. No matter how good and of high quality your product is or how beneficial your services may be, there will always be objections that will arise that you would need to deal with.

Here are the top 5 sales and marketing objections and how you can deal with them.

#1 “Your product costs too much”

Price may not be the top reason why prospects object but one of the most important factors to consider when they do. When a prospect promptly tells you that your product or service costs too much, pacify him by breaking down the amount into pieces, starting with the basic package, then wait for the prospect to ask about add-ons or other services before you give him the total cost.

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#2 “We’re good at the moment, I don’t think we need an upgrade at the moment”

That’s a prudent reason next to cost. When a prospect tells you that their process or system is doing good, never think or look at it on a finish line. Instead, ask him probing questions that would make him realize the need to upgrade or change. Show him some data of colleagues in the industry who already made the change, as this will make him ponder on taking steps to keep up with competitors.

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#3 “We already have a provider who has been with us for a while now”

If a prospect expresses a fear of change, present examples of change and its positive effects. Show the prospect some data on how the industry has changed over the years and how potential customers have adapted to that change.

#4 “We don’t easily deal with people we hardly know”

Trust is something that is built. When a prospect appears apprehensive to deal with you, you can’t easily convince him to buy your product or take your service by just positioning all the benefits he could get from it. Share with him testimonials, case studies, and references that would resolve his doubts.

#5 “We’re not looking into that right now, maybe in six months time”

Timing. Would you know when the prospect would need the change or upgrade? No, not unless you would be able to uncover the challenges they are experiencing. That would be the time you can build a proposal designed with the best solutions that would address their challenges. Make sure to note the benefits of your offer and the most convenient way they can get started with you.

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