B2B Lead Generation Across Channels: Your Guide for 2022 (Part 2)

B2B lead generation is more effective if done across multiple channels.

The fact is single-channel lead generation is effective in properly engaging B2B prospects and the only way to achieve growth in the B2B space is to engage in omnichannel or multi-dimensional marketing.

This is the final article in our two-part series on how to properly grow your B2B lead generation across different channels. Today we will be covering websites and events.

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Website + Chat

A website is integral to your B2B lead generation efforts because it forms the base of operations for your digital marketing.

You want to be able to reroute your other channels to your website because it serves as your main address for information, payments, fulfillment, and branding.

Now there are a number of ways to leverage your website for lead generation.

First of all, you can host all of your landing pages from your other social channels on it giving you a lot of creative space to set it up the way you want it.

Next, you can bring in a lot of additional leads and traffic using content. Through SEO and proper content marketing, you can take advantage of buyer intent through search and redirect that demand to the content that you’re putting out.

Content marketing doesn’t just help with new leads as it also helps you nurture existing ones because you can keep releasing content that appeals to them, and expose them to this content using email or other means.

Finally, having a website is great for fulfillment. Interested prospects can go to your website to find out more about what you’re offering, fill out forms, and even receive your solutions there. It’s basically a universal storefront for organizations that run multi-dimensional campaigns.

You have no excuse not to have a website for your B2B business and use it for a multidimensional digital marketing campaign.

Once you have a website set up, chat integration is essential.

There are a lot of vendors that offer chat services, but what’s critical is that you have a form of automation built-in – or a chatbot feature.

A chatbot can help with customer service, lead nurturing, and guidance for a prospect who’s landed in one of your funnels.

According to Startup Bonsai, “55% of businesses that use chatbots generate more high-quality leads”, and this is just only the beginning with the chatbot market poised to grow to more than $100 billion in the next couple of years.

What’s great about chatbots is that they instantly answer queries that a potential customer has without taking a toll on the current human resources that you have. This increases the quality of your customer service.

Chatbot tools are also relatively cheaper than having to hire a team to answer a huge volume of inquiries.

The caveat is that you should still have a team member present should a prospect choose to speak to a human. This allows that representative to handle high-level requests or inquiries, should they arise.

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Webinar and Events

Webinars have been on the rise ever since video conferencing technology has proven itself to be stable, and now given the current state of the world, it is no surprise that webinars are here to stay and that they have a special place in every marketer’s toolkit.

A webinar is always a great place to pick up new leads because it capitalizes on one important factor: you’re giving out value for free.

They’re relatively easy to organize, are cheaper than physical events, and allow you to showcase your solutions in a more engaging space.

Now, you can use webinars and events for both lead generation and nurturing, but they only work if they’re also promoted through other means.

Think of them as a product or lead magnet that still has to be promoted, but instead of a static eBook or download, you get to fully engage with prospects in the event itself.

Webinars give you a chance to onboard new leads with lead generation, by appealing to people who have just happened to come across your webinar.

They’re also great for lead nurturing because this is one of the first times that your marketing team will get to have some personal engagement with warmed leads. Personal engagement is always better than an email because it allows you to build real connections with your leads.

However, you can’t just have a webinar without external promotion so make sure that it’s part of an overall lead generation campaign.

As you can see, B2B lead generation works better if spread across different channels, that’s the only way it can work to bring in considerable results for your organization. There’s no such thing as a single channel any more.