B2B Prospecting at its Best: How to Find the Best Leads for your Pipeline

B2B Prospecting at its Best: How to Find the Best Leads for your Pipeline

B2B prospecting is necessary to ensure steady sales flow. When my team failed to do consistent prospecting because we focused all of our efforts on sending proposals and following up on dozens of warm leads from our prospecting campaign, we had a hard time looking for new sales-ready prospects to convert. Failure to do prospecting on a regular basis leads to irregular revenues and inconsistent commission for our team.

As a sales manager, our goal is to increase our sales conversion and revenue. In order to get a promising result, it is important to plan on how and when to do prospecting is needed to produce a good deal of qualified B2B leads.

Unfortunately, lists aren’t always perfect. As a sales rep, we are always looking to constantly improve the contacts within our database. Here are 5 ways to find the best leads for your pipeline.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is a way to pre-qualify every company within your list. Whether you do it on the phone or through email, cold calling is necessary because it opens up the door to a relationship.  

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Direct Mailing

Promoting brand awareness through personalized email is another way of finding good quality leads to nurture for. Sending out marketing materials makes it easy for you to choose and prioritize who and when to follow up first depending on the prospect’s response.

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Attend Business Events (Trade shows, seminars and conferences)

Trade shows, seminars, conference, etc is a good way to fill in your pipeline with quality leads. Attending business events lets you interact with your prospects, develop new relationships and nurture the existing ones.

Customer Re-activation.

Pull out old customers within your database and win back those you have not heard from in 6 months or more but not the once you haven’t contact for more than 24 months. Customers you did business with in the past has shown to generate sales and provide a huge increase in revenue.

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Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing method. Referrals are the quickest way of adding more opportunities in your pipeline. Nowadays, many salespeople use referral prospecting because leads are 5 times faster to be converted. The degree of trust is higher because information comes from someone you know.

The process of getting high-quality business leads is never easy. Prospecting helps you manage your leads wisely because it lets you identify if the company is worth pursuing. At the same time, it provides you information when to pursue your prospects at the right time during their sales process.

So if you want to have the best quality leads in your pipeline, never neglect the importance of prospecting. Use these tips when finding the best leads to help generate more revenue for your business.  Knowing where to look for and how to engage your business prospects entails a wide range of advantages that could give your brand image a boost as well as contribute to overall revenue generation.