Why Now is the Best Time for SG Cybersecurity Vendors to Do Lead Gen

Why Now is the Best Time for SG Cybersecurity Vendors to Do Lead Gen

In July 2018, Singapore has experienced a personal data breach of 1.5 million SingHealth patients. Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong was also greatly affected by this personal data breach. With about 160,000 patient’s worth of medical data as well as other personal information violated, it was later on concluded that it was due to lack of adequate cybersecurity awareness, resources, and training that resulted in the poor response to the cyberattack.  

As this cyberattack has been ‘Singapore’s most serious breach of public data’, the government has decided to implement several recommendations to combat and deal with this issue. It was also noted by some officials that there was a need for partnerships across the private sector and the government to increase the threat intelligence sharing and to achieve a higher security level. 

Moreover, the Singaporean government has announced to fund $30 million for the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence so as to strengthen the country’s cyber capabilities and to be able to respond more efficiently to future global cyber threats.

Having a hacker not only tinker with highly sensitive personal information but also stealing it and doing with it as they please is a nightmare no one wishes to experience. Cybersecurity breach, however, is very real and many companies have experienced this to a degree and had to pay the price for it. The truth that everyone has to be aware of is that every business can be attacked or is already under attack, and if their cybersecurity is not strong enough they are going to most likely get breached one day or another. Not only will this cost the company eye-popping amount of money, but it will also affect and harm professional careers, personal lives, and business relationships.

With hackers making the digital world their playground, causing it to become a more dangerous space for sensitive information, it is crucial for cybersecurity to expand beyond the mere antivirus packages into a strong mix of devices, connections, and networks, blocking every entry for cybercriminals. 

What does this mean now for Cybersecurity companies?

There is not a more perfect time than now to do lead generation for cybersecurity as it is a necessity for every company in order to protect their data. Having said that, the chances that you are the only cybersecurity company offering its services especially now is very slim. With the increasing demand, many new cybersecurity companies are coming up as well. The challenge lies in standing above the crowd in both your brand awareness aspect as well as your brand’s credibility so that more people with gravitate towards your services. Remember that good cybersecurity also requires cyber defense so be sure that you can offer your clients both because only security is not enough. 


Since there is a lot of competition out there on the market, how can you make sure that your marketing tactics are above theirs? Here are some tips that will help you market your cybersecurity services more effectively and make your audience aware of the need for one.

Content marketing

Blog posts are a great tool to use to pique your buyer’s interest as it is also an essential part of their own buying journey. Consumers will not buy unless they have read up enough on your services and how relevant they are to their problems. Think of their pain points and write about your solutions that you can offer them. Keep in mind that your content should be data-driven but also unique and educational wherein you can demonstrate how your product solves a security attack. Get creative with it and maybe even add a video to go along with your articles for your audience to watch. 

Another vein of content marketing is case studies. These have proven to be the most important and effective tools for B2B companies. This is great for businesses who are already aware of their pain points and are looking for the best possible solutions to them. Your case studies act as a form of educational testimonials, and so they will look into numerous case studies so your part here is to include as much data to show how your cybersecurity solutions have worked and impacted other clients’ issues and problems. 


Yes, webinars are still alive and relevant to this day. For cybersecurity marketers, this is a great way to connect with your bottom-of-the-funnel leads. These webinar attendees already have an interest in learning more about the solutions you offer and most of the time they may have already done their own share of research. That is great as they will be very much interested and engaged in your presentation.

It may be costly to execute but think of it more as an investment. If your webinar is a success, then you can always make new content from the topics you have discussed during your webinar for future purposes.

More ways to improve your Marketing Campaigns

Data, data, and more data

As mentioned before, when companies are looking for a good cybersecurity service solution, they need all the facts that they can gather. So don’t be stingy with using your data for your marketing content. Your data is the key to get their attention and interest. 

Don’t exaggerate

Speaking of using your data as proof and additional information, also remember to not exaggerate. Always practice honesty about your brand’s success and its capabilities. Ultimately, your brand honesty is what’s going to convince your buyers to buy your products and drive in more positive feedback and customer referrals as time goes by. 

Easily accessible and easy-to-navigate

Do not complicate the process for your potential customers. The more complicated it is for our customers to navigate through your library of contents, the more likely they are going to stray away from your services.altogether. Make your content to educate them easy to access and navigate through by building an online library where they can view and go through them anytime. You may also want to include premium assets as well as they will highly appreciate that. 

Cybersecurity is crucial in this day and age, and no one is completely safe from them. As cybersecurity companies, it is your duty to educate and spread the awareness of its need to prevent more companies from suffering the same fate as many others have before them.