Building Brand Awareness Through Email and Social

Building your brand awareness is essential in order for your business to succeed. It’s more than just people knowing your name but it’s when people are truly aware of your brand, your logo, your services/products, and your values that your business takes off and sells more. 

There are numerous ways to build and establish brand awareness that sometimes it makes it difficult to know where to start exactly. In this post we want to focus on two specific tested and proven ways that you can build your brand awareness: email marketing and social channels. 

Email Marketing

With all the technological advances we’re having in just the past few years, you might be thinking, “why email?” The answer is simple. When you have an effective email marketing strategy in place, it builds up your brand awareness.

A common mistake many businesses tend to make is to view email marketing only through the lens of sales. What many fail to realize is that when you build strong relationships with a good email list is one of the best marketing strategies you can have in order to scale up your sales performance and strengthen your company’s presence. 

Campaign template

It’s important that you have a specific pattern to your emails that is easily recognized by your clients and prospects. Doing this will set a solid foundation for your brand awareness. 

Establish your email campaign with an HTML template that is tailored to your company’s objectives. Take into consideration that everything has to work in harmony such as your fonts and colors call to action layout matching your business, using your logo correctly, company details displayed correctly, and including a personal signature or your company name within the email campaign. 

Importance of tone and personality

Personality plays a huge role in your email campaign. Letting your company’s personality shine through your emails should be done with consistency across all your means of communication. When you keep your tone consistent, you easily build up your client’s confidence and trust in you. 

Send emails that convert

You don’t just want to send a bunch of emails out, but more importantly you want to make sure that the email campaigns that you do convert. So, what types of emails will ensure a higher conversion rate?

The number one thing to note is that visuals are by far the best magnet to get anyone’s attention. They always tend to perform way better than just plain text emails. Also make sure that your logo is visible from the get-go because people are more inclined to open messages that are from brands they can easily recognize. Most importantly, don’t forget to incorporate a call-to-action that is easy for the reader to detect so they have a clear guide as to what to do next. 

Avoid being too “sales-y”

Look at your email campaigns as a simple and easy way to communicate with your customers and show them that you’re an expert in your field, but if you come off too sales-y, then the chances of them instantly dropping your email is quite high. 

As the market nowadays becomes more and more client-centered, we have to realize that what drives your clients to stay loyal is if you offer them help and solutions to their problems instead of just trying to sell them your services and products. By keeping your customers engaged with you, the more inclined they are to await your next email follow-up. 

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Social Marketing

Traditional marketing only, while it still works, is not enough to push your brand out to a bigger audience nowadays. Social marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business and cement your brand’s name into the minds of your audience. 

If you find yourself struggling with how to effectively use your social media channels to build brand awareness, here’s some tips that will help you determine where to start and how to optimize your social channels. 


You can clearly see a pattern here when it comes to utilizing visuals into your messaging. We already mentioned earlier how visuals are important in your email campaigns and this carries over to your social channels. It is perpetually loud in the social media world, so it’s important that you can catch people’s attention amidst the noise. 

Get their attention by having an eye-catching image accompany your updates and announcements. No matter what platform you use, images and video content will always have the upperhand. 

There’s always a new trend that emerges on social media every single day. Be sure to stay in-the-know with the newest and latest trends that are relevant to your business and industry and use these as opportunities to create and link your own original content. Being one of the first ones to acknowledge a new trend and hopping on to it ensures people remember you better, just make sure that your incorporation to the trend is done seamlessly and your personality is still shining through. 

Team up with influencers

Collaborations have proven to be a great way for building brand awareness and for brands to really cement their name in their respective industries. Seek out influencers within the spectrum of your industry who have already built up a solid following of their own and form a partnership with them. Make sure that you let them know how this partnership will benefit the both of you where you can have an exchange of content where they can promote you and your service/products and in return you may do the same for them. At the end of the day it will be a win-win for both parties and better engagement rates. 

Engagement and action cocktail

When it comes to social media, having a good mix of engagement and action is crucial. Your engagement posts can be fun and don’t need to have too much thought put into it. They can be a funny or topical post just to get a positive reaction and for people to have a conversation under your post. Those are good posts to have in between your serious business posts. Be sure to post or link articles that will redirect them back to your own blog where a call-to-action is also waiting for them there. Again, there is no cookie-cutter formula to this, so you have to mix and match until you find the perfect ratio of engagement and action posts that will get the best reaction and action from your audience. 

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The golden key to building a solid brand awareness through email and social media marketing lies with consistency and focusing on providing your clients and audience with solution-focused content, personalized messaging, and optimized campaigns that have been well and carefully designed. 

When you employ your email and social media marketing to its fullest potential , that’s when you start seeing great results and a steady solidification of your brand on the market.

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