What are the challenges in seeking the right outsourced software lead generation services?

What are the challenges in seeking the right outsourced software lead generation services?

Do you have a good marketing strategy but still not getting enough software leads for your business? Lead generation campaign is a good way for software companies to nurture the prospect’s interest until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey.

For many software companies, outsourcing can definitely get them more high-quality leads for less. However, looking for the right outsourced lead generation service can be tough. Let’s face it! There are a lot of companies that are claiming they can provide the best lead generation service.

Here are the 3 challenges every software companies are facing when seeking for the right outsourced lead generation service.

#1) Having the right team (with appropriate skills and knowledge) to generate leads.

Software is hard to sell. You must understand how it works, as well as the evaluation and implementation process in order to know the right techniques as to when and how to sell to them based on their current needs. Not to mention the technical jargons that you need to be familiar with in order to understand your prospect’s language.

#2) Having a company with a good database.

When selling software, you need to look for the following people within the company.

  • An IT Manager, IT Team Lead, Head of the IT Department, CIO and CTO
  • Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Director and CFO.

These prospects are the busiest person within their organization. Having a good database with their information is important to get hold of them easily. Information includes:

  • Complete name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Direct line/ extension number
  • Mobile number

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#3) Keep tracking the result of your leads and appointments.

Every penny counts when doing a lead generation campaign. So when looking for an outsourced lead generation service, every software company is looking for a better ROI. Sure the buying cycle for software buyers may take years. However, it is best to keep track of your results – how many leads were converted into a sale, how many leads need to be nurtured, etc.

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When looking for a B2B Lead Generation Company to set up appointments for you, you need to find the right company that could deliver results. Here are the 3 questions to ask when hiring a lead generation service to know if they are the one that you’re looking for.

  • What is your process in generating software leads?

How they identify and qualify a lead is important. Having an experienced lead generation service means they already have a proven process that works for all software companies. You don’t want to receive leads that are not qualified, right?

  • How many software campaigns have you handled? How knowledgeable are they about software products and services?

Experience can go a long way. The longer they are in the business offering the same service means they have the experience and are already considered an expert in generating leads. This means they can provide you a better quality of leads.

  • What do they do on dormant leads?

What is a dormant lead?

A dormant lead is inactive leads that can be nurtured and be active later on. These prospects don’t have an opportunity at the present but can be a good prospect when nurtured properly.

Buying software takes longer than other products. So most lead generation services require at least 3-month contract for software companies. Most of the time, they nurture dormant leads until such time that they are ready to discuss their plans. At the end of the campaign, they also provide dormant leads that they get during the campaign.

Looking for the right outsourced software lead generation service can be tough. So look for someone who understands your company and has the same goal as you are – to increase your sales and get better ROI.