Enterprise Marketing Tactics That Will Win You Large Deals in Singapore

Enterprise Marketing Tactics That Will Win You Large Deals in Singapore

Marketers love to see numbers and live with statistics in almost every account in their job. They make it a goal to achieve the targeted returns for every business strategy they throw their time and effort at. Skyword has a lot of numbers to share. In the recent study they conducted together with Researchscape International, showed that transformative organization is in the process of shifting in six key enterprise-level marketing areas:

Organizational Structure

A process of reorganizing teams to eliminate silos, and streamline communication and collaboration. Enterprise marketers must adopt new technologies, expand their content marketing efforts and add new roles to the marketing team.

38% of enterprise companies have reorganized their marketing teams, out of this number, 26% of them claimed extreme success.


This is a process of rolling out new technologies to support the transformation. Companies must reorganize their marketing team as well as adopt new technologies. Utilize top technologies like social media monitoring and measurement, and leverage on design, analytics, and content marketing software. Use 4-10 languages in their content.

86% of marketing teams have adopted new technology

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Team And Skill Set

Hiring and developing team member with skill sets aligned with a pattern for publishing original content in a scalable way. Enterprise companies have a designated content marketer and editor. Utilize skills and knowledge of the most common in-house roles on enterprise marketing teams like advertising managers, marketing operations, and brand managers. Enterprise marketing department’s content leaders must have a media background

Content Marketing

Transition from interrupt marketing strategies to publishing strategy in line with the audience’s information consumption preferences. Enterprise marketers must create more content via videos, blogs and through mobile applications. And to be able to relay their brand’s message, enterprise marketers must produce webinars.

The most common types of content produced are (49%), blogs (45%), mobile applications (41%)

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Taking The Story Global

This can be successfully done by executing a multinational approach to brand storytelling and publishing, by having a global content marketing strategy. Marketers must create content in four or more languages

30% of enterprise companies are creating content in four languages

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Communicating Brand Story

Internally and externally growing a brand’s story, while expanding the expertise of communicating it throughout the organization. Content marketing is still the name of the game, which involves the executive team and all other departments by effectively telling their brand story.